Man arms himself with rifle against imaginary threat

October 22, 2012

Collin Fitzgerald

San Luis Obispo police arrested a man Sunday who appeared to be hallucinating while wielding a loaded rifle.

The police department received a call about 8 a.m. saying that an intruder had entered the residence of Collin Fitzgerald, 23. A neighbor called on behalf of Fitzgerald because the 23-year-old armed himself with a loaded rifle to defend against someone he believed to be intruding and ran across the street to report the situation.

When police officers arrived, they found only Fitzgerald’s roommate, who had been asleep at the time, in the house. Officers later determined that Fitzgerald had likely been hallucinating due to heavy use of methamphetamine and ecstasy coupled with not sleeping for a long period of time.

Police booked Fitzgerald in San Luis Obispo County Jail on charges of possession of a loaded firearm in public and being under the influence of a controlled substance.

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I guess Dupont was wrong when they used to advrertise with “Better Living Through Chemistry.”

To Mary Malone:

What exactly is wrong with you? Did you read this article? The individual was armed with a loaded rifle and under the influence of methamphetamines and you have a problem that perhaps 6 police units responded to the scene? Did you count the police units or are you just making this up? Would you rather have had fewer officers respond and someone, i.e. officer, citizen or suspect, get seriously injured or killed? Then you would have blamed the PD for that response as well. Given your intense dislike/distrust of SLO PD and perhaps law enforcement in general routinely expressed in your comments, maybe that is what you would have preferred.

If your a copper and you have 30 yrs.of gun calls ahead of ya, maybe thousands of them. What are the odds of living thru ALL, not 99.999% of them, but it has to be ALL of them, if you just show up as one target, exposed completely and actually running toward the nuts with a gun instead of away like everybody else around.there?

Thus a big, nasty guntoting group that will intimidate (or kill the morons) is exactly what’s required.

As LAPD well knows.

Or send Mary Malone out there with some fresh-baked cookies will work. I don’t know.

You know nothing about me, buddy, so back off.

It seems YOU didn’t read my post, either. Here’s a clue: when you post from a place of ignorance, you often make a fool of yourself.

You pound out 25 posts a day, everyday, forever and I don’t know you? And why attempt to change the meaning of your post now? ” …emptyed the garage…this guy”. You were talikn’ about who again?

1. Do you really think you know me because of my posts on a message board?

2. I was making a comparison between the SLOCity Police needing a six-police-car response to arrest a mentally challenged man (Richard), nonviolent, who was simply waiting for a friend to bring him a sandwich from the homeless center–AND–, based on the number of response units needed for Richard, would be needed for the gun-wielding man (Fitzgerald).

In other words, if they needed six for Richard, they would need everything they had in the garage, including the wheeled trash cans, to respond to Fitzgerald.

Do you not understand that needing-everything-they-got for Fitzgerald indicates that the Fitzgerald incident was much more serious than the Richard incident?

Hmmmm, yeah, kinda, maybe.

I have two Buds, one an Atas. cop, one a county Sheriff, so I

remember that old saying: If you don’t like cops then the next time you need help, call a plumber.

Let’s move on.

I think next time I need a plumber. I will call a cop! Since ive never need a cop. But. I’ve. Never called a plumber ether! I find it faster to just fix it my self

Says the true fool.

What is wrong with YOU, LAPD? Reading impairment?

I don’t know how many officers/units responded to Mr. Fitzgerald’s call. What makes you think I was referencing him? Was Mr. Fitzgerald “waiting for a sandwich”? NO.

If you had posted here much before, or if you had even perused the other articles before replying to this one, you would be familiar with THIS article:

“SLO cops rough up homeless man waiting for a sandwich”

Published: October 19, 2012

It was the homeless man, RICHARD, who was waiting for a SANDWICH, to who I made the six-patrol-car reference.

At any rate, the part of my post that indicated “…one non-threatening, mentally challenged man who was waiting for a sandwich” should have been the clue that I was referencing someone else.

See, that’s what happens when one of your buddies sends you the link to an article and you don’t bother reading the article before posting. Your buddy played you like a sap.

To Mary Malone:

OK. One final response from me before I go back to finishing my homework for my basic reading class, as you suggested. What does your reference to the homeless man (Richard) have to do with this article about the guy with the loaded firearm high on methamphetamines (Fitzgerald)? I guess I just am not smart enough to fathom your connection, other than my uneducated, illiterate thought that the only common thread is your dislike/distrust of SLO PD and probably most other law enforcement. Oh, and BTW, I did read the Cal Coast news article on the homeless man incident but I suspect, from also reading some of the comments, that there was perhaps more to the incident than reported by Cal Coast news. And I did read your comments about the homeless man incident, but refrained from comment. Took a lot of self-control on my part, I must say.

P.S. No, one of my “buddies” did not send me the link to the article. No one plays me, despite your comment. I can actually make my own decisions, right or wrong. Just wish these Cal Coast news articles had more pictures. Makes “reading” them so much easier for someone like me.

The point of the post was the over-the-top response to the Richard incident. The post was a tongue-in-cheek response comparing a “six-police-car-response” to dealing with a nonviolent man who was simply waiting for a sandwich to be brought to him by his friend, to, based on the much-more-serious Fitzgerald incident and the number of police units which would be needed to respond to that situation.

Holly crap. The roommate is luck to be alive.

It took six patrol cars and multiple officers to take down one non-threatening, mentally challenged man who was waiting for a sandwich.

They must have emptied the City garage of every City vehicle available to deal with this guy. I bet the City workers with push-carts and trash-cans were called to respond.

Because you could have handled it better. We should just contract out all LE and just hire you since you seem to have ALL the answers.

Where did I indicate I could have handled it better?

And what does that have to do with the poorly-performing, bully-gang called the SLO City police department, and the wisdom of contracting it out since the city appears not to be able to get their police department to get with the fracking program?

P.S. No, not ALL law enforcement…just the agencies who are unable to deal with the problems of the city or county they serve without wasting resources and bully-gang treatment of the weakest of the population they serve.

His parents must be so proud…

Reminds me of a bit, that Bill Cosby did from his video back in the eighties, “Bill Cosby Himself”. He was talking about getting high. He was laughing about that fact that when you start out you say “let’s get high and have some fun. Now your high and parinoid.” Here is a link to the clip. If you want to go right to it, it is at one minute twenty seconds. Enjoy.