Mother, father and son drown trying to rescue dog

November 27, 2012

A Northern California mother and father and their 16-year-old son all drowned over the weekend while trying to save their dog from strong ocean waves. [LA Times]

The family dog ran into the ocean to fetch a stick Saturday at a Humboldt County beach. Powerful waves at Big Lagoon, a beach north of Eureka, swept the dog out to sea.

Gregory Kuljian, 16, ran into the water to rescue the dog. Howard Kuljian, Gregory’s father, then entered the water to save his son. Gregory Kuljian managed to return to shore, but his father did not, so he reentered the water along with his mother, Mary Scott, to rescue his father.

All three were swept out to sea. Rescue workers eventually recovered the bodies of Howard Kuljian, 50, and Mary Scott, 54, but their son’s body remains missing.

The dog managed to get out of the water on its own.

Howard Kuljian and Mary Scott’s 18-year-old daughter, Olivia Kuljian, and Gergory’s 16-year-old girlfriend, Lily Loncar, watched the tragedy unfold from the beach.

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I can’t help but think of the SLO doggie kennel that lost 7 of their customers dogs to a fire that burned undetected for over an hour. Are they (the owners of the kennel) reading this story because it sure brings home how people feel about their dogs………

This is such a heartbreaking story, I probably would have jumped in too but swmut is absolutely correct. If the dog can’t get out of the surf, we probably can’t either. Bless this family and my condolences to their friends and loved ones, may they find peace.

Northern CA beaches are dangerous spots…even for accomplished swimmers. Sad thing is I probably would have attempted the same thing if my family pet was washed out. Typically dogs are stronger swimmers than humans…if they can’t make it , chances are a human couldn’t either.