Cal Poly professor accused of indecent exposure

January 12, 2013

LibraryA professor at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo is accused of exposing his genitals to people at the campus library on May 27.

At the time of the alleged indecent exposure, Shaun Kelly was an assistant professor in the Cal Poly BioResource and Agricultural Engineering Department. He is no longer employed at the university.

Even though several witnesses said Kelly was the man they saw exposing his genitals, police did not arrest Kelly at the time. Since then, the San Luis Obispo County District Attorney’s office determined there is sufficient evidence to bring charges against Kelly. [SantaMariaTimes]

On Wednesday, Kelly was in court for a trial setting conference.

Kelly made the news last year when he lodged allegations that his former wife Maria Kelly and San Luis Obispo County Public Works Director Paavo Ogren were bad influences on his sons.

In court records of the Kelly custody battle, Shaun Kelly asks for full custody of their three children because of allegations that Ogren, Maria Kelly and both of their eldest sons used drugs at Ogren’s San Luis Obispo home.


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Undergoing the worst couple of years in your entire life is a terrible thing to experience. Undergoing the worst couple of years in your entire life whilst being the focal point of the community is terrifying. Since when did empathy vanish? Technology made it easy for us to stay in touch while keeping a distance, until we just stayed distant but never touched. It’s too easy to sit behind a “username” and release your hatred on people, shouldn’t it be easier to release compassion? Dr. Kelly is an outstanding, kind and gentle man. Whatever happened on May 27th hurt no one, and is of no business to any of us. Let these individuals heal, rather then dumping salt on old wounds simply because you can. What I see on Cal Coast news is not the community I’ve met in person. Love.

Good Morning class….

When working for the public: There will be some expectations of you:

Lesson # 1 – If you’re going to volunteer yourself as a controversial political mouth piece, be certain to conduct yourself with integrity. Whenever you place yourself in the lime light, you must always remember that your actions concerning your political agenda should be transparent and above reproach. If you find yourself feeling that your doing something that you shouldn’t and you have to keep it a secret, then it’s best to resign rather than risk a perceived or real “conflict of interest”. Because if you breach the public’s trust, that “look at me everybody” light that you sort out will continue to shine long after your undressed and without your makeup.

Lesson # 2 – If your emotionally distressed, take a vacation, see a doctor, go to church, get a divorce but don’t ever expose your genitals in a public setting especially in the work place. If you expose your penis to your students, you will get lot’s of SHIT for that even if your penis didn’t hurt anyone.

The above lessons if not adhered to will cause great distress, especially if you’re working for the public as this is the public’s business. Grand standing excuses don’t cut it, it just makes people angrier.

Here is a clue for you both: Try starting by saying that YOU’RE SORRY and take responsibility for yourself, especially the person referred to in lesson #1. The person in lesson #2, I do have some sympathy for, it sounds more like he needs a doctor.

I find it very sad to see this family fall apart.

@Bored Watcher: Because that’s what her friend told me. That’s what Maria relayed to her. I obviously didn’t hear the phone conversation so I spoke to her friend, who I also go to church with and speak to almost every day.

Um… if I may presume to ask….

Ted, what do the scriptures have to allow on the topic of gossip?

Here’s what I know about Maria.

Before she divorced Shaun, Maria would drive out of the house late at night, speak to Paavo Ogren on her cell phone after her kids went to sleep and conducted her “business” with him while she was still married. According to Maria’s friends, Paavo would tell her, “If you really love me, you would help me push this sewer through,” so she made speeches at the BOS praising the project. Bought and sold. You can say that Maria surgically attached herself to the sewer, just like the friends that defend her. You can say the sewer is like the of Los Osos. Sad.

Maria chose Paavo over Los Osos. Maria chose Paavo over her kids. She chose Paavo. It’s that simple.

How could you know what was said and be able to put “quotations” around it? Sorry CCActivist, you’ve gone too far for me to believe.

CCN did a story about cell phone records between Paavo and Maria, some calls were reported to have been on either side of important meetings, including closed sessions, others were lengthy and at romantic times of the night, like 12AM.

Sorry that is 100% wrong. Where do you get your info from? “Convenient Ideas For You Weekly”? Come on! I have known Maria for almost 10 years. Besides, this article is not about her, its about allegations against her ex-husband who’s guilt has not been proved yet.