Cal Fire hid $3.6 million from state

January 27, 2013

cal fireThe California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection hid $3.6 million rather than depositing it into the state’s cash-strapped general fund as required. [LATimes]

For seven years, Cal Fire paid the nonprofit California District Attorneys Assn. to hold settlement monies. Cal Fire would use the cash for equipment purchases and training.

The money came from legal settlements. The Legislature established the agency’s civil cost recovery program to force those responsible for starting a fire to pay the costs of putting out the blaze, the LA Times said.

Cal Fire’s own regulations state that the proceeds of such settlements go to the state’s general fund.

Nevertheless, Cal Fire established the fund with the district attorney’s association in 2005. The association charged a fee to hold the money that changed over the years. When it began, the prosecutors received 3 percent of the money when it came in and 15 percent when Cal Fire pulled money out for training or equipment.


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District Attorney’s Association received up to 18% of this money since establishing the fund in 2005. This State is so corrupt, top to bottom. There is so much money floating in government that they can’t even manage its whereabouts. Just keep paying those taxes and fees and believing their bu**s**t. People are so stupid or just don’t care.

Well said, SLOBIRD, spot on.

Cal Fire has charged many homeowners $150 per year fee in spite of fhe fact that many of the homes are in towns with their own fire dept. Cal Fire has rejected all appeals . Howard Jarvis has filed a lawsuit. This reeks just like the state parks fiasco. Maybe for some $150 is pocket change but it can mean a new pair of shoes for a child. Maybe 3 pair.