Paso Robles woman strikes driver in road-rage incident

October 27, 2012

Irean Martinez

California Highway Patrol officers arrested a Paso Robles woman and her 19-year-old son following a road rage incident that became violent. [Tribune]

Irene Martinez, 39, was headed south on Highway 101 when she cut off Randall Griffin as both drivers exited onto Highway 46. Martinez, her son Drake Romeo Anaya and Griffin began yelling threats to each other even though both cars held young children.

After Martinez and Anaya stepped out of their vehicle, Griffen got back into his car and attempted to leave, but he could not get his car into gear.

Martinez then punched Griffin through an open window while her son smashed a back window with a baseball bat shattering glass on a 3-year-old.

Officers arrested Martinez for suspicion of driving under the influence, battery and child endangerment and booked her into San Luis Obispo County Jail in lieu of $100,000 bail. Her son was arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon, vandalism and child endangerment. He posted a $100,000 bail and was released.

Griffin was not arrested and did not require medical treatment.

San Luis Obispo County Child Protective Services personnel took custody of Martinez’s 7 and 8-year-old children who were in the back seat of her car during the alleged incident.



Guess we should be thankful that at least she has a license and insurance (which she will need). This woman is a total loser and her son is displaying a future prison career. Yep, keep the 3 strikes, death penalty and all other tools available to eliminate these low life’s.


“It looks like” (just my impression from the given) Griffin caused and provoked it

Martinez and Anaya (with a baseball bat) called him on it and Griffin backed down

I say Griffin at least deserve to get punched by Martinez (Griffin asked for it)

Anaya should not have smashed the back windshield with a child next to it.


Read it again. The article says Ms. Martinez cut off Mr. Griffin. And she punched him afterwards, and her son was holding a baseball bat while this went down. Griffin swallowed his pride for the benefit of his kid, and because he couldn’t hit Ms. Martinez in defense. He also was outnumbered, facing off against 2 belligerent drunks who have nothing better to do than drive around loaded with young kids in the car.


willieslo, are you REALLY that obtuse or does it just come easy for you??


26 to 1 I think the vote is in


willieslo… seriously? Are you a Martinez or an Anaya? come on dude really?

What kind of loser pulls out a baseball bat? A coward that’s who…

but really if you want to side with the likes of two drunks that tote their kids to school drunk enough to get arrested for doing so and speed and cut off innocent drivers also just wanting to get their kid to school than I hope you are never chosen for jury duty. I can even bet that you have never served. Your judgement is lacking to put it nicely.


By the way unless you are in the practice of carrying your own pathetic baseball bat yourself, you wouldn’t back down with kids in the car too. Mr. willieslo hiding behind your computer with all your opinions? How does even carryiing a baseball bat let alone using it make it okay????

The Gimlet Eye

$100,000 bail? Wow. Where would he come up with that? How many local people could come up with that kind of money?

Makes you wonder.


Let’s see, $100,000 bail means $10K to the bail bondsman. Presumably the family only had a single $10K laying around, which means only one got bailed out, and one had to stay in. I wonder how that conversation went. Do you think they drew straws?


Maybe they drew flies instead.


“Sorry, mom, you got the short straw.”

What I really think is that the son has the more serious charges, therefore a longer wait before arraignment; whereas the mother is apt to be released in the next day or so anyway.

Either that or the son has the ability to generate money faster, and so he is a better choice to be out, looking for her bail money.

100% conjecture on my part.


Is it too late for Mother of the Year Award?

Russ J

Assuming this is the welfare case she probably is, it’s a perfect example of why we shouldn’t support loser scum like this with public assistance. By the time she and her son get through the courts and jail time, along with social services for her minor kids, she’ll be worth over a hundred thousand dollars in public liability. If she was busy working for a living, maybe she wouldn’t drink to much.


Interesting detective work, there, Russ…Just wondering how you determined the woman is a welfare case? Some evidence not mentioned in the article? Quite a scenario you have there,on, what, ZERO evidence? Quite an ASSumption….

Russ J

catdude – did you read the words “assuming” and “probably”? I would LOVE for someone to go find out what she’s about and prove me inaccurate. My money is on “loser case”, who feeds off the generosity of others; she fits the profile. She’s drunk on the highway, raised a son who beats the crap out of people and then loses her kids to the county. Those little tikes will be the next welfare cases of San Luis County (actually already are) – just an ASSumption.



Spirit Filled

Russ J

Working for a living doesn’t stop people from drinking in the least. Just gives us more people to drink with. I am speaking from an alcoholics point of view. Just quit drinking 30 years ago. Speaking of dr

inking, sure would be nice to have a few shots right now.

God Bless even the drinkers.


Jeff Rougoet has his own business, yet he used a gun when threatening a neighbor, according to reports. He was finally arrested, after multiple violations of his wife/ex-wife’s restraining order.

So your theory about the kind of d-bags who cannot control their anger, and whose drinking is out of control, doesn’t hold water.


My informates tell me Mr. Griffin had an ‘Elect Romney’ bumper sticker and that Irene took offense to this.

Given Romney’s stance on illiegal immigration – ie. self-deportation; maybe her actions (while not allowable under the laws of this country) could be somewhat understandable.

But on the other hand, all Irene would have had to do was wait till next week – Romney’s view on immigration will have most likely changed (as has been the case with so many of his positions).

Romney is much like the weather – if you don’t like it (or him), just wait awhile and it (and he) will change.

Ted Slanders


Yes, Willard is like a weather vane, you just never know which direction he will be pointing from day to day on the topics at hand. How does he keep track of his different positions is beyond belief!

At least for now, he is hiding from the journalists for the last weeks until the election, in this way, he won’t remove one foot to insert the other again within this time period.

Wasn’t his latest mistake regarding that the “Jeep” will be made in China lsoing US jobs, and how Chrysler corrected him post haste, where they will not be moving? Such great entertainment, at the cost of the sheep that will vote for him. :(


What about that “silly” mistake Obama made by not sending help to our guys defending the Libya Consulate, resulting in the death of the ambassador and three of our men. The Navy Seals begged for help in a 7 hour seige that was watched by online video from the scene in the Situation Room by all except Obama who had to get his rest to attend a fundraiser in Las Vegas the next day.

Then the Obama Administration lied about the incident to the American people. What do you think about the arrogant inhumane clog that kisses that off as nothing.


Obama is the flip flop king was this and learn something and stop drinking the koolaid-

Spirit Filled

Romney seems to be a good Christian man that cares for others. I am quite sure he wouldn’t have ignored requests from Navy seals for back-up. If Pres. Obama wins the election I am going to give up my appointment to become an Ambassador for the US out of country.

God Bless all who died. And their families.

Ted Slanders

Spirite Drained,

Romney isn’t a Christian, he’s a MORMON! HELLO? Do the simple math for a change!


“A prominent scholarly view is that Mormonism is a form of Christianity, but is distinct enough from traditional Christianity so as to form a new religious tradition, much as Christianity is more than just a sect of Judaism.[”

Mormons consider themselves Christians and more than 2/3 of Christians consider them Christians.


This mother was drinking before 8:30 am, driving her kids around while inebriated, and didn’t have her 7 and 8 year old in school. No job and drunk. Yes, she sounds like an Obama supporter. Just add being on government subsidies and you have a real solid Obama booster.


I realize that we are all being bombarded with political propaganda and are, as a consequence, wound up pretty tight from it. But lets keep the national politics separate from stuff like this that has no obvious connection to it.

Ms. Martinez could be a “Obama-supporting welfare queen”. She could also be a “racist, red-neck Romney supporter”. More likely, she is so irresponsible that she wouldn’t even think to go and vote. But even that is complete speculation.

Ted Slanders

Irean Martinez’s acts are despicable! When she comes to trial, and as a part of her conviction, the judge should make her read certain passages relating to her inferior gender within the bible as she sits in prison. Then she should be given the task of writing all the anti-women verses at least 1000 times every week! (There is a plethora of them)

The woman screwed us up at the beginning in the Garden of Eden, where she was the one in transgression, and not Adam, and we men have been paying for it ever since!

At least our God realized that the woman Eve was the cause of the original sin in the Adam and Eve narrative, wherefore, He caused her and all future Sister’s of Eve to have pain when child bearing and where the husband shall rule over the woman as punishment for her misdeeds. To the woman he said, “I will greatly increase your pains in childbearing; with pain you will give birth to children. Your desire will be for your husband, and he will rule over you.” (Gen 3:16)

If we could only include the book of Thomas in our bibles that blatantly goes against woman, it would further show their inferiority. :(


I think the booking photo say’s it all. Yes… Mary Malone another Paso Robelan acting strange for all to read about.