Santa Maria woman’s torture trial starts next week

November 30, 2012

Lorena Arenas

A Santa Maria woman who allegedly punished her then 2-year-old daughter for playing with her makeup by holding the child’s hands in scalding tap water almost three years ago is scheduled to begin trial next week. [SantaMariaTimes]

Lorena Arenas, 26, has been charged with torture, felony child abuse causing great bodily injury and child endangerment.

The child’s father, Jose Gonzalez of Santa Maria, was home at the time of the incident and had refused to drive his daughter to the hospital. He entered a no-contest plea in early 2011 to a count of felony child abuse and was sentenced to four years in state prison.

Arenas admitted the toddler cried for at least 11 hours straight, at the conclusion of which she walked with her daughter several miles to Marian Medical Center.

The child’s third-degree burns were so traumatic she was taken to Sherman Oaks Hospital burn center for specialized treatment.


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Even with these astronomical costs, it’s still cheaper in the long run to take these parents out of society. Abusive parenting is passed on from one generation to the next. This mother has already admitted that she used hot water as a punishment for her kids, and she’s just started her family. Likely she would have 4-6 children in her lifetime–all of whom would suffer from burning. The child had to have skin grafts at a burn center–that’s another cost to the taxpayer, probably around $200,000 with the medivac transport to an LA burn center.

These people should actually be sterilized, so they will not be allowed to bring future children into the world.

Once the parents are prosecuted and the child is placed child care or foster home its a done deal.

$100,000’s to prosecute

$54,000 to incarcerate each parent

$X00,000’s to care for the child till age ?


True Christians, stop this madness of ostracizing this poor mother, and as some propose, wanting to be with her in a room for just a minute to harm her. How ungodly can you pseudo-christians get?

As true Christians, we’re commanded by Jesus to forgive this mother’s actions against this innocent daughter of hers. Jesus says, “If you forgive those who sin against you, your heavenly Father will forgive you. But if you refuse to forgive others, your Father will not forgive your sins.” ( Matthew 6:14-15)

It can’t get any planer than the above godly passage. Our doctrine says that we MUST FORGIVE Lorena Arenas, no matter what, or our Father won’t forgive our sins! 2+2=4.

If you don’t want to follow Jesus’ teachings, then get the hell out of Christianity post haste!

As Ann Romney stated; “Stop it!”

Cool story bro.


Did you expect anything less from Brother Ted? NOT!

Forgive. yes forgive , then what happens when she abuses her child over and over again and ends up

killing the baby then what? let me guess just give the monster and great big hug and forgive AGAIN????? sorry I still think she needs the crap

beat out of her and her hands put into scalding water! Then she can have a taste of her own evilness!!!


Uh, what part of the TRUE Christian “Forgiveness Doctrine” don’t you understand?

With specificity, Jesus states that if you do not forgive this woman, then your sins are not forgiven. Get it?

Do you, or Cindy, want to disagree with Jesus regarding this passage in question? If so, where do you get the authority to know more than Jesus in this respect? Huh?

Pseudo-christians are so fun to watch when they start to turn themselves into a pretzel! Isn’t that right, Cindy?



Are you hushing Jesus’ words???!!! Blaspheme!

The bottom line is the FACTOID that we TRUE Christians are to forgive the likes of the Lorena Arenas, even if she tortured her daughter again, and again, and again!

You and many others are having a very hard time in dealing with the scriptures within context. Sad, but true.

You’ll pay upon Judgment Day for taking your ungodly and Satanic stance, that is for sure.



Get out of Christianity NOW to prevent yourself from any further embarrassment in disagreeing with the direct words of Jesus!!!

Your type give our faith a bad name!

Please don’t feed the trolls. Ted Slanders does these posts for fun. Just ignore him as he has nothing better to do.