GOP fading rapidly in state

November 12, 2012

Eventual fate of the national Republican Party may be mirrored by what has been happening in California. (San Francisco Chronicle)

The state’s GOP is shrinking like cheap cotton in hot water, as Democrats have put a lock on almost every high office.

A state long derided by conservatives as “the Left Coast” and “La-la Land,” California stacked its governing roles with Democrats as populations of Latino, Asian-Americans, and young people expanded, and the trend of minority growth is tending nationwide.

“They can denigrate this state all they want,” Democratic consultant Garry South told The Chronicle. “But the future of America is what you’re seeing right now, laid out in California.”

Registration of California GOP voters dropped below 30 percent in this election cycle.

California Democrats hold every major statewide office, including governor, both U.S. Senate seats, nearly three-fourths of the congressional delegation, and the possibility of achieving a super-majority in both houses of the Legislature.

According to California GOP strategist Tony Quinn, “The good news for the California GOP is that they are not a dying party,” Quinn wrote in his blog last week. “The bad news is that they are dead. There is no state Republican Party left and its numbers in the legislature make it irrelevant.”

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Like it or not, we are not on a sustainable curve financially. Perhaps once we experience complete financial failure like Greece people will start to educate themselves and finally understand that we are killing this country financially, just like we killed the USSR financially.

It’s funny how all the liberal whackos actually think what we are doing here in CA is working. Keep borrowing from the future idiots and send the debt to your grandkids. The government is spending too much, there are too many laws and regulations to run an effective business other than fast food and that doesn’t work sometimes. The union lobby folks keep pressuring Brown and Co. to keep prison populations high so their members can keep sucking out of pension funds we can’t afford. People, if you are a democrat and you actually think our current system is working, you are either mentally incapable or have serious blindfolds on. What we need are more Libertarians that want to actually shrink the government so the private industries can prosper without the likes of CARB, unions, etc. I have no problem going into a civil war because most liberals don’t like guns and I do.

I would add the fact that the reaction the liberals will get from their action on Health Care is going to BLINDSIDE THEM!!! If you get under thirty hours they (companies) don’t pay. The owner of Papa John’s Pizza and the owner of 40 Applebee’s chains in the New York area, both stated last week, that they WILL cut their entire work force back to that when implimented.

I think this is the tip of the iceberg. Do you think all those people will be happy now that not only do they still not have health insurance, they now have less hours and take home pay.

There is a name for this my liberal friends. Unintended consequences. Trust me there are more of these coming.

“The owner of Papa John’s Pizza and the owner of 40 Applebee’s chains”

There will always be asshole business owners that will screw there worker’s while they park in a 22 car garage next to a 40k sf house.

Like them or not, a lot of these big time’s that you may not like provide jobs to people. That is the reality of the situation. Every time the small guy thinks he will screw the big guy, they just screw themselves. Does it make it right about the big guys? No but again I deal in reality.

Do you really think you can eat a 2 for $20.00 meal without someone paying? So I guess that makes the customer just as implist as the owner, in living off the back of the worker??

If you eat there, then yes you are.

It’s called putting your money where your mouth is.

It has nothing to do with the crude derogatory names you call them, it has everything to do with economics 101. It is quite simple really, the cost to provide this healthcare per employee is too high, especially when combined with SSI and workers comp insurance.

Many employers are simply going to lay people off, reduce their hours or not buy insurance and pay the $2000 per employee fine.

And lastly economics 101 states that all cost increases be passed on to the customer…

“everything to do with economics 101. It is quite simple really”

Your overly simple view of economics ignores the fact that the corporations will be fine even if they have to pay for health care.

But they need tea party/gop voices to help keep their take home profits high, your being used and you don’t even get any fries with that.

Always passed on to the consumers. This is one of many things that I just can’t understand why Liberals don’t get it.

Hate to break it to you, but a business owner is in business to support himself, not the people that work for him, so if he has a 40 car garage its no ones business, being forced to pay for something that is govt mandated is bull crap to the fullest, times are hard for all of us and just because someone has a business doesn’t mean that they are loaded. Companys can’t keep paying thru the nose for the govt’s wacked out plans.

“I have no problem going into a civil war”

That’s the most ignorant thing I have heard today.