Morro Bay Police hunting religious taggers

January 23, 2013

jesus2Morro Bay Police are searching for the taggers responsible for spray painting religious phrases throughout the city.

The graffiti includes statements such as Jesus loves you and I am with Jesus.

The vandalism has been discovered on benches and trash cans at the Morro Rock area, Coleman Park, Cloisters Park, Tidelands Park and at several area businesses.

Police are asking anyone with information on who is responsible for the graffiti to call Morro Bay Police at (805) 772-6225.


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Hmm. Funny there’s no “press” when yoachers or gangs mark stuff up.. Danged Christians…Huh CCN? Or should I say “Huh… MBPD?” Better go get ’em soon, or they’ll have everyone converted…

It is “news” because it is unusual for graffiti to be left by people with a religious message. It is actually a compliment to religious values that this doesn’t occur often enough to be considered a routine problem. (I say this as one who is not “religious” in any traditional sense.)


“And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to the whole creation.” (Mark 16:15)

“Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit” ( Matthew 28:19)

Sometimes it’s just not enough for Christianity to take over school boards to initiate our beliefs within said schools, like one example being that the earth is only 6-8000 years old and such. It’s not enough to get our legislators into office to take away woman and gay rights, sometimes by insidious means, but what the hell, it’s the end results that matter to our version of God. Now it seems there is a new campaign in motion, and that is “Christian religious tagging”, praise our almighty God!

“Police are asking anyone with information on who is responsible for the graffiti to call Morro Bay Police” WHAT?! What true Christian in their right mind is going to rat on their fellow Christian by turning them in because they’re spreading the Gospel of Christ as our bible so dictates? Huh? Blaspheme!

Mark my word, the first store that carries spray paint, and then puts that paint on sale, is not only owned by true Christians, but is subliminally telling their fellow Christians to come on down and keep this “Christian religious tagging” act alive, praise!

Mr. Sanders

Although there is no different in the eyes of man’s law in who does the graffiti, I have to say/ admit that both your un-ambiguous interpretation of the bible and the guts to actually do so is pure and commendable regardless of whether I agree or disagree.

No doubt. My post was removed because I indicated it was probably an ILLEGAL immigrant named Jesus.

Re-submitting a comment that was moderated risk’s your account.

To jump in and blame illegal immigrants is a troll, one that will get your account moderated just like the last one.

This is not the place to go on and on about illegal immigrants.

Blogs are free these days, you can have your own.


Dudes: The Christians have been killing people in the name of the Lord two thousand years. Little bit of innocent tagging aint nothin’ compared to where they’ve been.

You are right eye for an eye. So the people that where wronged two thousand years ago should do the tagging. Oh wait that’s right they are gone and the people here now had nothing to do with that. Hmm guess maybe it isn’t innocent tagging after all.

Kick their ass , get their gas .

Bomb bomb …bomb bomb Iran

Bomb Iran oh yes we can

LOL Xtians !

I know, before Christianity or any religion, we all lived in peace and harmony and nobody anywhere killed. Ever.

True enough Roy. Religion merely provides rationalizations for human behavior — good and bad.

People from Atascadero used to just go to the beach and go surfing, now they’re tagging. MB should build some more churches and distract the zealots.

How and or why do you assume this has anything to do with Atascadero? What are there nothing but saintly people living in Morro Bay?

If writing in fresh concrete (in A-town) is newsworthy, so is this…I just can’t it seriously.

this is actually a plot by atheists


I was thinking the same thing. Anyone check on the wereabouts of Slanders??