Explosion at San Luis Obispo mobile home park

January 8, 2013

UPDATE: Following multiple explosions at the Laguna Lake Mobile Park in San Luis Obispo, firefighters arrived to find a mobile home fully engulfed in flames that were spreading to another trailer.

Four firetrucks and a total of 25 public servants worked to quickly extinguish the blaze.

Fire department investigators discovered a plethora of butane canisters were creating the explosions. The San Luis Obispo Police department has declared the double-wide trailer a crime scene.

The explosions at the home on 1700 block of Lynn Drive shook nearby homes and businesses at the Laguna Shopping Center.

San Luis Obispo firefighters are continuing to investigate the cause of the fire. No one was injured.


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I see they arrest the woman. With those trailers so close, she ought to consider herself lucky that she didn’t kill a neighbor, otherwise she could have been looking at a drug charge and murder.

Hey Cindy, did you get an apology from Slanders yet?

No but at least he STFU for a change.

Curious about the proven justification for butane instead of propane.

Meth? Aw, come on! Can’t we presume something innocent until we know otherwise? Someone lost a home here. Don’t pin them with a drug lab before the fire is even mopped up.

I believe my post said “meth lab ?”

There was a question mark attached, not a “pin”.

Cindy, you got me by one minute.

meth lab ?

I’ve been in that mobile home park. It is a nice park made up almost entirely of elder people. My guess is natural gas.

Agreed on both points. While it is possible there was a meth lab involved, given the nature of the mobile home park and most of its residents, I think natural gas (or a BBQ propane tank) are much more likely explanations.

The county daily rag said today that it was one occupant, an elderly woman. Sounding less and less nefarious.


We can all see that Satan has entered your soul once again because of your ungodly remark that you’ve made against the poor residents of this unfortunate fire without knowing all of the facts.

Once again I will pray for you. Cindy, it’s getting to the point where I am going to have to put our version of God on “prayer speed dial” because of your plethora of ungodly misdeeds that you administer within this forum whenever you’re here. Sad indeed.

jeez, Ted come on, trailer? meth lab? Usually a logical step. Doesn’t mean Cindy is in league with the devil.


Within Laguna Park, they are NOT “trailers”. The are known as “manufactured homes.” It’s a beautiful and respected park, and I have a few friends that live there to attest to this fact.

You’re grasping for straws once again like you usually do in our conversations.

I will add you to my prayer list.

You say tomato…

Satan has entered PG&E’s soul Ted, not Cindys, DBAD its not nice. Besides if KSBY says its a meth lab, then its a meth lab, they never lie.

All news publishers, with the pressure to rush to publication, end up publishing false information, and KSBY is no exception.

In this case, it was not a meth lab.

Also, KSBY is, IMO, a passive liar at times because they don’t publish the full story, leaving out the truth about politicians, city leaders, and the area’s elites. Kind of like a media “sin of omission.”

Just my opinion, your mileage may vary.

Looks like my question was certainly warranted. Turns out it was drugs alright, just not meth but rather it was hash oil extraction. Well, well, well, how about that ?

KSBY is stating that an arrest was made and it was a doper lab, meth and more…


slanders you are the one who jumps to conclusions and makes nothing more than personal attacks, over and over. You make comments without any basis in fact and you demean anyone who is a Christian or other than you…