Pair robs SLO gas station

October 16, 2012

San Luis Obispo police arrested a man and woman for robbing a Shell gas station Sunday night.

Police received a call around 11:25 p.m. Sunday saying that a man entered the Shell station at 296 Santa Rosa St., signaled that he had a weapon and demanded the money in the cash register.

After the robber took the money from the register, he fled by foot along with a female who appeared to have been the lookout.

Police found the female suspect, Mirand Bjerre in the Jack in the Box parking lot down the street. Bierre, 20, then identified the male suspect, Tyler Lowman, 31, whom police found in a nearby trailer.

Officers booked both Lowman and Bierre in San Luis Obispo County Jail on charges of robbery. Lowman also received a charge of falsely identifying himself to a police officer.

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Read the comments under the KSBY story, Tyler Lowman has been in the news before.

What is a “KSBY” ? ;-)

Stupid is as stupid does.

Yeah, those well-lit, over-surveillanced places make a good target.

Be thankful most criminals are dumb. Except the ones that run for office, somehow they are able to fool us.