Naked man in San Jose wields gun and sword on New Year’s Day

January 2, 2013

Police arrested a naked man in San Jose carrying a samurai-like sword and a loaded assault rifle on New Year’s Day. [Mercury News]

“This could have gone really bad,” San Jose police spokesman told the Mercury News. “Things could have turned out very differently.”

San Jose police received a call about Coco Bennett, 29, around 8 a.m. New Year’s Day. Bennet was carrying an assault rife in front of a house at the time.

Police tracked Bennett’s pick up truck to an intersection, where Bennett stepped out of the truck naked in 54-degree weather. A standoff ensued until about 11 a.m.

Officers managed to quickly confiscate the gun, but Bennett held onto the sword, daring police to kill him. The naked man eventually tried running away and jumping a fence, but when he fell over the fence, he dropped his sword. Police then grabbed the sword and arrested Bennett.

Law enforcement officers in San Luis Obispo County have, too, encountered many armed people with mental health problems in recent times. As county funding for mental health has dwindled, six people with mental health problems have committed seven murders in San Luis Obispo County in the past two years.


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Shoulda kept his drawers on and he would have blended right in!

The cops should of shot the sob.

I would have.

Remember, that cop is a human that has to live with the ghosts after killing a perp.

And yet another nut with a gun. Imagine that.

and a knife ! Lets ban all knives larger than a dull , butter knife. Then We’ll all be safe to ride Jerry Browns train to no-where.


Dull butter knives can be sharpened and used maliciously.

We must ban ALL inanimate objects so that some who post here can take off their rose colored glasses.

Better yet, ban tone deaf, wimps whose guns represent their lack of manhood, and who hide behind the 2nd Amendment.

Please don’t feed the troll.

Kudos to CCN for pointing out the correlation between mental health care dwindling and an increase in violent crime.

I suppose that there will be some that continue to blame the inanimate objects though.

Don’t feed the troll.