State can’t escape “No Child…” law

December 26, 2012

California’s resistance to provisions of 2004’s No Child Left Behind school proficiency act has led to denial of waivers officials have been seeking from the federal government. (San Jose Mercury News)

This state wanted to join 33 others and the District of Columbia which have achieved a diminution of strict requirements to meet what the newspaper called “escalating federal goals.”

The George Bush-era law requires rigid evaluation of teacher performance based solely on students’ scores on standardized tests. That element of the law has been challenged politically by California’s teachers’ unions, leading to the denial by federal school officials.

Formally known as the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, the controversial law was intended to maintain teaching standards for poor children, but its results have been questionable, and the law remains muddled in political infighting.

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As evidenced by the grammar in all our remarks. Mine especially.

Just one more reason why the Federal Dept of Education should be done away with. The amount of money they spend which never sees a classroom is obscene.

I totally agree. Check out Charlotte Iserbyt’s great book on education:

The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America

she has been flogging her book to the extreme right book since the Reagan Administration , better are her stories about deprogramming a family member who was involved in the skull and bones cult ! she is entertainingly insane paranoid highly recommened for lol.


The ripples from the 2000-2008 Bush administration will never go away. They are like a bad gene attached to our DNA now.

“has been challenged politically by California’s teachers’ unions”

This one line explains everything, the ability to hire and fire employees on performance based system has never really been implimented. Poor teachers are still working in the schools and children regardless of ethnic or financial makeup will never do well until we have qualified instructors…

Is former president Bush’s family still involved with “educational software” for schools? or how do you spell nepotism?