Incumbents win sizably in SLO

November 7, 2012

According to incomplete results, the incumbents will remain on the San Luis Obispo City Council.

Mayor Jan Marx won reelection in a landslide victory and councilmen Dan Carpenter and John Ashbaugh each finished well ahead of their challengers.

Marx received 62.87 percent of the 13,392 votes counted so far, more than double the total of challenger Steve Barasch, who has garnered 29.5 percent. Three-time candidate for mayor Donald Hedrick received 7.15 percent. Only late arriving vote-by-mail ballots remain uncounted.

In the council race, Carpenter slightly leads Ashbaugh for first place, but both lead challengers by a margin of more than 10 percent. Capenter has received 31.97 percent and Ashbuagh 31.07 percent.

Jeff Aranguena is in third place with a little over 19 percent of the vote, followed by Kevin Rice at just under 15 percent and Matt Strzepke at two and a half percent.

Carpenter will win election for the first time since he finished third in the 2010 council race and received an appointment to fill Marx’s vacant seat. Some wonder whether another council appointment will occur since midterm Councilman Andrew Carter has considered leaving office.

Ashbaugh overcame several campaign mishaps, which led to the filing of multiple complaints against him and a $252 fine from the city attorney for accepting an illegal contribution from County Supervisor Adam Hill.

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Where the heck is Kevin P. Rice now that he got CREAMED in the election? Is he unwilling to issue a concession statement? I don’t expect he will man-up and begin issuing all the apologies he owes, but at least he could mount the effort to pretend he is a gracious loser and issue a concession statement, as two-faced and transparent as it might be.

Perhaps with this latest embarrassing defeat, Rice will reassess his life and start down a more wholesome path.

Just how “creamed” was Kevin P. Rice? With little money and no real organization behind him he received about 15% of the vote. Jeff Aranguena on the other hand with far more money and the Democratic Central Committee political machine behind him received about 19%.

“Creamed?” Hardly…

Get real, please. When you say “little money and no real organization” what you are saying is “no real support from voters.’

Rice got CREAMED in so many ways. All that effort, all those campaign signs, all that sleaze and mud-slinging and not only did he lose badly, more people than ever now understand about his character.

I still ask if there is ANYONE willing to go on public record on this forum and use their real, verifiable name and state that they would support Rice in an election to ANY public office?

Rice worked hard to create an illusion, but most people weren’t swayed by it. As a potential candidate in the future, Rice is worse off today than before the election. He lost, he got creamed, lost by a landslide, he is politically damaged, he is the Typhoid Mary of local politics,…how many ways do we need to say it until “Crusader” or Rice accepts reality?

And we are STILL waiting for Rice’s concession speech. Where in hell did Rice disappear to after the election?

A truly abysmal outcome all the way around. And in today’s Tribune is an article that the taxpayers are on the hook for $136,000 in legal fees because our city staff (read Dietrich and Lichtig) can’t get their act together on the homeless problem, and the incumbents continue to defer to staff. Nice going!

Barasch ran a clean campaign – no name calling, stealing signs, threats, etc. I think he is right that the city is in a fiscal mess and the present leadership has no idea what to do.

Hang on to your wallets!

SLO will survive despite Marx and Ashbaugh retaining their seats.

On city council votes it will often boil-down to Carpenter/Carter vs. Marx/Ashbaugh with Smith casting the deciding votes. More and more on critical issues I trust Smith to do the right thing.

Had the Democratic Central Committee taken control of the SLO City Council by somehow getting carpetbagger Aranguena elected, SLO would have been well on it’s way to becoming the little socialist mecca on the Central Coast.

Maybe the folks who got elected are popular and this little coven is the “unpopular” group?

I’d like to know how unpopular folks keep winning?

“SLO County Mystery Tally”

They win because the alternatives are even less popular. I can’t stand Marx and Ashbaugh but Barasch and K-Rice were even worse options, as pathetic as that is. If a decent alternative existed, Marx would be voted out in a heartbeat.


Looks like the year of the “incumbent.”

Voting is a waste of time; nothing ever changes.

Just saw on CNN’s web page (yes CNN not CCN) that Obama wants Unity and job creation. On the job creation, WHY does anyone think a president creates jobs? The only thing the Gov. can do to help jobs, is to STOP overregulating business and then they will florish. Simple economics, that AMAZINGLY escape many.

As for SLO, you got Marx. Well I guess time will tell how well that decision was or wasn’t. I still think it’s funny with her views and last name, the appropreiatness of it all.

Wow just saw Dow fell 300 points. Not surprising. The people who MAKE jobs, will not be willing to invest and or make additional jobs. I told someone I know last night that the first thing that will happen is the market will fall. Again politics and simple economics. Don’t sit around waiting for those jobs you where promised. They aren’t coming.

“The people who make jobs will not be willing to invest or make additional jobs.”

That’s the biggest bunch of BS. What are they going to do with their money instead? Hide it under their mattress? Of course they are going to continue to invest because that is the best way to make more money, even with higher capital gains and income taxes. And as far as job creation, study after study as shown that big tax breaks for the rich are more likely to create jobs in China than the US. So I guess if you are an underpaid Chinese factory worker, you should be sad that Romney lost.

Let me ask you a question. Do you work in the private sector or public sector?

Um did I mention tax breaks ANYPLACE in my post? I said REGULATION. Tax breaks and regulation are two different things.

“The only thing the Gov. can do to help jobs, is to STOP overregulating business and then they will florish. Simple economics, that AMAZINGLY escape many. ”

Well, personally I know of at least three businesses that employ over 12 people and they told me this morning of their displeasure at the election outcomes, and that they are laying off all their employees by the end of the year and possibly moving their business or closing the doors all together (don’t believe me, just what the news in the coming months). And it was not the presidential election that they said is was problem, it is the state of CA and the incumbents here who were re elected that will continue to make it harder for businesses to operate in this state. More taxes, more regulations, simple economics equals a bottom line (which is why everyone is in businessin the first place) will just not be there.

Yep. When are people going to learn that the government does not run the economy?

A president obviously does not create jobs. He just says that to pump up people with his propaganda of “hope and change.”

Meanwhile, the incumbents will carry on with their agenda of the police police state, creating money out of nothing, and perpetual war.