SLO finance boss departing

November 18, 2012

Charles Bourbeau

Charles Bourbeau, director of finance and information technology for the city of San Luis Obispo, has resigned his post.

Bourbeau told CalCoastNews Friday he will be leaving Dec. 7 due to health problems.

“There are some big [fiscal] issues coming up over the next few months which will be very stressful. I need to take care of my health,” said Bourbeau. He cited a specific problem and asked for privacy.

Bourbeau was hired just last year after a career in the California National Guard.

Shelly Stanwyck, director of Parks and Recreation, will take over the position temporarily.

Human Reason

When will the City Council wake up and fire Katie, Christine and Michael. It is so easy to see that these three are the probelm and until you clean these three out problems will continue!


Never. All the slugs and criminals got re-elected by hook or crook, so why change a damn thing? Just get used to it.


Katie is not the problem, but the result of the problem. The problem is Jan Marx and the rest of the Council. Our Council has exactly what they want regardless of the qualification = woman, lesbian, incompetent and well paid = meets the qualifications for the Democratic Party.


The only thing that looks worse than a finance director resigning for “health reasons” would be that same individual resigning to “spend more time with family”.


Slosheepdog you are so on point. What is really going on behind the “Iron” curtain at SLO City Hall? Is it just another City of Bell or City of Vernon scandal waiting to see the light of day? Maybe this is the happiest place on earth; where the top brass who are willing to set aside their morals and ethics get rich off the public, help their friends’ secure lucrative deals, spend afternoons at the gym or riding their semi-pro bike around town, going to long lunches, thumping on staff and spending Friday, Saturday and Sunday’s in the Malibu retreat compound? Maybe just maybe after Dr. Peter Donohue (Doctorate of Economics) did an audit of the City’s financials on behalf of the labor groups, just maybe he unearthed something rank other than the witches at city hall?


I really hope there is nothing more than health issues behind this resignation. But being somewhat sceptical of city, county, and state governments; I will not accept that as the whole story until the whole story comes out.

Seems to be an abnormal number of city or county employees have resigned recently (Frank Freitas and others). Others have been caught doing things they should not have been doing (Bruce Gibson). And the list is fairly extensive for those elected officials that really should have the gumption to resign.

I wonder just how big of a pension each of these retirees will now recieve for the rest of their lives? And was that any part of their decision to call it quits.


Skeptical of just City, County and State? ;-)

slo Fact Finder

Is that 21 or 22 senior depatrmnet heads leaving the City of San Luis Obispo in the last 20 months?

Does anyone see a pattern here in “Happy Town, USA” like a disfunctional organization where City of SLO employees care more about protecting their “back sides” than serving the needs of the local residents & taxpayers a while the costs of municipal services keep rising and the quality & scope of municipal services keep declining? Clearly, the City of SLO is NOT building any major capital improvement (CIP’s) projects as promised since the passage of Measure ‘Y’ and the senior staff turnover of about 40 senior managers in the last two years is clearly the envy of the state (with over 360 full-time equivelent and 170 part-time city employees).

And where did the almost $29 million in Measure ‘Y’ funds collected since 2006 go anyway? It seems a majority of the $29 million dollars DID go to “backfill” the city’s General Operating Fund, build a few pump lift stations, a couple of bicycle bridges and install some audible pedestrian crossing devises to comply with the state and national ADA laws.

What did we ever do before the passage of Measure ‘Y’ anyway, when our streets were maintained on 5 to 7 year routine schedules, the trees were properly trimmed and our flood control basins and drainage channels were actually cleaned before they became severe problems? Perhaps its time for some much needed changes to the management of San Luis Obispo, California!!!

The Gimlet Eye

It would be nice if the taxpayers could resign their posts for a year or two…….to get caught up on their FINANCIAL health.


slosheepdog, you are so right! Could Katie’s management style be part of the problem? Did Charles Barbeau find a lot more financial problems and then decide he wanted no part of this mess? It must be really bad to quit such a high-paying job with unbelievable benefits in the midst of the recession, especially when he doesn’t have to work a 40-hour week. What gives?


Anyone catch the details in the Tribune article this morning. Finance Director resigns AND it is going to take two people to replace him: 1) Shelly Stanwyck (an attorney and worked effectively for the Chamber for years as the Chamber government representative) but Katie Lichtig felt was incompetent in her position as assistant CAO and assigned her to the lowest paid of department head in the City with Parks and Recreation (she did get to keep her higher pay), replacing Shelly with Michael Codron a planner from the planning department and he also got the assistant CAO pay. 2) Michael Codron will oversee the information technology portion of Finance (what happen to Steve Schmidt? Oh yea, that will be another story to be told here later. Considering how ineffective Mr Bourbeau has been in this position as a manager and financial officer I am more surprised it took a whole year to get him out. I guess they wanted to save his reputation or maybe it was Katie’s reputation for picking losers. THERE IS SO MUCH MORE TO THIS STORY AND THE CORRUPTION BEHIND IT. HOPEFULLY, WE WILL GET TO THE REST OF THE STORY.


Something stinks to high heaven with this latest in a long list of employees of the city opting out of high paying positions. This guy was just hired a year ago. What makes a guy resign a $150K+++ per year management position after only a year of employment? Health reasons, perhaps? My guess is he was too close to the core of the crooked financial business being conducted by the city and as the fiduciary for the city he decided he would rather be unemployed than in jail.

How much money was spent recruiting this management position and how many interim or consultants were hired during the recruitment process that lasted years to find Statlers replacement? When is council going to look at the root of the problem at City Hall and send Lichtig, Dietrick, and Irons down the road?

I guess we can just pick one of the hundreds of qualified people who are lined up around the block to take these jobs. Good luck with the recruitment on this one under the new second tier pension. Happy Happy Happy, right folks!