Santa Barbara’s medical pot dispensaries shut down

December 10, 2012

Amid pressure from the federal government, all four of Santa Barbara’s permitted medical marijuana dispensaries have closed up shop within the past few months. [Noozhawk]

These closures follow federal drug raids on two South Coast operations and the delivery of asset-forfeiture warning letters to the shop’s landlords.

The federal government doesn’t recognize any legal uses of marijuana, and, in May, Drug Enforcement Administration agents served search warrants at Pacific Coast Collective on Milpas Street — the third time it had been raided since 2008 — as well as the Miramar Collective in Summerland and a marijuana farm in a two-story building on East Haley Street, Noozhawk said.

At the same time, the U.S. Attorney’s Office issued legal complaints for forfeiture against the property owners of the three properties, and sent out warning letters to other property owners in Santa Barbara County who lease to permitted medical pot shops.


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I just don’t understand the old saying “government by the people and for the people”. We voted on this some 16 years ago and the a hole feds just won’t quit. We need to reduce the feds involvement to just securing our borders and let the states take care of the rest. Our civil rights are being crushed each and every day by the federal government and most people just sit back and watch. Glad I won’t be here in 50 years. Screw Mr. Choom and co. We need a revolution one day tho change things.

The word you are searching for is “secession.”

There a tour bus heading to Tumwater, Wa. We’re planning to explore the beer and some new laws.

They do say all the hotels and motels in the state are booked solid. Dude.

Hey suckers, you voted for him. Did you think to check out Obama’s affiliation with GWPhara? Elections have consequences. Suck it up, and take your “medicine”.

I looked it up. All I found out was that GW Pharma is a UK company. Found nothing about an Obama affiliation.

According the The Fix, “[Obama’s] administration has pursued a confused two-pronged policy: allowing Big Pharma unimpeded license to pursue the profitable medical marijuana market, while threatening thousands of patients using state-licensed cannabis with federal intervention and even arrest.”

“GW Pharma has been awarded the patent for the use of Sativex, a nasal spray for treatment of advanced cancer pain composed of a combination of the two primary chemicals found in cannabis. Sativex has made it all the way to Phase III clinical testing in a bid for FDA approval.”

“For legalizers, Sativex is the Trojan Horse the government will use to destroy any chance that anybody besides Big Pharma will get more than a sliver of the marijuana market when all the dust settles.”

Read more here:

How is this connected to Obama? Not that difficult to find on the internet, JackR. The association is in the Corporations that donated big bucks toward his re-election.

Here’s a link to information about Sativex, GW Pharma’s medical marijuana. In the matter of the political bundlers involved, that’s your job and the information is there. Fantastic product, and just think, you won’t have to put up with that annoying “high” when you take your “medicine”.

Maxfusion says: “Suck it up, and take your “medicine””

I am, with some red wine to wash it down.

” Elections have consequences.” They sure do, the Gray Old Party will never hold the Whitehouse again.

The “Gray Old Party”?? Isn’t that ageism? Oh my, how unprogressive of you.

I was thinking “Gay Old Party” (as in wide-stance gay), then realized you were just being nice and noticing their outdated position on most issues.

Too bad the libertarian wing of the “Gray Ol’ Party” can’t find some traction. They might have a chance at winning elections again.

This is so frustrating; I want to tell the federal government, President Obama and AG Eric Holder, STOP IT, STOP this ridiculous prosecution of a natural plant product that can grow almost anywhere so it was nicknamed “weed”. There are effects on the human mind when this product is consumed AND the product is heated, but it isn’t really a “drug”. Drugs usually require some sort of chemical processing including manufacturing, cannabis does not need to be manufactured, and the only “process” it goes through is when it is heated, usually by the end user. Some people use the product without heating it, by juicing the leaves you gain quite a few health benefits without any “high”. We need to have cannabis changed so that it is not classified as a “Schedule 1” drug; you cannot overdose to point of killing yourself, although if you try to drive or operate heavy equipment or some other action that requires fine motor skills or total concentration, being high could certainly contribute to causing the death of someone, but consuming the product itself does not truly harm the user. Stupid stupid stupid; the “war” on drugs needs to go away, just leave marijuana alone, focus on true “drugs” like meth, cocaine and so on, and stop the ridiculous waste of taxpayer money.

Come on President Obama, let’s have an adult conversation about this issue; in addition to all of the taxpayer money wasted on the “war on drugs”, we could also have a shot in the arm to our economy if hemp could be grown in the US so it could be harvested for paper pulp, rope products, “green” type plastics and biofuel, and I’m sure I’m leaving out other great uses that could contribute to our economy. Is Washington state and Colorado going down the drain because they have allowed cannabis to be consumed? While I’m sure some will say they are in a “moral” sense, economically they will most likely see a boost to their economies. The rest of the US needs to follow their lead.

I think the State should give the Fed the finger and let them know about the 10th Amendment.

Oh, but I forgot, when your state is run by big-government ideologues, disagreeing with the massive, overly-reaching Fed is not something that will ever happen.

You let them take one freedom, they’ll take another… and another… and… you get the point.

Merry Christmas to all you South Coast Liberals from the guy you voted for! Didn’t think Barry would stickit to you like this?


As if Romney would be treating the situation any different? So what’s your point again?

Romney would have openly and directly gone after the dispensaries. Obama sits on the fence: his words historically don’t match his actions. Same result, but Romney, bless his heart, would have been more honest about it.

You called Rmoney honest. Thank You! I so needed a chuckle tonight.

Welcome to the POLICE STATE.

Since when did a medicinal herb become public enemy number one?

Since the POLICE STATE said so. But why? Deep politics.

Try reading these:

The Politics of Heroin: CIA Complicity in the Global Drug Trade, by Alfred W. McCoy


Kill the Messenger: How the CIA’s Crack-Cocaine Controversy Destroyed Journalist Gary Webb, by Nick Schou


Whiteout: The CIA, Drugs and the Press, by Alexander Cockburn

Nobody has a bigger gain in this then the law enforcement unions and the legal system.

Look to them for the sudden enforcement, with massive budget cuts coming and the legalization of pot who needs so many prisons and jails?

The more pot to be smuggled the more $$$ needed for enforcement.

This is one of the areas progressives disagree with insofar as the Feds response to State’s Rights. There are others as well.

Imagine if Barack did this right and the corporate slave masters didn’t pollute our society and elections with their vast fortunes (our money, actually) he would have won with over 80%.

He isn’t perfect, this arena of law and common decency is a good example.

What’s a “progressive”?

Merry Christmas to all you South Coast Liberals from the guy you voted for! Didn’t think Barry would stickit to you like this? You did not count on money from big tobacco protecting their next big area of expansion. RJR to pay billions in taxes to US, not a bunch of hippies getting rich…

Your guy won, and now you’re done.