Ether rapist sentenced to 156 years

November 16, 2012

Howard Bruce

An inmate charged with being the “Ether rapist” was sentenced this month to 156 years in prison after pleading guilty to nine charges of rape.

Howard Bruce was serving a 64-year sentence for attempting to blow up a police officer’s home when a DNA test linked him to 40 rapes in New Mexico, Texas, and Colorado

Bruce was known for using chemicals to subdue his victims, one of whom eventually moved to San Luis Obispo.

It was 1996, two days before Robert Sachs’ daughter’s 18 birthday and the week of finals at her high school. After working at a restaurant in New Mexico, she arrived home at about 1 a.m. and went to bed.

Sachs’ daughter awoke to discover a man holding a cloth soaked in ether over her face beside her bed. She caught the man’s hand between her teeth and clamped down. He eventually ripped his hand from his potential rape victim’s mouth and fled through a bedroom window.

Bruce will serve his time in a Pueblo, Colo. prison.


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This guy probably should have been shot long ago. But the white collar crooks do way more damage to society than perps like this. All our lender crooks, gearhead and others like them are much worse, and they get off or get light treatment, damn shame.

I doubt any of his 40+ victims and their families would agree w/you.

“gearhead” crooks?

Well well mr dawg looks to me like you would rather have your wife or daughter raped than loose the investments you made… Good form I bet your family would really appreciate that

Plenty of armchair lamebrains posting here. This cretin probably seriously impacted 100 or more people. The white collar crooks damage thousands. Do the math.

While you are right about the weak penalties for “white-collar” crooks, you are trying to compare “apples to oranges” here. Yes, the white-collar types impact many more people and some of them severely, but victims of violent crimes (especially rape) have an experience that is usually even more severe if somewhat different in nature. They all need to be removed from society for enough time so that they are incapable of doing much harm if/when they are ever released.

“Howard Bruce was serving a 64-year sentence for attempting to blow up a police officer’s home when a DNA test linked him to 40 rapes in New Mexico, Texas, and Colorado”

Here is the perfect poster person for an extreme predator who should never be allowed to walk free in public or should have get an E Ticket to the gas chamber.

Perps like this have gotten away with their heinious behavior for so long because they know they can. They have no morals, conscience or respect of anyone other than themselves and know that they can play the system and get away with it or even get out after getting caught, because of liberal judges and weak laws…

Though I agree with most of the comment the descent into partisan politics robs you of credibility. ‘Liberal judges’ is a sneer and beneath rational discussion. No one wants jerks like this perp on the street but we have laws that must be followed.

For more on the ‘sore loser’ whining after the election see what your own people have to say at