SLO sewage spill closes Avila Beach

October 26, 2012

Port San Luis and Avila Beach were closed Friday after 1,000 gallons of raw sewage spilled into local waterways because of a blocked sewer lateral near 1585 Calle Joaquin Road in San Luis Obispo.

The sewage leaked into the ocean via Froom and San Luis Creeks, according to the San Luis Obispo County Health Department. The leak has been contained and repairs to the lateral are in progress.

Health officials are advising the public to avoid contact with Froom Creek in the vicinity of Calle Joaquin Road and Hwy 101, San Luis Creek from Calle Joaquin Road to Avila Beach and ocean waters off Avila Beach and Port San Luis.

Meanwhile, the beaches are closed until county health officials can determine if bacteria levels exceed state standards.


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Is the spell due to the Avila Beach Community Service District? If so, Wallace Group is the District Management and Engineer for the District.

Thank you Karen for clarifying.

Good to see you got your facts straight, they are responsible for the main lines however the laterals that you claim backed up and caused the spill aren’t covered by slo city that would be the property owner

News flash. There is ALWAYS raw sewage in SLO Creek as it it the toilet for dozens of people. I’ve seen a pile of feces 18″ high x 30″ across under a horizontal tree branch being washed into the creek by a heavy rain. Every time I see kids playing in the warm water at the mouth of the creek in Avila I cringe. But the homeless are politically untouchable and are free to foul the creek with their waste creating a minefield of turds and broken glass.

Because they’re not being used just as bathrooms. You homeless advocates are completely f’g blind to reality..

So I get to shit in the creek and break 40oz bottles of malt liquor? I’d like to think the police might have something to say about that but if that’s my right I’d be depriving myself of the RIGHTS if I didn’t.

I like drinking 32 oz. heinekens down by the creek but I don’t shit in it.

Too bad this spill wasn’t caused by the negligence of a single city employee, who then tried to cover it up and keep it a secret. At least then we would have had our first candidate for the 2012-2013 SLO “Employee Of The Year” award.

That’s what you get when you hire the “best and the brightest.”

Seems like this sh#t happens over and over again.

That’s because “best and the brightest” are repeat offenders.

Government is like that. It’s where “the worst rise to the top.”

Vigilant……Red-Legged Frogs.

We are all Red-Legged Frogs now.