Visiting Montana de Oro could cost you

October 26, 2012

The San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors is slated to vote Tuesday on a contract amendment that would allow the state to charge a fee to visitors and campers at Montaña de Oro State Park. [Tribune]

Contract language between the state and the county has prevented the state from charging admission to the 8,500-acre collection of beaches, canyons and bluffs south of Los Osos.

If the board modifies the contract language, it would probably take at least a year before an entry charge of $5 a vehicle or $25 to $30 a year would go into effect. There will be no charge for those hiking or biking into the park.

In favor of the proposed fee, County Supervisor Bruce Gibson told the Tribune he believes charging admission could bring in $300,000 to $500,000 a year and that money could be confined to local use.


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Bruce el nino de oro Gibson.

Ka-ching, ka-ching, ka-ching.

I am at a loss to understand how any sane person can think that, at a $5.00 rate there will ben anything left after paying the hoards administrators to manage the collection aspect.

What’s with this nutty Supervisor & Los Osos in general?

This great plan is brought you by your “green friendly” board of supes. I guess you tree huggers, that like to visit this beautiful and majestic coastal jewel, are the ones they want to target to stoke the county coffers. The irony is almost laughable, but there is nothing funny about the government confiscating your already taxed money because of their greed. You silly people voted Mr. Gibson in – get your right wing hackles up and vote him out. (Just say’n)

They just got a 54 mil.dollar windfall and at exactly the same time they need more?

Drive by the Morro Bay camping area on the bay frontage road heading east and you’ll see the ranger’s residence with a pile of new/near new ranger pick-up trucks parked out front. Why? because they don’t do jack.

In MDO there’s the old Spooner residence/store which sells stuff and the campsites which sells stuff (campsites). Still not enough money? The rest of the place, except for more Ranger residences, is natural. You see volunteers yanking weeds but do you see any Rangers working at anything?

MDO has a Sheriff Sub-station about 2 1/2 miles away, FD even closer. they patrol the place. MDO needs one guy in a truck with a radio and a couple of shootin’ irons, period. Actually, the cops, Fire Dept. and ambulance services are so close does anyone need to be there?

These entities know there’s no money in their retirements, thus……..

So if we hold a political fundraiser … oh, forgot, a birthday party … don’t we all get a waiver of the fees?

A similar park in Orange County is Crystal Cove State Park:

Day use: $15

Annual pass: $195

I was there recently. The place gets a lot of use including regular use by surfers & joggers. After Franco’s funding frolicking at the Castle, I really can’t trust whatever he has to say about MdO fees. At this point, he’s going to say what he thinks people will accept. Don’t buy it.

Hey Gibson… How about charging 5 bucks for everyone entering SLO County…that would generate revenue that you spend so wisely!

Only a selfish person or board would charge for visiting one of God’s greatest gifts of beauty to us. Montana de Oro is still just about pristine.

When we lived in Los Osos 25 years ago we used to ride our horses down to Montana de Oro almost every day in the morning or late afternoon. Good exercise for them everyday and a great opportunity for us to enjoy the most beautiful views I’ve ever seen. I do miss that.

Thank you Lord for your many gift’s for us to share with each other for free.

Many thanks to the riders group & CCMB for the great trail work! You guys ROCK.

Government can’t calculate.

Since it can’t calculate, it must tax.

Since it must tax, it must confiscate.

Since it confiscates, it must rob us.

Since it must rob us, it must violate our civil rights.

Since it violates our civil rights, it must be a criminal organization which must be resisted by the people AT ALL COSTS.

I guess the state needs to pad the 54 millions dollars they have already hidden.

My suspicion is that the state of Caleefornia is hiding BILLIONS from us.

It’s for our own “good,” don’t you know?