Hash oil lab causes explosion in Morro Bay

November 30, 2012

Morro Bay police discovered a hash oil lab Wednesday after responding to a gas explosion that burned a man. [Tribune]

An explosion around 4:30 p.m. blew out the windows of a Morro Bay duplex on the 800 block of Napa Avenue. Emergency personnel transported the man inside to Sierra Vista Regional Hospital. Sheriff’s spokesman Tony Cipolla says the man burned in the in the explosion is now receiving treatment at a Fresno burn center.

After firefighters put out the fire, police officers noticed drug paraphernalia, which the sheriff’s narcotics team determined to be used in the manufacturing of hash oil.

Cipolla said it is believed that a pilot light ignited butane gas that sank to the floor causing the explosion. The manufacturer of the hash oil used liquefied butane to extract resin from marijuana, Cipolla said.

The sheriff’s narcotics team has taken over the investigation. They have not made any arrests, but the investigation remains open.

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Double waste of taxpayer money…#1 to fix him #2 to jail him. Darwin award future recipient.

One more druggie loser, of society.

I seriously doubt that it was a “lab”. It was more like a dumb stoner who got a pipe, some butane and an ounce of marijuana and tried to extract some hash oil in his kitchen. A lab? What a joke but you have to love the sensationalism.