Los Osos man, 86, allegedly kills 81-year-old wife

December 11, 2012

An 86-year-old Los Osos man is in jail after State Park Rangers discovered the body of his 81-year-old wife in his vehicle at the end of Pecho Valley Road in Montana de Oro .

San Luis Obispo County Sheriff deputies arrested George Taylor after they determined he had killed his wife.

Medical personnel then transported the elderly homicide suspect to Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center where he was treated for non-life threatening injuries. George Taylor, who weighs 150 pounds, was later booked into the SLO County Jail on a charge of murder. He is being held without bail.

The coroner’s office and sheriff deputies are continuing to investigate the murder of George Taylor’s wife, Gewynn Taylor.

Officials said they are releasing no further information at this time.

Both of the Taylors were weekly attendees at SLO County Board of Supervisor meetings where they expressed their strong opinions about the sewer project and ground water issues. Supervisors Jim Patterson and Bruce Gibson referred to the Taylors as members of a vocal Los Osos group they dubbed the dirty dozen.

Gewynn Taylor was very informed on ground water and property issues and often shared her knowledge with the community. Her frail husband has been in failing health for some time.

George Taylor retired from the Los Angeles County Fire Department and moved to Los Osos with his wife in 1972.

Several of their friends believe the couple, married about 66 years, had agreed to a suicide pact because of health issues and their strong bond.


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With the looming fiscal cliff, there will likely be more lemmings to follow. A very sad example for the children.

This is not about murder. It’s about the lack of choices elderly Californians have…we’re all going to be

there too soon.

I saw Mrs.Taylor on tv nearly every Tuesday at the podium being an active advocate. she did not seem

ill or even act like she had health issues. she spoke with such clarity and sternly about that sewer

project. So sad to hear I always looked forward to her public comments.

People are the true flowers of life, and it’ has been a pleasure to have temporarily strolled in your garden.

I’m shocked and saddened. I know and loved them both. If this was a mercy conclusion George should go free and of course there is no other possibility than an accident which would also turn him loose.

certainly jail is NOT where George should be…He is absolutely NO THREAT to anyone. This was a tragic accident.. He is a wonderful man & I’m sure that he’s devastated about Gwyn…They lived FOR EACH OTHER…

Today, a cloud of sadness lingers over the community of Los Osos. A certain emptiness, characterized by courage, devotion and determination fills my tears for the tragedy that has befallen this couple.

With our help, and your determination George, we’ll see you through this.

This is very sad — knew them both. We as a country can blame ourselves since we do so little to help the frail with their emotional respons to being frail and weak, and offer so few options to suicide. Many will recall that several years ago a well-known and loved elderly woman was in such pain from her illness that she walked into the ocean with rocks in her pockets. We can do better by our elders.

“San Luis Obispo County Sheriff deputies arrested George Taylor after they determined he had killed his wife..” Well I guess we don’t need to bother with a trial, the Sheriff Deputies have already reached a verdict.

He probably told them that he did it. My immediate suspicion was that his wife was ill and her death was probably something that they had agreed to. After reading what RU4Real has to say, it sounds like this was indeed a mercy euthanasia. This is sad, I hope Mr Taylor is granted bail at his arraignment as he is 86 years old and if our suspicions are correct, then he isn’t a danger to anyone except maybe himself and that is none of our business, not at this stage of his life.

God Bless Him

RU4Real, Do you know if they have any children who are close by ?

I hate to see speculation about what happened here. We don’t know anything beyond that this is a tragedy. Gewynn was a community activist in Los Osos who seemed as she always does, articulate and peppery, when she spoke at the Board of Supes just last week. She was always lovely in our personal chats and I am going to miss her tremendously as will many people in our community. Please continue to say prayers for George who is in a terrible place right now.

Yes, Cindy, they have a daughter in Los Osos… I feel terrible for her.

I am stunned & saddened to hear of this…I knew both personally & they were both very loving & caring people…They were a loving & devoted couple, so I’m guessing when I say this, but I suspect there MUST have been a terminal illness involved in this tragedy because their love & devotion to each other was so great that one would not have wanted to “go on” without the other…My thoughts & prayers are with George & the family…RIP Friend,,,

A sad ending, I also suspect you’re right about the reason ,as you say they seemed devoted.