Catholic students practice sadomasochism

January 25, 2013

In a strange display of domination, a St. Joseph High School student donned a dog collar and submitted to crawling on his knees while another student who performed the dominatrix role led him around the Santa Maria school gym on a leash during a basketball game against Atascadero on Jan. 11.

Though it is not known if the unusual demonstration impacted the players’ performances, the Santa Maria Knights did hand the Atascadero Greyhounds their first Pac-7 loss as they came out on top with a score of 85-74.

santa maria dog


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Years ago we had a girl from our 4H group living with us due to her mental problems. She was about 15 I think. A true definition of sado-m, one night I was away on business when I got a call late at night from my wife telling me she caught…….cutting herself with razor blades because she said it made her feel better. There was blood everywhere.

I rushed home to help my wife with her. It was about three in the morning when I called her mother to come get her and give her some help. The mother refused and said she’d had it from her daughter and she could burn for all she cared.

Then I called her dad up in the bay area and told him to come down and get his daughter because she needed him and that’s where she wanted to go. The dad said he would come down later on in the day to get her. I told him to get down here now or I was going to take her to the hospital and see if they can help her. He came down and got her right away, I guess he didn’t want the doctor bills.

Today she is married, has kids and a husband that loves her. And still a very good friend of ours.

Self cutting is NOT BDSM. Sorry. BDSM “SHOULD” be consensual. cutting oneself is called Self mutilation. i’m not a Doctor but it’s a mental issue. I’m glad she turned out alright but c’mon this school stunt was just that.

Articles like this, CCN at it’s best!

Atascadero parents……Get over it.

Just be thankful your kids are talented, and healthy enough to participate in HIGH school sports.


the “number 2” found in the sink – maybe it was a transient.

I notice no byline on the story. I am also sure the person who wrote this story did not play high school sports and did not attend high school basketball and football games. The Atascadero GREYHOUNDS were playing at St, Joes. Obviously this was a typical student prank by the home team to make fun of the GREYHOUNDS. Seriously, domination and dominatrix — don’t be dim-witted. I am sure the students that did this are some of the class clowns and are now baking in the attention they have been given. Afterall, attention is the goal of the class clowns.