Los Osos sewer issues prompt suicide?

December 12, 2012

In 2011, Gewynn Tayor confronted San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Bruce Gibson over his claim that Los Osos residents can cover the cost of the proposed sewer project with the equity in their homes. Gewynn said his premise was incorrect and could lead to some residents committing suicide.

On Monday evening, George and Gewynn Taylor drove to the end of Pecho Valley Road in Montana de Oro to carry out the alleged suicide pact.

After discovering the body of Gewynn Tayor next to her injured but still living husband, San Luis Obispo County Sheriff deputies arrested George Taylor for allegedly murdering his wife.


Gewynn Taylor


They are clueless! This is the response I got from the Tribune:

“Unfortunately, the booking mug is the only image we have of him. If you can send a different one or talk a friend of the Taylors to do so, that would be great.”

Kevin Rice

Here’s an image you can give them:



More ‘green” wisdom from Mr. Gibson. Did he take out a loan to cover the salary of the assistant he was shagging?


I have contacted the Tribune and asked them to remove George’s picture, siting it’s insensitivity and breach of confidentiality.




I just finished reading what the Trib (on line) had to say…They are truly disgusting, they have published poor Georges’ “MUG SHOT”…That’s really outrageous, given his age & poor health. It proves once again that the Trib is just a rag & shows NO CLASS or compassion…


The Tribune is a POS. When my subscription runs out, that’s it for me.

Kevin Rice

You could ask for a pro-rata refund.


Somehow I doubt they would have the expertise to calculate it…


To pay for that rag online is a bad joke. Count me in to ‘just say no”.


I have been reading online at the Trib and occasionally posting as usual. They haven’t bugged me for any money yet. If they do, I’ll say no.


This was done in poor taste. I thought suicide, attempted suicide, and the like was treated with more confidentiality and respect. Shame on the Trib. for being so insensitive.

Riff Raff

The Trib has been laughably transparent over the years when it comes to its bias and agenda in regards to the Los Osos sewer. Frankly, I’m not surprised at all in the way they are handling this, bought and paid for cronies that they are. I miss you Gewyenn. Thank you for all that you tried to do for us. God’s mercy be upon you George. This is just devastating…


This is such a heartbreaking story…..Gewynn was a wonderful person & she & George absolutely LIVED for each other….I hate the thought of George being put in jail over something that was a tragic accident…George is NOT a criminal & should NOT be in jail, this is a much sadder outcome than what was obviously intended…I grieve for both of them.


Ever fantasize about having a special license allowing you to take a truncheon of righteousness and publicly beat the crap out of local politicos when they screw up?

I do when I read stories like this one. RIP Ms. Taylor.


This is just so sad. I have wondered how Los Osos homeowners on tight budgets would manage the cost of this sewer, isn’t it going to cost somewhere around $300.00 a month? I don’t know where Gibson was coming from talking about people having equity in their homes either, if they have to borrow from their equity they still have to pay it back, don’t they Bruce?

Obviously, these elderly people were on a fixed income and simply wanted to stay in their home and peacefully live out their last years in the place that they loved and owned. God Bless the Taylor’s and their heart broken daughter, my prayers are with them.


Hey Gewynn, thanks for fighting the good fight. In the end, our corrupt county administrators won. The losers are the owners of the less valuable properties in Los Osos, including the elderly on fixed incomes. I doubt these people are waiting to see the giant bump in their home equity, something that can only be realized if they sell their homes and move elsewhere.


It was expensive enough for Maria Kelly to high tail it out Los Osos after her and her boyfriend foisted this expense on everyone else.