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CalPERS investment returns fall below 1 percent

CalPERS earned a return on its investments of just .6 percent in the last fiscal year, marking the state retirement fund’s worst performance since 2009. The pension system must average a yearly return of at least 7.5 percent to meet... (Continue reading)

Caltrans needs to go on a staffing diet

OPINION By SENATOR JOHN MOORLACH This year, the majority Democratic Party found new ways to spend the $6 billion to $9 billion in additional tax revenue, passing the largest state budget in California history. Funding to fix our roads and... (Continue reading)

Is San Luis Obispo investing wisely?

By JOSH FRIEDMAN The city of San Luis Obispo’s investment committee agreed Thursday to propose minor changes to the city’s investment strategy, while rejecting several higher-yielding options. On June 30, San Luis Obispo’s investment fund contained $87.6 million. After factoring... (Continue reading)

Saving for retirement, affordability or priority

By GORDON MULLIN Often when I’m meeting a new client, I ask about whether they have any sort of savings plan in place. Perhaps, I inquire, they could be saving for a home, a new car, further schooling or their... (Continue reading)

Oceano, how much money does it take?

By JULIE TACKER After years of questions surrounding the Oceano Community Services District finances, they don’t seem to be much closer to finding answers. The district’s current General Manager, Tom Geaslen, discloses bank account balances in his periodical Friday reports... (Continue reading)

SLO finance boss departing

Charles Bourbeau, director of finance and information technology for the city of San Luis Obispo, has resigned his post. Bourbeau told CalCoastNews Friday he will be leaving Dec. 7 due to health problems. “There are some big [fiscal] issues coming... (Continue reading)