Cayucos teen accused of armed bank robbery

November 15, 2012

A 17-year-old Cayucos male was arrested for allegedly robbing the Morro Bay branch of Founders Bank on Wednesday.

Shortly before 4:30 p.m., the armed robber, wearing a hooded sweat shirt and a bandana covering his face, demanded a teller give him money. He then fled with an undisclosed amount of cash.

Acting on the description provided, officers located the teen driving a vehicle northbound on Highway 1. During a search of the vehicle, officers discovered a loaded handgun along with the stolen currency.

Based on other articles found in the suspect’s car, Morro Bay Police believe that this suspect is also primarily responsible for the previous robberies of Moro Bay Cigarette on Oct. 23 and the Cork and Bottle Liquor store on Nov. 2.

Officers booked the suspect into the San Luis Obispo County Juvenile Justice Center on a robbery charge.


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Wow–times have changed! When I was that age, I may have T P’d a house or two and made some prank phone calls…but to get a LOADED handgun and pull off three armed robberies?!

That kid’s trouble and I hope they try him as an adult.

Another wasted soul. He’s done. Another state baby/future hardened criminal.

How about this?

San Francisco deputy arrested for robbing bank