Arroyo Grande man stabs EMT in the back

January 9, 2013

knife crimeAn Arroyo Grande man who called 911 to request medical assistance for his elderly mother, became agitated and stabbed an EMT in the back Tuesday evening.

A standoff ensued as Thomas Kadota, 38, took refuge in a home on Left Lane and refused to come out.

San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s deputies evacuated medical personnel and Kadota’s mother from the area before surrounding the home. After more than five hours, Kadota surrendered.

Kadota is not currently in the SLO County Jail and because of computer issues, the watch commander said he is unaware if any charges were filed against Kadota.


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Good thing Kadota didn’t have a gun handy.

It’s good thing he didn’t run the EMT down with a car, hit him with a hammer, or plain bite the EMT ear off…

Oh oh, let’s take await all the knifes, baseball bats, etc. Mental ill or substance abuse affected people are the problem in most of these incidents. When are we seriously going to start talking about this and then do somethng about it. These people need to be locked up, treated and then evaluated. The money for mental ilness/substance is being mismanaged just like the schools. Mental illness is really the elephant in the room no one wants to talk about.

Something about this just plain stinks, no charges filed,don’t know where he is at, what the heck is happening here, are the Keystone Kopps running the show now.

What about the EMT no word on him either, I certianly hope he is alright.

What do we have to do put a rider on the firetrucks and ambulances like on the old west stage coachs with a shotgun.

I do hope that the EMT is OK. There is no mention of how severe his injuries are. My prayers are with him and is family.

We have to do something about all these mentally ill people, they are affecting the lives of the rest of society, everyone one of us. Think of all the rights we’ve lost because of the people who do things like this. It’s at a point where the US of A has become the equivalent of the “funny farm”.

The guy isn’t in jail and they don’t know where he is ! I assume he is in the hospital, the question now is whether it’s for his mental illness or his physical injuries? If Mason was around it’s possible that he is in the morgue…..speaking of crazies.


This is the crux of all of these outrageous attacks. People who are crazy will do crazy things, and innocent people will suffer or die. Does not matter what weapons they use, they in their sickness pick up whatever at hand and dish out mayhem…

As a first responder we go to many “stage out of the area” calls which a perfect example of the many increasing 5150 calls that come in. Those who are sick my or may not be on drugs, drunk or off their meds, they may or may not have a weapon, they may act out or not, it all boils down to luck and how well we run an incident…

I note that after reading a report…You headline “You may also ENJOY:

1: jail inmate dies

2: man arrested after armed standoff

3: family arrested for assaulting a family

4. man dead, officer wounded

Could you change the tone of the note replacing ENJOY with FIND INTERESTING!!