Gibson had affair with legislative aide

November 16, 2012

Bruce Gibson

San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Bruce Gibson admitted to having an affair with his legislative aide and said he plans to seek a divorce from his wife. [SLO Tribune]

Gibson said the affair with Legislative Assistant Cherie Aispuro had lasted for a “fairly long time” during his tenure as District Two Supervisor. Aispuro, a longtime county employee, has served as Gibson’s assistant since he took office in January 2007.

While Gibson did not say when the affair began, sources reported to CalCoastNews that the supervisor was having an affair with someone in the county prior to his 2010 reelection.

Gibson said he does not plan to resign from his position, but he did say that he breached the trust of his constituents.

“Outside the hurt that I have caused in my family, I am embarrassed at the breach of trust that I have caused to occur with my constituents,” Gibson said. “Being an elected official does depend on a degree of trust between constituents and elected officials, and I feel this relationship and my concealment of it will cause people to question my integrity.”

Gibson said he first told his wife about the affair last weekend and then notified County Administrator Dan Buckshi and County Counsel Rita Neal on Tuesday.

Buckshi and Neal are investigating as to whether any misuse of county resources occurred.

“At this point, based on initial review of the situation, it appears that no county resources have been improperly used and no county policies have been violated,” Buckshi said.

County staff will reassign Aispuro, who has worked previously in the Clerk-Recorder’s Office, to a position in a different department.

Gibson, 60, described his relationship with Aispuro, who is in her early 50s, as “a matter of the heart,” but said that it did not interfere with their work.

“Both Cherie and I gave 110 percent to this job,” he said.

Gibson has two grown sons with his wife, San Luis Obispo doctor Grace Crittenden. He said he spoke up about the affair because he believed the news would spread after he told his wife.

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Isn’t it interesting that Dan Buckshi and Rita Neal would say that no improprieties have occured? Give me a break. Warren Jensen just retired in September so Bruce could vote Neal a three year contract as County Counsel, and Buckshi was given the nod by Gibson’s vote to become SLO’s new CAO. Really folks, would Buckshi and Neal ever say anything different against Gibson after they just received their new positions before the new board will be seated???

As far as Cherie goes, giving her a position after she resigns as Gibson’s legislative aide, she gave up her civil service protection and became an “at will” employee that is “under contract”. Come on, who will she bump out of a job so Gibson, Neal, and Buckshi can protect her?

I am not getting over my disappointment very well. With this in mind, I offer the following snide comment:

I wonder if we could get a look at his wedding video, so we’ll know what he looks like when he’s lying.

Ok, Mr Winkie has had a bit of ribbing and although a few surrogates have offered no more than a TWINKIE defense… I think it is safe to say he slimed himself.

Again, “character” may seem out of fashion… But it still means something.

QUOTING ARTICLE: “Buckshi and Neal are investigating as to whether any misuse of county resources occurred.”

“Misuse of county resources”? What kind of “county resources” would they “misuse” for the purposes of an illicit affair?

OMG. Like using a desk for “intimate relations”?

It wouldn’t have been too long ago that this story would have simply fallen through the cracks — or intentionally stomped through the cracks. I think Gibson made his confession to the Tribune because he was afraid of being crucified by CCN.

That’s the one bright light I see in local politics and civil service. Thanks to CCN more and more crap is coming to light and it WILL eventually force an improvement in behavior from those elected and paid to serve the taxpayers.

OK, so another escrow is about to close in the superior court. In this land of steers and queers, what majority truly gives a firetruck. I’m the minority who whishes the best to all and if terminated, minimize the escrow expenses.

Land of Steers and Queers? OMG that is funny!

It’s great, kinda like another one from the “rancher/Cowboys” when referencing the Cannibis plant as “Wacky Tobackey”, funny as hell.

So which one are you?

The Grand Jury should definitely look into this and find out if any county funds were misappropriated.

Don’t you mean How much was misappropriated from county funds ?

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