California college goes in lockdown after report of gunman

December 19, 2012

San Jose City College went into lockdown Tuesday evening following the report of a gunman on campus. [Mercury News]

A call to police around 4:30 p.m. warned of a gunman in the Technology Center on the San Jose City College campus. College officials canceled class and San Jose and campus police searched room-by-room for a gunman, but did not find one.

Neither did the police find the person who reported the incident.

Many students and faculty remained locked inside locked inside buildings for two hours during the search for a gunman. Lockdown in the technology building lasted for three hours.

Since the Connecticut elementary school Friday, several false reports of gunmen and other threats of violence at schools have occurred. On Monday, a school about 20 miles away from the Newtown shooting location went on lockdown after someone reported that a pedestrian was carrying a rifle near the school. The object the pedestrian was carrying turned out to be an umbrella.

The same day school security locked down a Pennsylvania high school over another umbrella mistaken for a gun.

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Connecticut police say that there was only one shooter at the Sandy Hook Elementary school.

[Helicopter footage and eyewitness accounts show that a man in a black jacket and camouflage pants was taken into police custody after attempting to flee from the scene but, so far, officials have not acknowledged this.] Business Insider 2012 Dec 17

Don’t worry it was just a NRA member standing up for his rights to a musket.

Hmm……. back to the bathroom wall—-Media, Immediate, Mediate, $ME,,,,,how can anybody relax?

Notice how a gun and a man go together? I never saw a gun that sprouted limbs and fingers and made decisions.

So a nra member and sexist too, what a surprise.

Who is making the “false reports”?

Would somebody be trying to stampede the people into giving up their Constitutional right to bear arms, by any chance?

Again, the false choice, and illusion of control over destiny, presented as controlled public dialog and policy discussion, always within the context of loss, fear, powerlessness. Avoiding the real issue: development of personal power, interconnectedness of all life forms, growth in consciousness, surrounded by boundless free energy.

Which would you prefer?

So true this false choice pushing gun sales.

Cheer leading by the fud mongers.

Bullets under every tree.

What could go wrong?

In addition to several “false reports” of gunmen, there have been actual incidents of gunmen. Is it so hard to give a sense of what is actually happening without always hyping the contrarian view to the exclusion of the bigger picture? Wouldn’t your readers want the full story?

Just sayin’

The “full story” is hard to come by when the MM (Mainstream Media) don’t do their jobs. Try this, though:

How the Newtown Massacre Became a Mind-Control Television Event

It’s hard not to be aware of that effect while the event unfolded, unless of course you were overcome by grief and fear. But isn’t that the point, to constantly F— with people’s emotions & limbic responses, adrenalin & other hormone levels?

Up_down_up_down_up_down . . . ad infinitum, until we are zombies.

Thanks for the post.

Yes, of course that’s the point. That’s what the “Matrix” is all about. This stuff is staged. It’s a psy-op. They are herding us to give up our right to bear arms. We will be much easier to control in the POLICE STATE that they have planned for us when we are all disarmed. There will be no armed rebellion on our part because we will have NO ARMS!

“They are herding us to give up our right to bear arms.”

Wrong, that is the hand you can see, what is in the other one?

A rent a cop in every school, church, store etc

This is the police state Gimllet keeps warning us about.