This spy is as close as your TV

December 5, 2012

Your digital video recorder may soon be watching you in the privacy of your home, recording your reaction to television commercials.

Verizon has filed for a patent on a DVR that is equipped with a camera and recorder. Information gathered by the device would then be sold to advertisers for marketing purposes.

Fox News was reporting early Tuesday that a couple cuddling on the couch might subsequently receive targeted advertisements for mail-order roses and condoms.

According to a trade report on WebProNews, the camera would “spy on you night and day, collect information about your habits, and deliver targeted ads” based on that assimilated information.

The product’s patent filing suggested the camera would also detect objects, such as pets, and even the specific brand of food and other items used around the house. And if it should observe a couple fighting, they could expect to receive customized ads for relationship counseling.

Verizon filed for the patent last April and only now announced it, in accordance with federal regulations. Other providers such as Comcast are reported to be preparing the same technology.

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A mirror set in front of Cyclops should do it. Having my eye watching their eye watching my eye…

Might as well let them put an RFID chip in you and be done with it.

Nothing like the “Mark of the Beast” to make your day.

AAAHHH Another good use for DUCT TAPE !!!! One small piece over the lens and viola, no more spying.

OK, fine- if you can correctly determine which part of the DVR is actually the camera. Oh, and don’t forget to tape over the microphone as well.

If they watch what I do in the privacy of my home, I may be offered a high paying government job.

Jorge Estrada,

“If they watch what I do in the privacy of my home, I may be offered a high paying government job.”

Does this mean that you’ll be offered a position in governement to crack down on government employess that are wrongfully watching porn, like you seemingly do?

How ungodly can you get? Shameful.

If they are gonna spy on me in my own home, they best be prepared for boredom. My viewing habits are intentionally void of all commercials.