Cody Miller pleads guilty to murder

January 8, 2013
Cody Miller

Cody Miller

Cody Miller pled guilty to participating in the murder of Dystiny Myers on Monday in exchange for a prison term of 39 years.

Miller reached an agreement with the San Luis Obispo County District Attorney’s office to plead guilty to first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder.

Co-defendant Ty Hill, pled guilty to murder last week and avoided the death penalty in doing so. Hill raped Miller with a baseball bat before the 2010 murder of Myers.

After the murder, Miller fled from Hill and his others cohorts who began beating him in the face with a shovel as he was digging Myers’ grave. Miller informed firefighters about the plot shortly thereafter.

The firefighters found the badly burned body of Myers in a shallow grave near Santa Margarita. She was found hogtied with her legs bound behind her, a glove stuffed in her mouth, on her eyes plucked out, sweat pants tied around her throat and her hands duck taped across her chest.

Following Miller’s plea, only two defendants remain slated to stand trial next month: Rhonda Wisto and her son Frank York. Jason Greenwell of Nipomo has also confessed and agreed to testify against the remaining defendants.


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Allowing these murderers to plea bargain is incomprehensible. Did ANY of them allow Destiny to plea bargain for her life? These people are not fit to inhabit this earth under any circumstances…or at any cost.

Anyone who is familiar with the AMC series “Breaking Bad’ recognizes that it is the manifest danger of crystal meth combined with unstable personalities that make for theses horrible crimes and tragedies.

It is particular malicious substances, not location, that are the main cause of this inhuman behavior.

And it is the particular individuals invovled. Enough said, he gets the chair…

Plenty of people use drugs and do not do evil things such as this. Do not blame the drug on the evil deeds. Granted, it doesn’t help – but you have to have savagery in you to so something like this.

……and we need these people walking among us because? The whole lot of them need to dangle from a rope.

Every guilty person is his own hangman.

so this is what the Central coast breeds?

Well first off it might have more to do with parenting than the central coast. SECOND, this happens everywhere. What narrow little part of the world do you live in?

While not particularly a “breeding ground” for such amoral, abhorrent, violent behavior, we certainly have provided an environment that has harbored the worst of the worst of violent criminals.

Rex Krebs, Dennis Webb, Richard Benson, Michael Wisenhunt, just to name a few.

This horrific, unspeakable crime is just another in a list of violent crimes that affected us all, most of all the families of the victims.

WHAT environment have we provided? The fact that they happened to live here? Yes the list you have is disturbing but AGAIN there is evil that walks among us everywhere. This hyping of this trash like we are somehow a bad community or unsafe is ridiculas. Again it starts with the parenting, NOT the community.

The fact that these “poorly parented” murderer’s lived among us is telling.

We no longer know our neighbor, or even care who he or she might be. We are all so self consumed that we have no time for anything else.

Wake up Been, it’s NOT hyping, it’s a fact of life…all too sadly.

Trust me, awake and watch my back but I keep on living every day to it’s fullest. You never know when it might be your turn, either at the hand of someone else or God.

We ae not a breeding ground.

The environment has little to do with the likes of these folks and those like rex crebs. They are sick predators and would have acted out somewhere else if not here. It is the liberal courts and the liberal use of lawyers that get these sickos off orgive light sentences that emboldens them and creates the next generation of sickos. Like the homeless problem, if we say NO now and enforce it they will not come back…

Cody Miller is from the valley.

I think there are complex conditions that contribute to the personalities and capabilities of people who would torture, murder and burn a young woman, and rape a “cohort” with a baseball bat.

I don’t think it can be blamed on any one thing, and I really don’t think the Central Coast is to blame for this type of heinous criminal person.

The only person whose despicable behavior can clearly be attributed to upbringing is Wisto’s son, Frank York. According to the detectives transcripts that were posted, York didn’t participate in Dystiny’s beating and torture. York told his mother that it was wrong to kill someone, that he was afraid and that he didn’t want to join the others to dispose of her either. His mother told him that he had to go because Ty Hill wanted him to go and that “sometimes people have to die” but that she loved him (Frank) and everything would be OK. “Everything would be OK” what the ???

What a despicable thing to do to your own son. Apparently he had 3 young children (all with the same woman) and they were an intact family. These children will grow up without a dad and according to what his wife posted, he was a wonderful loving dad. The wife knew right from the start that it had been York’s mother who was behind this and she (the wife) called her a “whack job” and said that she had never trusted Wisto to be alone with her little children. If there are any mitigating circumstances, it would be for Frank York, in my opinion. I can’t imagine what it would be like to be raised by someone like his mother.

This may be true but it seems that we have only one source for the information — the York family. This could just be a clever lie to dodge responsibility. Having dealt with a couple of meth addicts, I have learned that they can lie quite convincingly. While meth addiction results from a stupid choice, the addicts can be quite smart in other ways.

Why do we feel compelled to tag people with names …. “the addicts” ? These are people, pure and simple, evil and choosing to do evil. We come from the same folks that slaughtered countless native Americans – using the breasts of the victim women as tobacco pouches. This is not a new story. These people have always been here in some way, shape or form.