Paso Robles gang members arrested in statewide drug sweep

December 13, 2012

A drug sweep conducted by multiple law enforcement agencies Wednesday led to the arrests of several Paso Robles gang members for involvement in a narcotics ring.

About 200 officers, including San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s deputies, participated in the sweep organized by the FBI that ranged from San Diego to San Jose. The raid targeted a drug trafficking network based on the Central Coast that a year long investigation determined to have involved Northern San Luis Obispo County gangs, such as the Paso Trece (Paso 13), Underground Pride and Wicked Minded Surenos.

Officers arrested 16 suspects Wednesday and seized money and drugs with a total value of about $100,000 and one loaded weapon. Three additional arrests occurred in a September sweep that netted $80,000 in methamphetamine and cocaine. A total of 22 arrests have now occurred in the case, and additional suspects remain fugitives.

Those arrested include Daniel Montes, 37, Paso Robles; Edwin Rodriguez, 29, San Diego; Delores Prieto, 54, Paso Robles; Edward David Merino, 50, Paso Robles; Leanne Ferravanti, 52, Paso Robles; Anna Aldaco, 34, Paso Robles; Amelia Rosales, 34, Paso Robles; and Miguel Hernandez, 32, Paso Robles, Emiterio Guerrero, 28, Paso Robles; Gabriel Rendon, 38, Paso Robles; Gary Davis, 45, Paso Robles; Leobardo Aburto, 34, Paso Robles; Brandon Fletcher, 28, Paso Robles; Angelica Aguilar, 36, of Paso Robles; and Juan Becerra, 37, Paso Robles.

Three fugitives are residents of San Luis Obispo County. Fourteen of the suspects arrested so far reside in Paso Robles and range from age 24 to 54. At least two of the arrests made Wednesday occurred at a Paso Robles motel near Spring Street.

The FBI says that many of the narcotics transactions occurred at public parks or near schools, including the sale of methamphetamine in the price range of $800 to $1,000 per ounce.

FBI spokesman Bill Lewis of the Los Angeles field office announced the arrests Wednesday in Paso Robles, along with U.S. Attorney Andre Birotte Jr. of the Central District of California.

The defendants will appear in federal court, but some may also face state charges. If convicted, they face a maximum of 40 years to life in prison.

Members of the San Luis Obispo County District Attorney’s Office, Probation Department, code enforcement and Social Services participated in the investigation, as did Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s deputies and Santa Maria police. The California Highway Patrol also joined the task force.

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Four Texas police officers charged with escorting loads of narcotics for pay

nice link thanks

Long overdue…

The only way to stop a cancer is to cut it out once and for all. If we don’t step up and say no to these invaders into our communities, we will be faced with more drugs, violence and crime…

If the PD does after the little fish too fast, the big ones swim away before they get caught. I am still waiting for someone to recognize the Paso PD WAS in on all of this and DID coordinate with federal and other agencies and the professionalism of all agencies including the Paso PD resulted in a rather nice netting of a lot of people who will be doing a good bit of federal time.

Like killing the #2 of Al Qaeda, as we’ve done how many times, lots of people looking to move up will fill these “jobs” quickly and seamlessly.

Maybe NOW the Paso PD, city manager, and city council will get serious about Paso’s growing gang problem. Thank you Safe Streets program! Sheriff and FBI: Paso needs you!

Reform in Paso will never happen. Burton and App are lusting for lucrative shakedown bribes from their drug-gang buddies.

Great job SLO county law enforcement. This is the stuff I like to read about LE. These are the kind of activities that make me really appreciate their skills and dedicated work.

One gun between 16 bangers? Somebody missed something during those searches!

Looks like Danika’s squeaky wheel got some grease.

Good for Paso!

And about time, too.

What I don’t understand is why the PRPD hasn’t arrested more of their local drug users? We’ve seen the lenient way they treat repeat alcohol offenders (i.e., Jeff Rougeot). Is this the attitude they take with drug offenders, too? Why does it take the FBI to put a boot up the PD’s kiester to get them to arrest drug users? Obviously, there are PLENTY in PR, and the PRPD shouldn’t have needed the FBI to point that out to the PD, either.

Once again Mary Malone speaks from ignorance. First explain to me how PRPD is “lenient” with alcohol offenders? Last I checked it was the District Attorney’s Office that prosecute offenders, not PRPD. Don’t you watch Law and Order?! Second, PRPD has arrested ALL of these offenders multiple times in the past. I would guess that PRPD asked for help from FBI as the drug ring info grew too large covering multi jurisdictions and/or states.So PRPD got the ball rolling and asked for additional resources. Why don’t you stop badgering PRPD at EVERY opportunity and find out what is going on yourself? You would see that drug users are getting arrested all the time by PRPD. Your ignorance and loathing are tiresome.

In Paso, drug related calls are a Class 3 and at the very bottom of the response list. Right below questionable behavior. This means that officers will respond to calls regarding the witnessing of drug related activity ONLY if they have available officers not already responding to Class 1 or Class 2 or all other Class 3 calls. Perhaps this is why the need for the Feds to be called in for assistance.

As I have stated before, my office has witnessed drug transactions in our parking lot. As of Monday, we witnessed 4 drug deals in front of my office window. It is our sincere hope this bust has now lessened the of danger posed to my employees and customers along with others who run businesses in my building.

Oh MY GOD!! You are so wrong it is amazing that you are even spouting off any more. What is a “Class 3”?? Do you even know??!! There is no Class 1, Class 2, Class 3 calls. Where do you get your info because you ARE TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY WRONG! WRONG! WRONG! WRONG! How can I get it thru your thick skull that you are wrong and you have no idea what you are talking about. So not even being up Safety Mode as that has been dead for months. I seriously doubt you witnessed 4 deals in front of your office window too. Did you call? No, probably not. Your information is a joke and you are misleading people. You have ZERO foundation for youor comments. Zero. There is no such thing as Class 1, Class 2, Class 3. Where did you make that up from?? Ridiculous.


We saw a copy of the Safety Mode memo where different crimes were categorized as to what was first priority, second, and third. If the Safety Mode is no longer a policy, then I suggest that the city make the announcement because no one has informed the public. Whose fault is that? Jim App.

Keep up with the times please. That announcement was made months ago, I think it was even covered here. Stop hanging onto an old policy just to try and prove a point. IT IS A DEAD POLICY. Try and move on and stop picking at old wounds or they will never heal.

Like 6 month dead……

Jim App is the #1 dirtbag of Paso Robles.

Burton is the #2 dirtbag of Paso Robles.

Both are in bed with the Drug Gangs of Paso Robles.

The PRPD is preoccupied with covering up the commission of violent crimes by Burton and App’s angry road-age buddies.

Burton is more interested in framing the innocent than in arresting the guilty.

Union thugs have a choke hold on the taxpayers of Paso Robles????

It is an excellent start!