Emails reveal Aispuro “wiped out” by Gibson

January 26, 2013
Bruce Gibson

Bruce Gibson

Emails between San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Bruce Gibson and his administrative assistant call into question claims he made the day he announced his extramarital affair with his assistant.

On Nov. 16, Gibson told the Tribune that his affair with Cherie Aispuro did not take either of them away from their county responsibilities.

“Both Cherie and I gave 110 percent to this job,” he said. “It’s something we feel is important.”

Gibson’s staunchest defenders continue to insist that the affair did not affect job performance.

However, in an email chain from last April obtained by CalCoastNews, Gibson and Aispuro discuss how an earlier interlude had left both unable to perform their county duties.

Shortly before 1 p.m. on April 12, SLO Board of Supervisor’s Secretary Fran Zohns informs Gibson that one of his constituents wants to discuss the vacation rental ordinance.

Aispuro, who is copied on the exchange, emails Gibson that he should wait to contact the constituent until the next day so that she can eavesdrop. Gibson agrees noting how worn out he is.

“OK, I don’t have the energy to deal with this today anyway,” Gibson says in the email.

Aispuro then admits she has spent the work day in bed.

“I just woke up,” Aispuro writes back at 4:01 p.m. “You wiped me out.”

“Sorry to be so demanding! :-)” Gibson responds.

In November, after Gibson announced his affair, county officials said that even though there is not a county policy against having an affair with a subordinate, Aispuro would be moved to a new permanent position.

Nevertheless, emails between Gibson and Aispuro make the transfer sound temporary.

“Even though I’m on “vacation,” I’m trying to monitor emails,” Aispuro said in an email to Gibson on Nov. 19. “I got ur [sic] back BG.”

Last week, Gibson admitted he had brought his mistress back to work in his office as his subordinate. The county then posted an agreement between Gibson and Aispuro in which they claim they will not sue the county over their affair.

A few days later, a group of District 2 residents posted requests on Facebook and Twitter asking county residents to attend the upcoming Jan. 29 Board of Supervisors meeting and call on Gibson to step down from his position.


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All of this canoodling is amusing… but to put this all on email is frankly one of the more stupid things I have seen in a long time.

Emails have been evidentiary for a long time… just ask Cal Poly. Emails are not a secure source no matter who you are ( just ask the two CIA fools). The fact that these two decided to cavort on such a virtually public venue demonstrates a clear lack of understanding of how things work. Adultery may be forgivable by some, but stupidity? I think not, Katesh.

Wasn’t there a push by the county to promote the concept of telecommuting in order to save money?

It’s becoming quite clear what the REAL reason was.

I remember something about telecommuting, but I think it was supposed to be with an electronic communication device, and not with a supervisor’s ear held close to his floozy’s va-jay-jay.

You’re one classy lady, Mary Malone, and a credit to your gender, if your name is a true indication of that. With your biting “wit,” you should make a profession out of calling women whores. That way you’re not just some self-hating prig doing it online and making anyone with a brain feel rather sorry for you.

Thank you Shredder… I couldn’t have said it any better…

I wonder how much San Luis Obispo County business is actually conducted away from the county offices in the privacy of a supervisor’s personal residence? Good question when the parties involved are “giving” 110% to their jobs both during and after business hours!!!

I have no idea of what the people in this county are thinking. It seems rather straight forward to me:

Gibson took a vow, made a promise, to his wife and broke it.

What makes anyone think he’s going to keep any other promises he makes – such as the oath of office that he took?

He’s proven himself to be an oath breaker, not an oath keeper.

The fact remains that if the government is corrupt, it’s because the people that elect their “representatives” are corrupt – which is why Americans are notorious for being so “forgiving” to the self-serving elitist pigs they elect to “lead” them in developing a corrupt society.

If the people of this county were truly upstanding, moral, decent people – Gibson’s and Hill’s political careers would’ve been history a long time ago.

When the people of this county get a backbone to conduct themselves like decent people and stand up for decent moral behavior from themselves and their elected “representatives”, then America will be on the road to being a decent place to live. Until then, this is a morally decadent self-serving society made up of morally decadent, self-serving sheeple.


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