Atascadero group providing free Thanksgiving dinners

November 18, 2012


A fabulous complimentary Thanksgiving dinner with all the fixings is being brought to the city of Atascadero and surrounding communities on Thanksgiving Day. Seating will be from 11a.m. to 2 p.m. at the AARP building in Atascadero, located between the zoo and the Lake Park.

To enjoy this feast we are asking that you call 805-610-7765 to make your reservations for number of guests and the time you would like to be seated.

The idea to bring this festive dinner to the community of Atascadero was begun with a group of people who love their community, known as Homeward Bound, and the group wanted to help everyone to be able to enjoy this day. They began to canvas the area asking for volunteers and donations and found that it was rare if they were turned down.

The local business community has helped out tremendously with donations of food and money. In addition, more than 125 people, from every walk of life, have asked to volunteer with the request “Just put me wherever you can use me.”

The hope of the Homeward Bound group is to meet the Thanksgiving needs of 450 people.

“We hope you will consider bringing your family to the Thanksgiving Dinner Feast and help us build community spirit with all the good people of Atascadero and the surrounding areas by participating in this wonderful event,” said Doana Raquepo, Homeward Bound spokesperson.

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Homeward Bound is a small local Bible Study Group from Atascadero. The members aren’t affiliated with any particular church and many of it’s members participate in ministries between Paso Robles and San Luis Obispo. I think the group prefers to act in the capacity of local citizens doing random acts of kindness ! Sometimes heart warming acts can become infectious and that is indeed a blessing for all ……

The above was a reply to r0y that I failed to attach to his post.

That’s a great group, then! Half of Christ’s teachings are actually doing the good works! I think our over-reliance on government for so many things is actually robbing many of us of that opportunity and will only end badly.

It is nice to see people DOING, rather than just writing a check and saying they support a cause. Too many “supporting causes” and not enough “doing good works” now-a-days.

Thank you for the clarification, Cindy.

Hope everyone had a wonderful and fulfilling Thanksgiving!

This is fantastic. I love seeing private charities step up and do what many of us have been doing through our churches for years, that is: giving meals to the needy. It is a family tradition of ours to deliver 3-5 complete meals to needy families (usually in Santa Maria).

I am curious why this article has the charity as “Homeward Bound” and not “Homeward Bound Ministries” – are they dropping the ministry part? Would seem ironic to do so for a Thanksgiving.