SLO council candidates partake in candlelight vigil for the homeless

October 17, 2012

As the San Luis Obispo City Council held its final meeting before the Nov. 6 election day, a candlelight vigil for the city’s homeless population took place outside.

A group of San Luis Obispo citizens who oppose the city’s ongoing harassment of the homeless lit 74 candles Tuesday evening on and around city hall steps in honor of the roughly 740 people they estimate take shelter nightly in vehicles parked on city streets.

Candidate for city council Matt Strzepek, who has filed a complaint against the police for harassing himself and others sleeping in cars, participated in the vigil after speaking during public comment period.

Strzepek called for a practical parking program as a solution to the problem of overnight camping in the city. He said the city should allow interested businesses and houses of worship, as well as designated parks away from businesses and residential areas, to let homeless people park their vehicles at night.

“I told them people come before policy, and their policies have pitted neighbor against neighbor,” Strzepek said.

Like Strzpek, San Luis Obispo mayoral candidate Donald Hedrick has experienced residential challenges as well as police harassment.

Hedrick said the city council should take a more sympathetic approach to the homeless.

“If the city spent as much energy on helping the problems of the homeless as grinding them into the dirt even further, than I think a sizable dent could be taken out of the problem,” Hedrick said.

Several other community members spoke out against the city’s ticketing and harassing of the homeless during public comment Tuesday.

Mayor Jan Marx said the characterization of herself and the rest of the council as not caring about the homeless is unfair.

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Mr. Strzepek has demonstrated during his appearance on the Dave Congalton show more understanding of the people of San Luis Obispo, and what they need their City to do, than any of the incumbents. Strzepek has been articulate and reasoned when he’s appeared at the City Council meetings to address the very people who have commissioned the Police to target poor people living in vehicles.

I, for one, am persuaded to vote for this quiet, talented and thoughtful man. Hopefully enough folks will vote for Matt Strzepek to give our city the benefit of having his voice representing us on the City Council.

It seems to me that Matt Strzepek is the only candidate running for city council who has proposed a solution to this crisis, which was started when current councilmembers ordered the police to ticket and fine homeless people for taking shelter in their vehicles. His practical parking program makes a lot of sense. Strzepek is the only one of the five candidates showing any compassion. He writes on that people deserve a compassionate councilmember. Yes, we do, and it’s about time we got one. Vote out the incumbents!

It’s not going to happen. He lied about the McMillian incident (there are business owners on McMillian that will verify Stazepek is lieing about the police dep on calling people names) and he wants to extend the homeless program as he is homeless but all business owners are against his proposal. He is wasting his time, the only way to fix the homeless problem is get rid of the homeless; that is stiffer ordiances. He didn’t make any sense on KVEC with Dave Congalton and the idea he wants is what all residents and business owners are against.

If Matt Strazepek wants to fix the problem, he should fix himself first. He’s homeless and hasn’t worked in 9 months, that tells you how successful he is, he can’t find a job and is not willing to take any job and even so, he ran out of money and lives in a trailer. I mean seriously, imagine a counsel member living in a trailer and two, the job only pays $1200.00. So really, he’s already collecting unemployment and he wants to continue to live on the dole on our tax money and take a job that only pays $1200.00 month. He would make more money working at McDonalds and wouldn’t to collect unemployment money from the government.

We don’t need an example of a 47% dependent collector running for office that lives in a trailer down by the river on McMillian street in a business section of town, Doesn’t make one darn of sense.

Here is today’s police log on the homeless for Oct 18 here below;


Type: Disorderly Location:LZ2

As Observed:


Addr: 275 MADONNA; MCDONALDS INSIDE, San Luis O Clearance Code:Report to Record

Units: 4208 ,4210

Des: incid#=121017019 AP:MCCALL,GALEN 040451 WARRANT clr:RTF oc:WARR call=22l



121017020 10/17/12 Received:08:19 Dispatched:08:45 Arrived:09:03 Cleared:09:36


Type: MC-SLEEPING Location:LZ2

As Observed:


Addr: 1801 PREFUMO CANYON, San Luis Obispo, CA Clearance Code:No Report

Units: 4204 ,4205

Des: (MDC) Completed call incid#=121017020 call=24l



121017021 10/17/12 Received:08:52 Dispatched:08:59 Arrived:09:08 Cleared:12:02


Type: Theft Location:LZ2

As Observed:

Addr: 3985 HIGUERA S; FOOD 4 LESS, San Luis Obi Clearance Code:Report To Follow

Units: 4208

Des: (MDC) Completed call incid#=121017035 call=47l



121017036 10/17/12 Received:11:28 Dispatched:11:34 Arrived:11:36 Cleared:11:37


Type: Trespassing Location:LZ2

As Observed:


Addr: 43 PRADO, San Luis Obispo, CA Clearance Code:Unfounded

Units: 4208 ,4212

Des: incid#=121017039 Completed call call=53l



121017040 10/17/12 Received:12:10 Dispatched:12:14 Arrived:12:21 Cleared:12:31


Type: Disorderly Location:LZ3

As Observed:

Addr: 958 HIGUERA ; WE OLIVE, San Luis Obispo, Clearance Code:No Report

Units: 4208 ,S3

Des: incid#=121017064 Completed call call=83l



121017065 10/17/12 Received:16:31 Dispatched:16:47 Arrived:16:51 Cleared:16:58


Type: Trespassing Location:LZ2

As Observed:

Addr: 736 ORCUTT; HOMELESS SHELTER, San Luis Ob Clearance Code:No Report

Units: 4208

Des: incid#=121017070 SUB CONT C4 – ADV NOT TO RETURN TO THE SHELTER disp:NR

clr:NR o + c:-TRS call=90l



121017071 10/17/12 Received:18:04 Dispatched:18:07 Arrived:18:14 Cleared:18:19


Type: Disorderly Location:LZ3

As Observed:

Addr: 1144 CHORRO; SPORTS AUTHORITY, San Luis O Clearance Code:Unable to Locate

Units: 4237 ,4226

Des: incid#=121017071 AREA CKD disp:NR clr:UTL oc:DCON call=91l



121017072 10/17/12 Received:18:06 Dispatched:18:09 Arrived:18:20 Cleared:18:28


Type: Trespassing Location:LZ1

As Observed:

Alcohol Offense

Addr: 799 FOOTHILL; A; DICKEYS BBQ, San Luis Ob Clearance Code:Report to Record

Units: 4206 ,4229

Des: incid#=121017074 ESTRADA,RENE 040355 647F clr:RTF oc:-AOF call=95l



121017075 10/17/12 Received:19:45 Dispatched:19:48 Arrived:20:00 Cleared:20:04


Type: Suspicious Location:LZ2

As Observed:

Addr: 736 ORCUTT; HOMELESS SHELTER, San Luis Ob Clearance Code:Gone on Arrival

Units: 4218 ,4202

Des: (MDC) Completed call incid#=121017075 call=96l



121017076 10/17/12 Received:19:49 Dispatched:19:54 Arrived:19:56 Cleared:19:57


Type: Disorderly Location:LZ2

As Observed:


Addr: 3985 HIGUERA S; FOOD 4 LESS, San Luis Obi Clearance Code:Report to Record

Units: 4216 ,4218 ,4213 ,S7 ,4208

Des: incid#=121018002 Completed call call=15l



121018003 10/18/12 Received:01:07 Dispatched:01:20 Arrived:01:21 Cleared:01:34


Type: Welfare Check Location:LZ2

As Observed:

Addr: 2089 WARD, San Luis Obispo, CA Clearance Code:No Report

Responsible Officer: Locarnini, C

Units: 4218 ,4216

Des: (MDC) Completed call incid#=121018007 call=9l



121018008 10/18/12 Received:03:49 Dispatched:03:50 Arrived:03:53 Cleared:04:06


I can post more police logs as these all daily on homeless crimes in San Luis Obispo, countless.

Everyday there are homeless crimes even if you offer housing and a parking program, there will still be homeless crimes. Matt Strzepek cannot fix that, bottom line.

Matt Strzepek states; “I have common sense, practical solutions that will satisfy residents and business owners while treating our homeless citizens with dignity, compassion, and respect.”

If Mr. Strzepek is going to go to the trouble of creating a web page, then why not tell us what his solutions are? Don’t take the Willard Romney stance on how to fix the economy, where he will tell us subsequent to his taking office in how he will do it.

I still think that my McKittrick, California solution trumps all.

According to Strzepek’s press release on 10/16/12, which he read at that night’s city council meeting:

“This council recently passed an ordinance to issue parking citations to homeless individuals, the nightly issuance of which will negatively affect one’s vehicle registration, vehicle insurance, and driver license and increase the risk of having one’s vehicle impounded. I believe we can do better and propose the creation of a Practical Parking Program.

This council approved $80,000 to allow a mere five parking spaces at the Prado Day Center in addition to almost $25,000 to study the situation. At no cost to city taxpayers, I studied the feasibility of a Practical Parking Program and concluded that it would work. To date, I am the only candidate for city council to call for the creation of a Practical Parking Program.

Homelessness is not going to go away. Not this year, not in ten years. As such, I am asking this council to allow overnight parking at interested businesses and houses of worship in addition to designated city parks located away from residences and businesses. Furthermore, I am requesting that some bathrooms remain accessible overnight.”


The answer to California’s homeless problem is; 93251.

Yes, McKittrick California. Barring the fact that I spent a week there one night, this Kern County town has plenty of area to house California’s homeless. Yes, the town is as boring as watching paint dry, nonetheless, there has to be one area in California where all of the homeless are housed and taken care of in a godly way. This relieves other California cities from doing so. Out of sight, out of mind.

Let’s visualize this dream.

Each city in California pays a prorated amount each year to our California government to pay for McKittrick to build and maintain housing, medical facilities, and infrastructure for ALL of California’s homeless. This will not only give McKittrick something to do for a change, but they will have that good feeling in helping the homeless and getting them out of other cities and areas in California.

The perks for McKittrick’s residents that are there now, and the ones that actually still want to move there, is that they pay no taxes whatsoever. No IRS, property, sales tax, or state taxes, ever again.

If the homeless don’t want to have a free ride at the McKittrick facilities, then they have to follow Willard Romney’s position, and take a “self-deporting” stance and move to Mexico. In the meantime, we bring back the Civilian Conservation Corps for the ones that can work. For the ones that have mental issues or are too old where they can’t work, then the state drops them off at the many local churches in the city that they are at the time. Then said churches can explain Matthew 17:20 to them, and if they don’t believe, then the Christian churches can actually follow Jesus’ doctrine and they can take care of them.

Simple enough.

Monopolizing a forum is a type of dictatorship.

Beyond that, the homeless don’t go away. They either become statistics in unsolved murders or as criminal defendents. IF they are ignored ! And they are ignored by the willing ignorant. …the powdered bottom pure-breds that think they are so so beyond any societal responsibilities !

According to what I read with all ReelView’s many posts in the other article forum, there are the “good homeless” and the “bad homeless”. Are you talking about the good homeless or the entire group?

I agree that our government has made it too easy for any healthy able-bodied man or woman to remain lazy. Something needs to be done about it. As it is now, all the lazy can remain lazy! All you have to do is look at Prado and the shelter, who’s there? It’s NOT due to the economy, because a majority have been there long before there were any economic problems. CAPSLO are enablers. Some one needs to light a fire under them. But all they have are excuses. On the flip side….

some of the homeless here on disability actually ARE verifiably disabled….not claiming to be “bi-polar, or claiming to have a little back ache, but sincerely disabled. Or, the older homeless are receiving retirement benefits, yet those benefits are barely enough to pay rent. The real kick in their face, you wont believe this, those who have very little or no education, or very little or no work experience, get more benefits then those who worked all their life!

So it is the seniors, and the verifiable disabled, that bother no one, they don’t steal, some of them don’t even use the services of prado or the shelter. Why? Because those places are too filthy! They don’t drink or do drugs, and besides sleeping in their vehicles, are law abiding people.

A few of them don’t even look homeless!!! But as a result of the trash that many of us see, the filthy vile behavior, placing all of their belongings and recycables, and their chairs on the sidewalk, and mattresses on top of their cars, drinking on the sidewalk at night, all of that, all of them, ruin it for those that no one ever even knew existed before this.

Allowing the young ones to live under the bridges, litter the creeks, or pan-handle, that’s not helping them or the community. The women continuing to have babies, one after another. And, they all need medical marijuana!

Now, let’s say SLO gets rid of ALL the homeless, will SLO be crime free??

I used to work at student housing, Mustang Village. Many of those kids are out of control. They are caught drunk in public, lewd behavior, urinate in public, steal, vandalize, and you even have your sexual assaults, oh, of course let me not forget to mention, many of them have their bongs sitting on their coffee table in plain view.

My personal opinion…get the riff raff out of SLO. Plain and simple

Which reminds me, what started this whole bickering back and forth? Oh yeah, the incident of police harassment on the night of Oct. 2, and the incident the evening before, where an elderly man was turned away and denied food because he was parked on McMillan before 5PM. That elderly man receives retirement, and that night he had no food. So who got that food? There was about 7 to 9 people that arrived before 5, and one about 2:30 that day. The rest got to eat, he was denied food. The lazy bums got to eat, but not that sweet ol’ guy.

I was talking about the ‘trash’ homeless and the one’s you would never guess are homeless. Yes, the good ones and the bad ones.

See, because of this whole homeless issue thing, on the night of Oct. 2, the police were harassing people for sleeping in their cars, but there was a problem with that, the one’s the police were harassing, were not even in vehicles, nor asleep, and two are not even homeless! A woman had her car towed to a friends who does machine work. Her and her daughter stay with the vehicle at night because of the riff raff that wander the street at night. Imagine getting cursed at for nothing! As it turned out, there were even two other witnesses that night. Guess what else? The riff raff on the street that night was never bothered, nor where those who were sleeping behind the McMillan building! Improper police conduct? They did it for fun, only no one was laughing..

I don’t often agree with you, but this time I do.

What is so different about the homeless invading the City of SLO, getting all the benefits of free laundry, showers, meals, sleeping at the shelter or in their vehicles, free meals, free medical and all the illegals coming into the State getting all the benefits of housing, food stamps, medical, voting, schooling, filling our prisons (free medical, food, housing, etc). We can’t or don’t want to take care of our Americam citizens but it is OK for all the illegals to come into our Country at a cost of billions of dollars and we all shout poor things. Hard to understand that illegals are OK to use and abuse our services but not our citizens. Something is very wrong with this logic!

Maybe each candidate should take a homeless person home with them tonight and get a real feel for them…

Is this really how you were taught to think?

Is there are problem with homeless “illegals?” Is there a problem with panhandling “illegals?” Is there a problem with unkempt “illegals” filling-up the library each day? Don’t try to create a linkage between “illegals” and homeless US citizens. Two different yet very difficult issues.

What I am saying is that do gooders seem perfectly fine with the illegals that come into our State, bring their drugs, gangs, illegal behavior habits (rapes, drinking, robbery, dropping babies for their “free” housing, medical. food stamps, schooling, etc.) costing the taxpayers billions of dollars and robbing legal citizens proper education, medical, social problems but no one seems to care. People are ignorant if they think all these illegals are not destroying our economy. Colorado alone just did a study that determined illegals are costing the State education system $600 million a year. But, again, that’s OK but let’s tar anf feather our homeless! Just plain ignorant logic!

That might “seem” the way it is to you, but I sincerely doubt that’s the case. You’re also ignorant to suggest it’s the “illegals” that is destroying our economy. That’s simply not the case.

Again, to try and link the homelessness of citizens and “illegals” is wrong. All it does is muddy things up. Two different issues.

I clearly see the point. ALL the blame is placed on the homeless alone, but as I said earlier, the college, many of them, present the same behaviors of the homeless…so do many of the illegals. There are bad people in every group. When there are bad apples in barrel with the rest, what do we do? We throw the bad ones out.

What would you estimate the percentage of bad apples amongst the homeless in SLO to be?


The politicians are going to have to face a hard truth at some point. San Luis Obispo is a beautiful place with gorgeous weather. It’s not Flint, MI, it’s not Gary, IN. The more homeless services that are provided here locally, the more homeless people will be drawn to SLO specifically to take advantage of the services. And not just people from SLO County. People from through the state and even the nation.

It’s a terribly difficult situation but until this truth is recognized, more SLO taxpayer money will be wasted.

The homeless will not have their free overnight parking program, the City insurance company will not allow an open problem as it is a liability for the City as they will not allow it (the insurance company), it’s just that simple. The City does not want to jeopardize its liability to the public or have to pay more for insurance for public hazards such as living in your vehicle. The City was not designed to have people living in their vehicles, period. So that means there is an ordinance to make it illegal, it is not rocket science to understand this. That’s like driving a car without insurance, the City is not stupid.

The City already has sympathetic approach to the homeless, they have free health care here, free bus rides, free clothes from Good Will, free wifi internet, free meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) plus free daily restaurant vouchers, free City water & electricity, given daily warning notices for disturbing the peace & drinking in public warnings (they tell you to move along and cite them no fines for it), no tickets for starting arsons on peoples properties, free nights in jail (includes staffing, food, clothing all on our expense), parking tickets dismissed, talked about being crime free, how about the public restrooms they trash daily for showering over public sinks (when the City pays to clean them and especially when they break toilets daily, City pays a lot on plumbing fees), taking trash bags out of public trash bins, or taking rolls and rolls of City toilet paper& paper towels from public restrooms, or trash left in the parks (City pays to clean their daily trash after them), dumping sewage out of trailers after hours in sidewalks (City has to deal & pay with water detoxification from illegal sewage dumping by the homeless) and a whole lot more they are all getting for free. We are writing off these homeless people for free as if they have enough as it is they are still crying the blues, they want more and the City does not get a write off from the IRS on their taxes from this, which cost us, extra. What’s next for the homeless people, free tickets to Heart Castle, free Kennedy Club membership, free Cal Poly enrollment or free shopping carts when they are already stealing them. What more can you ask for? Second the homeless are not thinking who is paying for it but they want compassion for their lifestyle for us to let them roam and do whatever they please on taxpayer expense?

First of all, living in a van, trailer, car is unhealthy, there should be signs in town to send a message that says living in vehicles is bad for your health. Hot & Cold weather in vehicles is full of resin formaldehyde that releases heavy dioxins is bad for your health but hey, they want to be homeless instead of finding a job to find a home to live in vice versa. Yet they want freebies from the City.

Lastly Matt Strzepek is wasting his time, he will not be elected. We do not need someone to make homeless a free lottery ticket of free goods & services for everybody. San Luis is not Obama America of free everything, we already have bills to pay in City taxes as it is. City has made massive cuts on City employees to cover some of the expenses caused by the homeless.

I also recommend reading the daily police log on the crimes reported every day. It is amazing at all the transient crimes are being committed daily, it is sad as where did all these people come from to bring these crimes to San Luis Obispo? What Happiest Town in America article, travel to San Luis Obispo and do it all here. Sure looks like it.

The homeless have no compassion on what the City pays for all these expenses they bring to town, nor do they understand what property owners expenses are for their vandalism and loss of business downtown & commercial locations for loss of revenue. Do you think we can go to these homeless people to ask for our reimbursement of loses?

Some of these people are getting disability and are not disabled, some are getting unemployment and not looking for work at all and what other aids many of them get and not using? Do you think we will ever get paid back for their taking on the system?

My view, everything these homeless get for free (they get free things daily that is), they should payback in some form of reimbursement. Such as every free meal, they should volunteer to help in something to pay for that meal. Every free night of shelter they should volunteer to work by doing something to pay for that bed, shower, meal & staff for their time to manage those facilities. Every time they use the public & commercial restrooms, they should clean up or pay to use them every time. If they want to panhandle downtown or in front of grocery stores, they should pay a tax.

Yeah, we should consider panhandling illegal. If you are accepting money for free, the people that gave you that money, they should be able to write it off on their taxes, so their should be a panhanding tax or make it illegal to panhandle. If you want to play music for money and collect tips, their should be a tax. People who work in restaurants and bars, have to pay taxes on their tips, should be the same. Therefore if you want to entertain downtown for tips, thats considered a business and should require a license. Sure if the homeless want to earn income, they need to reconsider that public uses require expenses to pay for those things (like seating on a bench all day, you should pay to seat there), so there should be some changing in their ways to pay for it if they do so.

I also may add that are San Luis Obispo library. Go and visit the downtown library and see how many homeless people are in their sleeping on desks and hanging out doing nothing. Again free use of the bathrooms, free internet, free access to books and etc service. I mean this is daily, same people, same place, same time, same problems, all over again. Almost all of them are coming from the Orcutt Maxine Lewis Homeless Shelter. If fact, they take the bus around the corner from the Maxine Lewis Homeless Shelter to the downtown library when they can walk. It also is the same with Meadow Park, all the homeless people are all the same people every single day all from the Maxine Lewis Homeless Shelter. They hang out in the parking lot, doing nothing but waiting to go back to the Maxine Lewis Homeless Shelter for a free bed and shelter. Then watch them leave the Maxine Lewis Homeless Shelter to go right to Meadow Park till 4:30pm or just before 5:PM, off they go back to the Maxine Lewis Homeless Shelter. They are doing nothing absolutely with there day but the same thing over and over and over.

Our poor library has been so severely abused by the homeless and also abusing our bus transit system. No wonder why people won’t go to the library anymore or ride the buses, it’s the homeless that are filling them up. If the services are for free, they are going to abuse it. The library is looking very trashy and the cleaning services the City hired as a cleaning service vendor looks like they have undocumented workers are the City is trying to get the lowest cleaning service to clean the place and it looks like it, abused and not well maintained.

If these people can walk, talk, read, they can work also but noop, they will not work. They do not want to waste the time to work for a living, not even one day will they make an effort to volunteer. I would like to see just a couple of homeless people that admit they volunteer and are actually looking to get a job instead on the dole people.

How times does the Orcutt Homeless Shelther kick out homeless members when they fight or for obnoxious behavior? It happens daily and the police are called out there daily, yes that’s our tax dollars because these people can’t control themselves. Maxine Lewis Homeless Shelter kicks them out and lets them again, the same people in the next day. As mentioned the Maxine Lewis Homeless Shelter gets funds for the maximum occupancy, they more homeless they gather, the more money they get. So what do they do, they call a friend in another town or State, send there’s an extra bed for you and a couple more. Then a month later, that new homeless out of towner is calling another friend telling them the same story, there’s an extra bed, come on down, it’s free. We can get free restaurant vouchers and panhandle for some booze money and drink them Meadow Park and scare the kids away.

If that doesn’t alarm the problem there will be more and more homeless coming here like illegal immigrants from Mexico crossing the borders until will close all these services . Maxine Lewis Homeless Shelter and the Prado Center is a drug, is brings in the homeless, it is why we have all these homeless crimes and remember they get money more come into town. That is wrong!


Can anyone spare an Imodium for this poor soul?

Worst case of diarrhea of the keyboard I’ve seen in years!

lol….I wish some would have read everything I wrote before rushing to judge me. Give leatherpink a break, Someone’s been typing way too much.

You’re a forgiving soul aren’t ya? Good on you :-)

Please Google “tl;dr”

Either allow a homeless overnight parking program as suggested or build the new homeless shelter already.

The new homeless shelter also includes plans for a social services office and the county’s first detoxification center. This county NEEDS a detoxification center.

A lot of the time a homeless shelter and a detox center are the same thing.

There have been 1600 folks with no place to sleep living in SLO since this economy tanked. About 740 have vehicles they can shelter in.

The homeless services center will house 200. Clearly it will help; but Strezpek’s idea of opening parking lots for those with vehicles will take pressure off the already inadequate planned homeless services center.

There needs to be more regulations on who can say they are bi-polars. I’ve known many bi-polars in my life, but all of them worked. Those healthy ones should start pounding the pavement. Because of all those on SSI, those who truly are disabled, get denied.

And for god sakes, this medical marijuana business, abolish it. If it is truly ‘medical” marijuana, like for cancer patients, then put more restrictions on it, if they need medical marijuana, then either stay at home, as you would have to with any other Rx drug, or require them to surrender their license.

Marx is a moron.

But she knows what shes talking about, she’s not stupid, democrat or republican, she knows the homeless are totaking advantage of the city. I agree with her on that.