Marx’s martial arts and Hill’s “kumbaya” highlight SLO homeless meeting

January 13, 2013

homelessmeetingSan Luis Obispo Mayor Jan Marx recalled getting punched in the arm outside city hall, Councilman John Ashbaugh proposed video surveillance of the homeless and County Supervisor Adam Hill delivered a “kumbaya” moment during a city workshop Saturday on the issues of homelessness.

About 50 members of the community spoke at the workshop, offering their solutions to the city council on the problems surrounding homelessness in San Luis Obispo.

Several representatives of the Community Action Partnership of San Luis Obispo pled with the council to provide funding for current services provided by their agency, as well as for the proposed homeless shelter on South Higuera Street. Hill’s girlfriend and CAPSLO homeless services director Dee Torres said the community is “in crisis,” and the council needs to provide “more ample services” for the homeless or “everything will fall apart.”

Well before Torres spoke, Hill began public comment by apologizing to San Luis Obispo business owner Bill Thoma for lashing out at him in an email regarding Thoma’s opposition to the location of the proposed shelter. Thoma, the next speaker, accepted the apology, and the pair sat next to each other for the remainder of the meeting.

Several speakers thanked Hill and Thoma for setting a tone of unity. Richard Margetson called it a “kumbaya moment.”

Hill suffered a political blow Wednesday when he lost his bid to become the next president of SLOCOG. Members of the public have criticized him for using bully tactics following recent emails he sent chastising not only Thoma, but also state parks officials. Hill has since grown a “pacifying” beard, pledged “greater tranquility” and made nice with Thoma, leading up to his opportunity to take over the presidency of the Air Pollution Control District Board.

Ashbaugh, a supporter of Hill’s and member of the CAPSLO board, said the city needs to collaborate more with the nonprofit. But, Ashbaugh said the council must take a “tough love policy toward homeless.” He suggested placing surveillance cameras in public places frequented by homeless in the city to monitor their behavior.

“As a card-carrying civil libertarian, I hate this idea, but frankly, security cameras,” Ashbaugh said.

Marx said the city as a whole needs to take a tougher stance on the behavior of the homeless and transients. She said a man punched her in the arm in December as she was walking from city hall to the county government center.

“I was punched in the arm by somebody who was bigger than me and really smelly,” Marx said. “I didn’t know if the person had a home or not, but that’s the stereotype.”

Marx said the man “smelled like a brewery” and behaved in a similar fashion as homeless people who have committed assaults around town. The man left her alone after she went into her “martial arts training,” Marx said.

The mayor also said a smelly person recently opened her husband’s car door and climbed inside with him near the county history museum.

“The situation is now reaching a point where it’s just not acceptable in terms of the experience of being in the downtown,” Marx said.

She said the council should consider programs for homeless families and landlords should rent more often to homeless veterans, but residents should not give money to panhandlers.



Dee Torres said the community (Their world!!!) is “in crisis,” and the council needs to provide “more ample services (More $$$ from us)” for the homeless or “everything will fall apart.(Existing programs and Their jobs!!!)”


Personnelly I think Marx is is full of sh*t about the martial arts, besides about every other thing that comes out of her mouth. I put the challenge, where did you train? Simple question. And how long. If she walked in and did a month or put in some years.

With her age and her size, I seriously doubt the guy was even concerned.


“And the mayor was kung-foo fighting, her fists were fast as lightening, and it was just a little bit frightening…”


LOL obispan! Comment of the week!


we need to run them all out of town on a rail, the bums and these bleeding heart politicians both, to make this county safe for hard working families again.


Nope, too late. It is the new economy, and a great growth opportunity for quasi-governmental organizations with lucrative executive positions.


Who needs ridiculous TLC shows when we have Marx, Torres, Ashbaugh, and Hill with their Jerry Springer meets Celebrity Apprentice hosted by Dr. Drew while reading their scripts backwards “reality.” I’m surprised Torres and Hill don’t have their very own table at the Golden Globes tonight for their dedication to their roles of the couple who pretend to care about the homeless for years.

Hey Marx, want to get rid of some of the homeless people who smell like a brewery? Try having Torres breathalyze and drug test homeless service clients and denying services to those who are on drugs or have been drinking. But then the homeless population in SLO may be drastically reduced and all the money Torres and Hill are wanting for “homeless services” won’t be needed? I totally see the conflict with that one.


Just curious, If someone assaulted Mayor Jan Marx, did she or did she not call the police? If so, what action did the police take?

Mr. Holly

She went into her martial arts training? I wonder how the other guy looks? I wonder if she may have over reacted and thumped the guy and the police are hiding the report due to his injuries.

Bottom line is that Marx may be SLO’s secret weapon. She ought to do a few ride alongs with the PD and after terrorizing the homeless with her martial art skills they may just leave town for their own safety. 2013 may be the year for Marxs.


“The man left her alone after she went into her “martial arts training,” Marx said.”

LOL, LOL, I doubt that she beat anybody up and I doubt that going into a martial arts stance scared anybody (particularly a male) away. I think she was imagining it all as she strikes me as being out of touch with reality on a regular basis.

Mr. Holly

Marx’s is just plane scarry anyway you look at it. Homeless or not SLO should be scarred of her and her buddies Hill and Gibson.


We need to buy them all one way bus tickets to Santa Cruz, just like Santa Cruz did to us.


Must be starting to affect downtown SLO property values, otherwise the city would not be spurred to action.


I can’t believe I am saying this, but I agree with Jan Marx on this one. Something needs to be done, but not in the form of a hand-out. We must be able to distinguish between those who want to break the cycle and those who choose to stay in it.

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