San Luis Obispo man arrested for child pornography

November 21, 2012

Jason Lytle

A 28-year-old San Luis Obispo man wanted by police for downloading child pornography was arrested this week in Florida.

In August, police served a search warrant on Jason Lytle’s Murray Street home after receiving a tip that the registered sex offender had been downloading child pornography onto his computer.

During the search, police seized multiple electronic devices. A forensic examination of the electronics revealed a substantial amount of child pornography, police said.

San Luis Obispo Police issued an arrest warrant for Lytle who did not return back to his home following the search.

He is currently being held in a Florida jail on similar charges. Local police officials said they are not sure when he will be extradited back to San Luis Obispo.

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Jeeez, Is this the tangent line?

To all of you that have engaged Ted….ask him when he drive up behind the fancy car with the bumper sticker, “What would Jesus do?”…..remind him, “HE WOULD WALK!!!” LOL


You forgot, Jesus wouldn’t only walk, but He would walk upon the water as welll!!!

” Shortly before dawn Jesus went out to them, walking on the lake. When the disciples saw him walking on the lake, they were terrified. “It’s a ghost,” they said, and cried out in fear. But Jesus immediately said to them: “Take courage! It is I. Don’t be afraid.” (Matthew 14: 25-27)

Oh my, what a sight that must have been, praise!

Jesus is not the only one who has walked on water. Miracles happen all the time. You don’t have to be Jesus or even know of him to experience astounding miracles. But it helps to know that there is nothing unusual or rare about miracles. They happen all the time but most people don’t even realize it.

What a lame response Ted…LOL….Lame, did I say LAME!!!! LOL

Ted, I will again ask you a very basic, relevant question: What GOOD have you accomplished with your disrespectful, divisive and ugly rants? Have you ever changed anyone’s mind about anything? Be truthful, my friend. And be specific, please. Thank you!

WiseGuy, you raise a good question. These are my observations:

Ted’s messages do not bring me closer to Christ nor do they enlighten me to God’s grace and mercy.

What Ted does is bring his moniker to fruition – “Slander” and pronounces himself judge and jury over the very ones for which Christ lovingly sacrificed himself. As i see it, Ted’s behavior is NOT a true representation of Christianity in action, but a perversion of it. “Even a child is known by their acts,” the Bible states in Proverbs.

The greatest commandment of Jesus is found in the Book of Matthew:

“‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.”

Most child-abuse perpetrators were victims of child abuse earlier in their lives. They get sympathy as long as they are young, but when the effects of that abuse show up when they are adults, people literally want to kill them for it. That’s not the best way to end the cycle of abuse.

Probably not the best way, but definitely the most effective.

Not really, slowtime. With hatred and vengeance still so dominant in our culture–with you providing a great example–we have a long way to go. It’s those evil sparks that set off fires of abuse in many ways in our society. The hatred you show has the same root as what leads to child abuse.

So the flip side of this is that you love perverts?

Slowtime: “Love” is a complex word with many meanings and interpretations. . What do YOU mean by it in the statement above?

O.k. so what is the best way to end the cycle? You have the answer that we are to hard on them, so should we give them milk and cookies? Should we send them over to your house?

I’m sorry, BeenThere, but you don’t seem serious enough for me to bother trying to have a rational discussion about the issue. Out of the three sentences you wrote, two of them are just lame jokes that do nothing toward bettering communication or understanding. Typical.

I don’t believe you have any interest in dealing with the issue seriously. You are entrenched in your attitude and don’t seem to have an open mind about much of anything you write about in this forum.

Perhaps if you get serious and wise up, we could have a meaningful and enlightening dialogue. Let me know when you are ready for that. Until then, I would simply be wasting my time. Sorry.

What a sick piece of crap this monster is! Wish there was an big black hole out in the middle of the ocean

you could drop these sickos in with a cannon ball tied around their neck!!! I have no empathy

what so ever for monsters like this!!!


Then Peter came to Jesus and asked, “Lord, how many times shall I forgive my brother when he sins against me? Up to seven times?” Jesus answered, “I tell you, not seven times, but seventy-seven times.” (Matthew 18: 21-22)

In other words, seventy-seven times of sinning could be a lifetime and the Christian forgiveness may require a lifetime of forgiving, but it is important to the Lord that we forgive ad infinitum. We must continue forgiving until the matter is settled in our heart because that is our doctrine.

letsbdishonest, if you were a Christian, you would have to forgive Jason Lytle’s acts relative to children. But, since you’re obviously not a Christian because you don’t follow the biblical principle shown above, we unfortunately will have to put up with your ungodly rhetoric that you propose.

We’ll pray for your enlightenment.

Ted Slanders would you forgive this monster if he molested your kid? you’d just give him a big bear hug and invite him to dinner. I pray for your enlightment! Carry on Christian Soldier!


It doesn’t matter if this person molested my child. The true Christian is to follow Jesus’ word as I have shown you in Matthew 18: 21-22. Do you know more than Jesus the Christ in this respect, and therefore, wouldn’t follow his edict as prescribed by continually forgiving this person?

Please, tell us where you get the authority to usurp Jesus’ teachings! We’re awaiting a cogent answer. Thank you.

Blah Blah Blah……..

preach all you want ……. recite the whole bible…….. blah blah…….. bottom line any

person that violates a child in any way shape or form needs to be dropped into the

deepest part of the ocean never to be heard of again!!!!!!! Carry on!


Okay, let it be known before everyone that you admit to the fact that you know more than Jesus the Christ’s teachings because you fail to acknowledge the biblical FACT that you will not follow Jesus’ word in Matthew 18: 21-22 relating to the continued forgiveness of Jason Lytle !!!!

You disparage the bible in the vein of “blah, blah, blah?” Don’t you realize that Jesus is watching you berate His teachings with your own Satanic feelings?! How are you sleep tonight knowing that Jesus is reading your posted Devil Speak?!

There is a drastic difference in what we feel needs to be done, and what the actual teachings of Jesus propose. With your obviouos disconnect, then why do you remain being an alleged Christian?

I started to pray for you tonight, but I heard rumblings turning into thunder in the sky to the East. I can only assume that it’s our God being upset over your outright disdain for His biblical doctrine!

I will try and pray for you again in the hopes that He will allow you to see how hypocritical you are.

You can thank me later.

whatever…,…. blah blah……..blah………


You still Satanically rant, “blah, blah, blah, which represents that you are in direct conflict of biblical teachings?” We can tell that the biblical doctrine that you now are aware of has hit a raw nerve!

Your actions are of the kind that represent the pseudo-christian modus operandi. For that, I am sorry to have to include you in this ungodly faction. Jesus is not smiling.

Ted, you really should learn the definition of “usurp” before trying to use it to denigrate someone. As it is, you are once again over-reaching with your obsession in wanting to try to prove yourself, to yourself, that you have wisdom enough to know the reality of God or the validity of the teachings of avatars.

Ted, what is your point, other than demonstrating you are a jackass supreme?


I am an alleged jackass because of my factual and within context biblical knowledge? Are you kidding? Is it because you’ve been on the receiving end of my “Jesus Slap Downs”, and are still feeling the sting of them, and are trying in vain to lash back?

To your point, Jesus wants me to take the pseudo-christian out of the realm of biblical ignorance, and bring them forth to the point of being TRUE Christians. This includes the fact of them following ALL of the bible, and just not the parts they’re spoon fed on Sunday mornings. It’s really a very simple quest.

Would you like another schooling?

I disagree Ted. I have not been on the “receiving end” of your ANYTHING. I simply feel you are helping ruin my community by continually insulting people and being blatant about disrespecting their cherished beliefs. I

also cringe for YOUR sake when I see you act like such a jackass while you actually seem to believe you are doing something worthwhile with the time you spend making our community ugly. One day, you will regret having wasted so much of your life on such trivial pursuits.

Seriously Ted, if you don’t realize what a jackass you are being, you have not got a handle on reality.

You seriously seem to not have a clue and have gotten perversely obsessed and lost in your own ugly, trivial pursuits. Unfortunately, as we gather from your reply to me, it seems that the attention I give you, even when I say flat out you are acting like a jackass, seems, in your skewed reality, to you to be some sort of validation that you are making some worthwhile point with your insults to my neighbors.

The truth is you cannot point to ANYTHING worthwhile you have accomplished with your sarcastic tirades. Sad, but true. Sure, you can make lame, sarcastic comments,but you are the ultimate victim of you ego, and ego that doesn’t mind if the world thinks you are a jackass and you are wasting your life. All the ego cares about it is manipulating you for its own sake.


One person’s jackass, is another person’s emancipator!

Insulting individuals of the community of their cherished beliefs is the furthest from reality. I am not insulting them, I am teaching them that for the most part, their religious “cherished beliefs” that they have been spoon fed ad infinitum, are blatantly wrong!

Wiseguy, a hypothetical; if you were wrong on a religious topic, and it was shown to you factually that you were, wouldn’t you want to be enlightened so you don’t go through life in a continued ignorant state upon said topic? Sure you would. Seemingly, this would be a good thing and decisions may be made subsequent to this enlightenment.

It deduces to the irreducible primary; would you want a bunch of religious dummies spreading their ignorance, or enlightened ones actually telling the truth relative to the scriptures?

The rest of your diatribe is hot air to pump your self-imposed ego up to the point of exploding. Therefore, there is no need for me to address it.

Ted, you are in no position to rightfully deny the existence of God in anyone or anything. You have demonstrated remarkable ignorance and misunderstanding–and you have a mean, vengeful, ego-driven attitude–so it is doubtful you would ever be able to convince anyone of anything regarding religious beliefs, even if what you said was based on a fundamental truth.

When you are so caught up in your mind, you have no room to grasp the understandings that can only come from the heart and soul.

Religious belief is a matter of faith and appreciating reality that extends beyond mere “facts”. .

It’s only logical that the greatness of God can never be completely grasped or understood by a man. Your ego seems to not want to allow you to believe that you do not understand such things. It is out-of-control and illogical but has such a firm grasp over you that you simply cannot see your crucial errors in judgement on these matters, while so many others can.

That you even try to use your form of “logic” to “re-educate’ people about their religious beliefs is enough to tell me that you do not appreciate religious beliefs, let alone understand them. You’ve seemed to have built a mental wall that blinds you to your ignorance and has left you with absolutely misunderstanding and misinterpretations religious beliefs.

Quoting the Bible or other religious texts is not the same as understanding them, or appreciating them, or getting wisdom from them.

Ted, I do not intend to insult you, only to put up a mirror to you with the hope that you can finally see something about yourself that may one day help you understand that your real quest is not to denigrate other people’s beliefs, but to get a grasp of your own and how you might lift yourself from the muck and understand that it is your EGO that has deluded you into believing it more than anything outside of you.

You are truly lost, my friend. I am offering you a path out but you are not yet ready to embrace a TRUTH that is WAY larger than your ego has yet to admit.



Getting though all of your metaphysical diatribe and circular reasoning to try and take the Hebrew/Christian God out of the realm of human thinking, is one of the most used ruses known to man. This is done for obvious reasons at times, one of which is because of His blood thirsty killing nature to innocent children, women, and man, and that the true Christian has to accept.

That being said, the bottom, bottom, bottom line is the fact that the bible is where this God resides. Take away the bible and the Hebrew-Christian God does not exist. Therefore, all of your mystical references falls upon deaf ears because of the fact that He does exist within scriptures that gives us specific godly references and acts, no matter how disturbing they may be.

You can rant all day long with your comical metaphysical abstracts, but the fact remains, that this specific God is still within the literal scriptures and has given us certain edicts, precepts, and doctrine that just won’t go away no matter how hard you and others deceitfully try. Get it?

I am saving your insidious diatribe that tries in vain to explain away this God’s disturbing and uncomfortable actions. Hey, I think you even made it within the top ten most evasive and deceitful responses in this vein that I have ever seen. You should be honored!!!

Don’t you atheists and hell bound fence sitting Agnostics mention the fact of pedophilia being inferred within our bible, understand?! Our bible’s history was in a different era back in the biblical age, so don’t go there, okay?

Give us a break, it doesn’t matter that the bible has edicts against bestiality, homosexuality, etc., but does not have edicts against pedophilia. This is probably due because of it being inferred as being condoned within the scriptures.

Mums the word. Shhhhhh.

Don’t be an idiot, ted. Judeo-Christian scriptures do not condone pedophilia and you know it. Perhaps you’re confusing your religions again. Islam’s own Muhammed married Ayesha, a NINE YEAR OLD little girl. That’s definitely pedophilia so why don’t you take your foolish criticisms elsewhere.

Paso parent 5 Well said!!!!!!


FYI, “Aisha”, the child wife of Muhammad, was 6-years-old when consummated in marriage with the false prophet Muhammad, as Christians have to propose.

The idiot is the one that doesn’t admit that there is pedophile inferred within the Judeo-Christian bible. Our Hebrew/Christian God commanded Moses the following in the Midianite war, to wit; “Now therefore kill every male among the little ones, and kill every woman that hath known man by lying with him. But all the WOMAN CHILDREN, that have not known a man by lying with him, keep alive for yourselves.” (Numbers 31: 17-18)

Barring the fact that pedophile was obviously practiced within the bible, otherwise, why would our God state that the women children that did not know man by lying with him, were therefore, virgins. Nonetheless, the Jewish soldiers were commanded by our God to keep the virgin woman children (little girls) for themselves. Without any Satanic spin doctoring, for what other purpose than to engage in sexual activity because they were prized virgins.

In addition, they were commanded by our God to kill every WOMAN CHILD that hath known a man by lying with him, which again, refers to practiced pedophilia. How would these soldiers in those days know if the little girls were virgins or not?

One can only assume that they could verify it by either raping them and finding this out, or using other discomforting ways to determine this fact. Then, if the Hebrew soldiers discovered that these little girls are non-virgins, then they were commanded by our God to kill them. This is the God that we worship.

There’re other examples of inferred pedophilia, but I think this example is enough, don’t you?

This Ted clown is creepy, wonder what forest he has his rituals in?

Wherever its location, there’s a Registration form for that.

His biblical translation is also quite awful, but that’s evidently not the biggest problem here.



Biblical translationS? ROFLOL!!! You’re kidding, right?!

The bible is to be taken in it’s historical and literal form. There is absolutely no decoder ring needed in reading and understanding the Judeo-Christian bible.

What our God said ONCE, He did NOT mean for His creation to take in many contradictory ways from it’s literal meaning! Get it? When one ungodly translates the bible is the reason why there’re hundreds of different bible “translations”. They can’t all be right at the same time, can they?. 2+2=4.

Thinkaboutit, I don’t expect you or anyone else to try and refute me concerning the literal reading of the bible verse the Satanic form of translating the bible. You’ll run away along with everyone else.

Dude, you’re putting the stamp of approval on pedophilia and calling it God, a perversion of scripture to a gross “translation.”

Want scripture in its literal form? Then you’ve got it. May you take heed of Ecclesiastes:

“Do not be quick with your mouth, do not be hasty in your heart to utter anything before God.

“God is in heaven and you are on earth, so let your words be few.

“A dream comes when there are many cares, and many words mark the speech of a fool.”


It’s his schtick. Every now and then, he’s able to goad someone into a “debate” where he tries to control the premise in a tongue-in-cheek pseudo-religious manner.

Most veteran readers here just skip him 90% of the time, as he’s not worth any effort to try and dialogue with.

Thanks Roy I will remember that when he starts running his mouth with his

biblical side show! I do picture him though standing in a forest preaching

HIS word to weird people in Halloween costumes.


Yes, you’ve experienced my patent pending “Jesus Slap Downs” many times, and have learned that your bible knowledge is ever wanting.

You’ve learned to remain silent upon biblical matters with Brother Ted, and I commend you for this.


Hmmm, the postings of mine that you are allegedly creepy about are in fact, all biblically correct! Do you realize what you just said? BLASPHEME!

Think about it, you have now denounced the bible and it’s facts!!!!!!!!!

I would suggest that you start wearing an asbestos suit when you feel close to your earthly demise. You’ll need it because of where you’re going!

Do you think one of your weird forest followers have a asbestos suit I could

borrow? ahhhhhahhhhh……… ahhhahhhhh………. your so funny!!!!!! carry on

Christian soldier!

This is news, Roy, not because of declining morals but because activity of this type is now actively investigated and prosecuted. Pedophilia has been less on the rise than has society’s condemnation of it. In the good old days, girls with “funny uncles” just remained silent and if they didn’t they were typically ignored or even blamed themselves. But don’t let that stop you crying that the sky is falling.

So in your “good old days” the “funny uncle” would not really know it’s wrong or shameful, and even blame the child? So I can assume that child molestation, in your “good old days” was not widely condemned, so it was just ignored… fast forward to the non-good-old-days where education, information, and (most importantly) societal condemnation of the issue is the norm, and I am supposed to believe that there was never any decline in molestation due to wider acceptance of it’s brutality?

Man, you should really think your position through before telling me I am crying about the sky falling. Did you ever stop to think “ok, it happened back then but wasn’t reported – however, today it is a well-known fact that it is wrong, so maybe more people are not compelled to do it?” – Just a thought.

My, my. How our society is declining.

What will crash first, the economy or what morals and decency we may have left?

I hope this person gets a fair trial, and the truth comes out; should he be guilty, I hope he does his repentance with conviction.