Holy Harangue! Pastors preaching politics

November 21, 2012

Testing the mettle of the federal government, some church leaders preached politics from the pulpit during the run-up to the election and are challenging authorities to pull their tax-exempt status. (San Francisco Chronicle)

Federal tax rules mandate that religious groups with tax-exempt privileges are “absolutely prohibited from directly or indirectly participating” in any political campaign or making statements favoring or opposing “any candidate for public office.”

But only one church has had its tax-free status revoked in the 58 years the law has existed.

Through a nationally-organized movement called the “Alliance Defending Freedom,” religious leaders say they will save Americas from “radical anti-Christian groups” and lay waste to “the myth of the so-called separation of church and state.”

At recent services on a day dubbed “Pulpit Freedom Sunday,” 142 pastors of California churches snubbed the law and preached political messages.

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I like it when a our Priests makes a stand against something that he thinks is immoral. Notwithstanding all the bull shit that has gone on with our church. Priests, ministers, and the like should all speak against immorality in our society. That is part of what makes them holy, and it’s important to know what our religious people think.

It’s not like we don’t have our own minds. We ultimately side with the good, pure and holy. (hopefully) People listen to speeches all the time. Some are swayed and some aren’t . We are grown-ups and can make up our own minds. I do like to know where our church stands on issues though. I do depend on them to help me on my journey toward the end. Helps me to give more and expect less from others. I am steering the boat in sometimes rough waters and helps to have another looking at the compass. Sharing the load. Sometimes my wife, sometimes my church and sometimes a friend that knows more than I do. (which is just about everyone these days)

God Bless us all.