House deemed uninhabitable, child taken from parents

November 3, 2012

Julie Datter

While serving a warrant at a home in Grover Beach, deputies discovered a 2-year-old living in deplorable conditions and placed the child with child protective services.

The house on the 100 block of Park View Avenue has been deemed uninhabitable by the county.

On Thursday, San Luis Obispo Sheriff detectives found varying amounts of heroin, methamphetamine, marijuana, prescription pills and more than 30 used hypodermic needles along with other items of drug paraphernalia.

Deputies arrested Julie Datter, 26, for being under the influence of a controlled substance and willful cruelty to a child; Amado Mendoza, 26, for possessing a controlled substance for sale; Marc Voorhies, 50, for being under the influence of a controlled substance and willful cruelty to a child; John Copelandcobaugh, 25, for being under the influence of a controlled substance; Benjamin Passant, 24, for being under the influence of a controlled substance and Miller Dittenhoefer, 27, for being under the influence of a controlled substance.

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Sorry but a disease is something you have through no fault of your own, chemical dependency is a choice you make.

Grover City in itself should be deemed inhabitable. Oh excuse me, I remember when they changed the name to Grover Beach to make it a bit more appealing.

LOL it didnt work did it ?

When a child is involved, you have crossed the line and you have to do the time one way or the other. There are zero excuses and for good reason.

Absolutely. My problem is essentially with those who confuse punishment with recovery. They are two diffwerent consequences that should not be confused, although Treatment can be very effective even if it is provided in a locked facility.

I am wondering if my fellow posters would refer to somebody with a terminal disease like pancreatic cancer say, as “scumbags,” and “disgusting thing?” Chemical dependency is a FATAL DISEASE. Those of you who are not “addicts” have no conception of how these substances literally take over the reward system of the brain, so that absolutely NOTHING is more important than the next fix. Locking up alcoholic

/addicts is not, never has been, and never will be an effective way of treating this illness. Hasn’t the

pathetic waste of money called “The War on Drugs” demonstrated that fact? “Lock ing them up,” is the reason that the good ole USA has more people per capita imprisoned than ANY OTHER COUNTRY o

n this planet!! Locking people up is the ONLY growth industry in this pathetic state. TREATMENT work

s Incarceration doesn’t. By the way, my name is Chuck and I am an alcoholic/addict. Thanks to Treatment and AA/NA, I have not had a drink or drug or been locked up for over 18 years.

I disagree. Six months in jail allows them to get clean. For people who can’t afford rehab, this is sometimes the only way to get them off drugs. Then, at least, they have the clear headed opportunity to decide if they are going to be drug addicts again.

I agree that locking them up someplace for 6 months is a good way to get them clean but I would prefer to see them locked up in a rehab style facility rather than a jail/prison where they will get no help. Those who do get clean and straight end up with a criminal record and it becomes very difficult if not impossible to get their lives back on track. I think they need a rehab and a chance at a clean start.

The difference here is that the person who may have pancreatic cancer did not take a path to get the disease. The person with pancreatic cancer is not out robbing people to support their habit. The person with pancreatic cancer is not abusing their children or putting them in harms way.

On the other hand at some earlier point these drug abusers and law breakers made the choice to take this path to destruction.

Agreed, they do need hope but unfortunately all of the help that is provided does no good until they want the help.

We don’t have free rehab where people are housed and kept clear of drugs and alcohol. So, what do you suggest?

Be aware of those who live around you in your neighborhoods, watch for the signs and symptoms of drug behavior and dealing, start neighborhood watch groups and report all illegal activity to LEO immediately.

It is up to us to be the first line of defense for our selves and our neighbors, as LEO is often 45 minutes or more away in response times.

Someone knew what these skidballs were doing and did nothing. These types of perps are emboldened by the sheeple who do nothing…

Those who endanger helpless children are the lowest of low…

Yes there is help for addicts, paid for by us taxpayers through social services and the dept of health, they just choose not to take advantage of it or to reaffend over and over again…

The thing that really irritates me is that everyone knows about things like heroin and meth. We tell them and we tell them and then they go and do it anyway. If you use these drugs you will become addicted, don’t ever use them and this won’t happen. SO WHY do they use them?

I understand about alcohol as some people simply have an addictive personality or whatever causes some to become alcoholics and not others but nobody is immune to getting addicted to shooting or smoking heroin, meth and the like. This irresponsible crap is very irritating and don’t tell me that people use these drugs because life sucks, the fact that life sucks is no excuse to make it worse and totally trash yourself.

God Bless you my brother. 30 years here.


God Bless you my brother. 30 years here.

How disgusting is this “thing” they call a mother. I’d love two

Minutes with her alone in a room! What a piece of crap to get this poor

Innocent baby caught up in her filthy sickness. I hope she never sees

Her baby ever again . These are the times I wish I was filthy rich and could

Adopt babies like this and show them what a real mommy is. There should be

A law where women like this never get their kids back and have to get a hysterectomy

So they never ever! Have kids again!!!!!!


This piece of human crap has not only thrown her own life away, but has endangered her child. There is NO excuse for this self indulgent behavior…

An unfortunate expense for tax payers but necessary for the prosperity

Don’t need to be rich My wife and I raised 3 addicted babies. Not easy if you don’t have the heart for it. God Bless

Cite and release? Are the jails too crowded for these scumbags?