Catholic students practice sadomasochism

January 25, 2013

In a strange display of domination, a St. Joseph High School student donned a dog collar and submitted to crawling on his knees while another student who performed the dominatrix role led him around the Santa Maria school gym on a leash during a basketball game against Atascadero on Jan. 11.

Though it is not known if the unusual demonstration impacted the players’ performances, the Santa Maria Knights did hand the Atascadero Greyhounds their first Pac-7 loss as they came out on top with a score of 85-74.

santa maria dog


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That picture is disgusting. That kid should be ashamed of himself. No man of character would ever let himself out in public with feet that dirty.

It’s just high school sports, I am sure the Atascadero student body is plotting some diabolical come back for their home game against St. Joe’s.

Really, what a stupid comment you must be a St. Joe’s parents… is that all you can say. Why not have the dogs at St. Joe’s take responsability for there actions. Boy, I hope all other schools take a leason from these jerks at St. Joe’s. “This is the way we do not want to act” I hope Atascadero behaives with class and dignity at the next game vs. St. Joe’s. That will be a slap in the face to all you stupid parents or kids who want to see them act just like you. ‘ATASCADERO SHOW THEM WHAT CLASS IS LIKE”

I CAN’T STAND ST. JOSEPH’S HIGH SCHOO – never have never will.


I am sorry my comment offended you. I am not a St. Joe parent and have no connection to the school. My kids graduated high school a long time ago. I do remember attending some very interesting local games where not only the kids behaved badly, but the parents too. It’s just so silly that the action of this kid playing the fool should cause such an uproar.

The Greyhounds have been called dogs, barked at, and picked up after for years. Why get your panties in a wad over a guy on a leash mocking them at a game. Time to get a life.

I hope the AHS students don’t stoop so low and I hope the adult leaders that will be there won’t let things get out of hand and get ugly like they did at SJHS.

The “article” says the student donned the get-up; how do we know he was forced to do this? This incident happened TWO WEEKS ago yet this is the first we’ve read about it? If this kid was forced or humiliated or hazed, why haven’t his folks stepped up and complained?

OH because it was a joke, no one was hurt, and CCN is sensationalizing this event. Very disappointing for an up-and-coming news site that has real potential to compete w/the Fibune.

If St. Joe’s coach is such a jerk, let the parents deal with him. If hazing is an issue there, don’t wait TWO WEEKS then print such nonsense.

look, this is CCN, it’s a 50/50 chance that the guy even attends any HS.

A new CNN low for sure

I am a fan of your news coverage, but seriously this article is lame and the headline is misleading. Perhaps you are putting too much of your personal sex life into the activities of a bunch of goofy high school students trying to make the other team mad.


Are you not becoming what you’re allegedly against? By the mere fact that you’re alluding to the writer of this story that their sex life is involved, is in the same vein as what you’re against with the alleged misleading headline. Tsk, tsk, shame on you!

Once again, why are we not surprised that the Catholics are going off the deep end again with this unsightly dog display? By the looks of it, this boy is not a Greyhound, but a “Saint Bernard,” which would be more religiously apropos and because of his large size.

Why is this St. Joseph student on a dog leash any more farfetched than their Catholic Bishops being dressed in the same manner as a KKK Grand Dragon Master?

Listen, the true Christian realizes that the Roman Catholics are not Christians by the mere fact that they follow the Douay-Rheims bible, which blatantly contradicts the King James 1611 bible, and the myriad of contradicting variations thereof. Nonetheless, they march to a different and ungodly tune.

All we can do is pray for them to be able to leave their child molesting priests and their Satanic version of a bible, and come to the true religion of TRUE Christianity.

Let us pray.

Way to whip out your 3rd-grade understanding of history Ted. Might want to do your homework just a little deeper and past the sixteenth century before you start bashing what you couldn’t possibly understand


I do understand their history. Therefore, my statements stand!

You understand YOUR version of history. That doesn’t make them correct.

Sin is an imaginary disease created to sell you an imaginary cure…!

I understand it and it was hostile…that’s the best way to describe the way the fans were to the AHS players…it shouldn’t have been let to get to that point because of the safety of everyone in the gym .It was if the fans were trying to egg on the players or fans from AHS to get in a fight…thank heavens during the game nothing happened and the players on the court kept their cool. It was unsportsmanlike, simple as that. No team should have to endure what those players had to endure all evening. Simple as that. don’t make it something else. That’s what it was.

It may be a stupid headline, but Tom Mott is a disgrace to the coaching profession. The St. Joe family took a turn toward the dark side by hiring him. He has learned nothing about good sportsmanship since getting run out of Mission. This story doesn’t get into the fact that the behavior came just short of instigating a brawl. It would have taken on a completely different context had that happened

Is that the same Mott who recruited foreign students to stack the Mission Prep team?


Wow. What a setback for St. Joe’s.

The “reporter” has had two weeks since the incident to investigate, ask around, get some quotes, do some research. Instead, CCN printed 1 picture, used a misleading photo and writes about S and M in an attempt for more page views.

If Coach Mott (don’t know him, never met him) is so bad, St. Joe parents need to speak up and take action. If they think a sensationalistic story like this one will help their case against the coach; they are mistaken.

The photo WAS NOT MISLEADING….that is what happened and it happened again and again all through the game….so I don’t know why you are calling it misleading. It is what it is…Exactly!

OH gosh CCN…just when I start to think you’re a legitimate news site and truly care about real investigative reporting….you go and print and stupid story like this with an even stupider headline.

I would think the parents of St. Joe’s students would like to know how their school is represented. Aren’t they paying money for this?

From what I heard, this was a shocking display of bad sportsmanship. And the school administrators did absolutely nothing to curb it. Neither did the officials.

I agree that it is bad sportsmanship BUT also agree with pasoparent that CCN tried to sensationalize in this case. Comon any thinking person can see in this case it WASN’T about sadomasochism. Lets see the Greyhounds are named after a dog. Hmm guy represents dog on leash, like St Joes had the Hounds on a leash hence they won???

I usually understand what CCN does with their headlines and trying to get across a point but in this case CCN you MISSED THE MARK BIG TIME. Shame on St. Joes and CCN for poor performance in this instance.

bad sportsmanship? LOL This behaviour is the roots of hazing and very news worthy. There choice of mascots is bulls#it justification.

Oh wait you must be that famous anonymous media critic. Is that you bob?

First off trying to get through your hazy hap hazard comment, to haze one would be to make them do something they normally wouldn’t want to do. The one to be hazed would be the guy on all fours. My guess is he volunteered so your comment is MUTE.

Second you come off like I somehow have a problem with the article and or agree with the behavior? Again like some in your zeal for importance you missed READING the comment.

I said it WASN’T about sadomasochism. Do you think the guy was getting some kind of emotional sexual gradiftication from this? That is what the meaning would be. Yes the article is news worthy but prove to me that it was sadomasohism. That was the point that OBVIOUSLY went way over your head.

After the St. Joe / Atascadero football game this year a St. Joe player did a ‘number 2’ in the womens locker room sink. Disturbing pattern from the student body and admin.

pasoparent5 The fact that a education organization would treat a student (possibly a minor) in this manor is ignorant, embarrassing for the community and harking back to the “good old days”.

Imagine the outrage if that student had dark skin or epithantic folds.

If you didn’t want to read this, then move on. CCN should only post content that you approve of? LOL

It’s a stupid headline, but being at the game and seeing how the AHS players were allowed to be treated by the hostile fans was stupid too.

Wow! 85-14 that’s a spanking itself!