Nipomo man accused of embezzling $50 million

October 1, 2012


A Nipomo business owner is accused of forging numerous loan documents as part of a more than $50 million fraud scheme he allegedly implemented against three local banks, business associates and several members of his family, sources said.

While under a federal investigation, Mark Moore admitted that he forged loan documents while socializing with bank employees who failed to validate signatures, documents say. He blames bank employees for letting their guard down. Moore contends that because he was the son-in-law of a bank board member, employees allowed him to perpetuate the theft.

Moore is accused of stealing from his in laws, his children’s college fund, his mother, a Riverside investor and local branches of Farm Credit West, Bank of America and Rabobank. He faces charges of bank fraud, mail fraud, embezzlement and forgery.

In the late 90s, Moore worked for Farm Credit West in Arroyo Grande. He then married founding board member Michael Cavaletto’s daughter, left the bank, started his own agricultural chemical company, and began dining regularly with a loan officer at the bank.

In early 2000, Moore began managing the Cavaletto family trust. Cavaletto is an avocado grower and the co-owner of C&M Nursery in Nipomo.

It was at this time Moore started applying for loans in Cavaletto’s name, without informing Cavaletto, according to documents obtained by CCN.

In late 2002, Moore first applied for a loan at Bank of America. In the documents, he notes his surprise that no one at Bank of America bothered to validate signatures. He then allegedly began procuring loans in his mother’s name and his wife’s name.

From 2003 through 2007, he switched some of his accounts to Mid-State Bank and Trust (now Rabobank). In the beginning, Moore was concerned Mid-State Bank and Trust officials would question him about the loans but, as in the past, no one did.

Moore blames a total system failure, along with bank employees who were easily manipulated by compliments, for his decade long history of embezzlement, according to records obtained by CCN.

Moore, Cavalleto, bank officials and Assistant U.S. Attorney Paul Stern either refused, or said they were not permitted, to comment on the case.



Congratulations to Karen for unveiling such an under-stated local criminal. Who could have figured that the former President of the former SLO County Farm Bureau president is such a criminal! There may have been room for error if he had misfiled his income tax (as it appears to be the case with the State of California given the lien on his house) but, it is something else to steal from your wife, kids and mother.

Further, I concur that this guy has a future in politics as it appears that he stole from at least 3 banks, HIS OWN FAMILY and several individuals. The known and reported theft of $50M US from his own family leads me to wonder about the larger and much worst amount of crime Mark Moore has committed.

What else did he take away from the innocents?

Also, wasn’t white collar criminal Lisa Sackie working for him as controller ( & It is very sad to see so many SLO white collar criminals working together and stealing from all for their own personal benefits…

Keri P

Let’s hope his future in politics is “prison yard politics”.


What a real loser. Then the loser goes so far as to screw over and steal from his own family. If I was his wife he would be singing “the high notes”on his way to the tank!!!!

reality man

He has never been convicted of rape, a gal with a history accused him of raping her repeatedly for a number of months. How many times does a girl get raped before she does something about it? It’s not like she was in danger, or a young girl, or easily tricked – she was a successful seasoned entrepreneur, very capable of dealing with situations.

Also, he was paying her $25,000 a month salary, but she agreed to share a hotel room with him because he couldn’t afford two rooms, sorry her story does not add up, even a bit.

This leads me to wonder how much of the rest of these accusations from his family are also embellished. He very obviously used bad judgement and crossed some lines he shouldn’t have, and he will need to get consequences. But my guess is he was actually using the false signatures as co-signs for his own loans. Maybe his family had knowledge and he was saving them hassle. Or maybe they didn’t know, and he was just intending to get it all paid down properly before their co-signs would ever get called in to be used.

It very likely started small, as a way to save hassle and inconvenience and navigate through red tape, and then grew over time. I doubt he ever decided to commit theft from his family.


Given this guy’s sad explanation of why he decided to STEAL FROM HIS OWN FAMILY (especially his kids), banking institutions and investors, I can only imagine that rape is the tip of another iceberg of activities he has been involved in and that we should hear more about later when that case gets heard in court.

Trying to excuse the criminal behavior of such an arrogant criminal worries me as it is obvious that he does not care about anyone else. It must have been extremely hard for his wife, in-laws, kids’ representatives and his own mother to deal with him for so long. Although I would like to believe in his innocence, there is no way that such a white collar criminal can have been acting innocently given his background working at a local financial institution himself for years. This guy had planned in advance all of his criminal activities and it takes quite of a narcissist or arrogant person to believe that nobody else could ever catch him when he finally decided to steal from his own family. This has to be the ultimate last resort so, I worry that many more were taken to the cleaner by this guy. As he admitted to it, he definitely stole from his own family and, definitely, from many others – especially from us the people (e.g. through tax evasion given the State lien on his residence). What he stole was most likely not only money so I feel very sad for all of the victims that he hurt, injured, stolen from and most likely raped (if not worst) in the process. Let’s see what the next years will unfortunately reveal about this serial criminal and let’s hope that all kids, women and investors are being kept safe way away from him.


First, this great story from Cal Coast News is about a Nipomo man blaming banks for his on-going theft of his beloved one’s money (e.g. his wife + father-in-law + mother + kids). There is NO WAY that one can steal $50M from all of those whom used to love him (as well as others) and have his family embellish this type of story. When banks are involved, the numbers have to add up so, I lean towards the fact that $50M is probably accurate for this case but, much lower than the total amount that this guy has stolen from all of the investors, banks, etc. From what I understand, this case was only limited to a few banks so, one has to wonder how much more he has stolen and tucked away. The largest cost is against his family as he intentionally stolen from them and has voluntarily caused them extreme pain, anger and forever distrust. What was he thinking about to do such a hateful thing and yes, he committed planned theft from his own family given his repeated activities?

Then, if he can steal from several banks, investors, business associates, etc. with trained professionals for more than a decade, why not from others? As he has been able to steal from his own family for more than 12 years without any punishment, I wonder what this guy called Mark Moore from Nipomo also did… Rape seems to be quite plausible given the hateful nature of his crimes against his own loved ones. Not a character we should allow in SLO!

Keri P

yeah, this is all premeditated. Do feel sorry for his wife and countless victims.

Keri P

This criminal gets no sympathy and based on his record of lies, deceit and reasoning of blaming others for his criminal acts there’s probably alot more under the hood we don’t know about, including rapes.

Now, Reality man, you sound like an inside paid poster. Crossing lines, excusing his behavior (or yours for all we know) your bit on rape speaks volumes. Since when does a “successful seasoned entrepreneur” making $25,000 a month gone on record accusing a man of rape for the fun of it? Really?


You sound like Mark Moore or an accompolice. You seem to have a lot of alleged details for an average reader. He didn’t mean to steal from his family, a woman with a history, 25,000 a month couldn’t afford a room, your story sounds a little thin. I am not sure what your trying to sell, an illegal act is a crime don’t try and justify it.

Russ J

Wow – this guy is a piece of work. How can someone be trusted for so long with no oversight or monitoring of his financial activities. 50 million! Holy smokes, somebody wasn’t watching the store. I imagine that the family gatherings this holiday season will be a bit uncomfortable for some.


He blames “a total system failure” for his misdeeds? Talk about blaming the victim! This guy’s a real psychopath!

The Gimlet Eye

Very possible, or maybe narcissistic personality disorder.


You should know.


Which is worse: What Mr. Moore did; or printing fiat money that causes devaluation of the $$ in your pocket? Trillions of dollars have been stolen from the American people over the last decade. This guy is small peanuts.


All money is fiat, even gold, if it was still money, was fiat.

noun: A formal authorization or proposition; a decree.

An arbitrary order.

Just what is your scheme to create this nations currency?

everyone wants to crtiticize the fed but no one has a believable alternative.

The Gimlet Eye

Very true.

Of course, that does not excuse him from his crimes.

We would just like to see the banksters at the FED and the Congressional swine who empower them to get theirs.

End the FED!


You still have a too small prism.

Money is a myth, a fabrication, a fiction. It is all numbers being manipulated by powers way beyond what most can even imagine.

When people started trusting others with their wealth, and banks and bourses began leveraging, it was only time that determined the geometric impossiblities that are now looming.

You think you can fix it ? You can’t. No one can. It was designed that way. Blowup and collapse.

You can either prepare for small situations, or you can go big and bump off a relative inconsequential thieves that no one will remember.

Moore will be less…either a number in a concrete hotel, or another statistic of self negation.


And for this weeks story on “there’s no place like home”…………………..


Now let’s look on the bright side. Unlike politicians, he was only capable of robbing one institution at a time.


More like steal from innocent people and get a “FREE RIDE” not Flou RIDE!