State GOP chair quitting

November 2, 2012

Tom Del Beccaro

Tom Del Beccaro will not seek another term as chairman of the California Republican Party, he announced this week in an email. (Sacramento Bee)

Elected in 2010, Del Beccaro said, “It is time for me to pause from party politics.”

The GOP has had its problems gaining a majority foothold in California, and some party faithful blamed Del Beccaro after a failed effort costing millions of dollars to try preventing initiation of new state Senate reapportionment maps before the upcoming election.

Also, fundraising problems and an apparent inability of the party to attract non-traditional members have marked his administration, some party insiders told The Bee.

Del Beccaro will serve until March. Vice Chairman Steve Baric is expected to run to succeed Del Beccaro as the CRP leader.

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I’m not a member of any organized political party, I’m a Democrat! — Will Rogers. Republicans are so well organized, they’re ready for their straightjackets.

So long as the Greedy Old Pharts keep veering farther and farther to the right, they’ll keep losing support and political relevance. Yes, less than 30% of registered voters in California are currently Republicans. How low will it go? I don’t know, but so long as Republicans hate Hispanics, blacks, gays, Muslims, people who believe science and others who are different from them, they have nowhere to go but down.

There are many reasons why the once great Republican Party is slacking in the state of CA or any of the Western Pacific states, but the main reason is the higher densities of liberals in the big cities along the coast with universities.

Plain and simple the Republicans are vastly out numbered, even here in SLO county which is predominately rural. The district lines which have been freshly redrawn favor Dems simply because of the citiesand the universities they include. This is one of the main reasons Lois Capps has been able to hold on to her seat for all these 14 years…

“The GOP has had its problems gaining a majority foothold in California…”

That’s a good one. Ya think?

Except for the period from 1995 to 1996, the Assembly has been in Democratic hands since the 1970 election (even while the governor’s office has gone back and forth between Republicans and Democrats), while the Senate has been in Democratic hands continuously since 1970.

That’s 42 years of getting tore a new one. That’s a D “foothold” up the R’s arse.

Republicans have not won a Senate election in California since 1988, with no end in sight.

They currently hold zero statewide offices. Zero.

Selling fear, embracing religious nutters and race haters, government get out of my pocket but into your vagina, gay obsessing…jeebus. Organizational suicide.

Unsurprising though when you consider how dumb the average person is and then realize that half the population is even dumber.

“…consider how dumb the average person is and then realize that half the population is even dumber.”

Now that’s flippin’ funny, and I don’t care who you are!

In all fairness, the condition of the California Republican Party is not Mr. Del Becarro’s fault. He inherited decades of the Republican Party setting itself up for the position in which it finds itself today.

Since Ronald Reagan first bent knee to the Christian Right in order to get elected president, creating a monster of leviathan proportions, the Republican Party leadership has steadily narrowed its definition of what type of person is “acceptable” in the U.S.

Not surprisingly, this policy has driven away the “acceptable” (who, in may cases, are also “voters”) from the GOP. In using the politics of division to win elections by dividing the people, the GOP has continued to narrow both its voter base and potential new voters.

The result is the GOP has become inbred into an increasingly smaller voting group. This limits both its voting and financial contribution bases and potential which, in turn, continues the process of further limiting its voting and contribution bases.

In addition, the GOP greatly erred by continuing to support Michael Steele as head of the GOP long past the time it was obvious Steele was causing a great deal of damage to the GOP.

Steele, in one of the stupidest acts ever committed by a GOP party chairman, alienated and drove away many of the important large $$$donors from the GOP.

There are now many Christian right “public relations” companies, which actually serve as PACs. This allows Christian Right luminaries, like James Dobson (Focus on the Family), to contribute large amount of money, under the guise of paying for “public relations activities.”

Many of these new, powerful PACs-dressed-up-like-public-relations companies have told the GOP flat-out that they will no longer be contributing to the GOP to support political elections. Instead, they will select their OWN candidates, who the PR/PACs will themselves select and groom for elections.

There can be little good obtained in return for the GOP’s empowering what has essentially turned out to be a party-controlling group lead by bigots. When a political party’s only way of “growth” is finding new ethnic and ideological groups to hate and, come election time, to vote against, the pool of potential voters subsequently narrows to the point of suffocating the growth of the party.

The California GOP leader, Mr. Del Becarro, is just the most recent of the “collateral damage” of the process that was started decades ago by Ronald Reagan. He certainly won’t be the last.