Driver crashes into San Luis Obispo liquor store

December 21, 2012

A driver crashed into the building of Laurel Lane Liquors Thursday morning in San Luis Obispo, destroying many wine bottles. [Tribune]

The driver allegedly ran a stop sign on Augusta Street at Laurel Lane around 10:15 a.m. The car drove up onto the sidewalk and crashed into the corner of the liquor store, creating a large hole in the outer wall.

Wine bottles fell on the ground and shattered, and wine spilled all over the floor of the liquor store. The cost of the damage caused to the store is so far undetermined.

San Luis Obispo police and firefighters arrived at the scene and had the driver taken to French Medical Center. The driver sustained unspecified injuries. Police did not say whether or not they would arrest the driver.

A building inspector determined that the liquor store could remain open because it did not sustain any structural damage.


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The driver thought the store was having a “Door Crasher” sale.