Oceano manager under fire for operating suspended corporation

January 15, 2013
Tom Geaslen

Tom Geaslen

Even though the Oceano Community Service’s District manager’s privately owned corporation was suspended in early 2009, he continued operating his lending company, according to his financial disclosures.

On Tom Geaslen’s Form 700, he claims his company the Titan Lending Corporation did between $10,000 and $100,000 in business in 2010.

However, California law requires a suspended company owner to close its business and stop all business related activities immediately. It is illegal to provide false information on a Form 700 or to continue to run a suspended corporation.

When Oceano district board members selected Geaslen to serve as the district’s interim manager, in June 2011, they noted his more than 30 years of business experience. In a letter presented by Geaslen, he claimed to be the owner of Titan Lending, a company he said offered lending options for businesses. He did not disclose the state ordered suspension.

In April 2012, the district board selected Geaslen to serve as the district’s manager. He was required to file a Form 700 within 30 days of taking office or face fines of up to $10 per day.

Nevertheless, it was more than 90 days later, following three letters from San Luis Obispo County Clerk Recorder Julie Rodewald threatening fines, before Geaslen complied and filed his Form 700.

In a July 6, 2012 letter from Geaslen to Rodewald, he asks the clerk to waive the penalties because he was unable to file on time because of multiple attacks.

“I did not file in time due to constant unwarranted outside attacks on the OCSD and me personally,” Geaslen says in the letter. “These irrational and relentless attacks put my decision on continuation with the OCSD in doubt. The uncertainty alone questioned the need to file had I made the decision to terminate my contractual relationship.”

Rodewald agreed to waive the late fees. In mid-2012, Geaslen reported his lending company, the Titan Lending Corporation, as being in dissolution.

Last week, a complaint against Geaslen was filed with the Fair Political Practices Commission. Geaslin did not respond to requests for comment.

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It is so disheartening to read the comments that type “Who cares?”

Who cares?!?! On this latest OCSD black mark?!?! A mark obtained by yet ANOTHER rogue GM, more into lining his own pocket and not about the best interests of the community he was hired to serve.

I ask you:

“Who cares that he broke the law?” “Who cares that his legal corporation did not file and/or did not pay their taxes?” “Who cares that he lied on a government form?” “Who cared that a person hired to carry out taxpayer/ratepayer functions has no regard for the law, the government and the very peoples he was hired to represent?”.

That would be the current General Manager of the Oceano Community Services District.

Who SHOULD care are the very people that pay his $10,00 a month salary. Who SHOULD care are the OCSD board members that were elected to care – to care and to act. To act in the very best interest of the Oceano residents. Mr. Geaslen is solely an employee of Oceano and his legal supervisors are the citizens of Oceano and the OCSD Board. Period.. They should, hands down, make decisions that are in the best interest of the Oceano citizens. Not in Tom’s best interest, not in the Board’s best interest and not in the various Oceano business’ best interest. Flat out, in the people’s best interest.

It is a travesty that, yet again, we are focused, YET AGAIN, on the OCSD’s Board’s inability to govern over the staff of the very entity they were elected to govern over – the OCSD. From stem to stern – just frigg’n govern over it already, Board.

The government form Tom Geaslen lied on is either his corporate income tax form (the one he failed to file timely or the one he failed to pay timely to our state of California) or his form 700 (the one that makes all public officials disclose their financial activities.)

I beseech you – do a search on today’s California Secretary of State website – January 16, 2013 for Titan Financial. You will see for yourself (if you are smart enough to navigate the web) that Mr. Geaslen has been out of compliance for years. YEARS. All the while he has conducted business, as evidenced by his mutltude of press comments over the last 3 years, as the sole shareholder of Titan Financial – a defunct California corporation.

Read for yourself the quagmire that Tom has gotten himself into: http://www.rhlaw.com/blog/suspended-corporations/

Once this all finally hits the fan, we can watch Mr. Geaslen back track and swear that back then he got the bulk of his finance as an Enrolled Agent. and NOT as the guy that screwed himself out of a Corporation in good standing.

But. And I mean BUT – to call yourself an enrolled agent (a glorified CPA), you have to be in good standing with the State of California and it would be in your best interest to be enrolled with both the National Enrolled Agent Association and the California Enrolled Agent Association. Mr. Tom Geaslen is enrolled with neither. Not a one, not a ‘nother. Bupkiss and nothing. As of January 17, 2013, the General Manager of our Oceano Community Services District has done zero. Zero for his licensing, for his local government, for his personal tax situation, for the residents of Oceano, and seriously, nothing for the transparency he swore on. The OCSD is as clouded in smoke and mirrors today as it was back in Montemurro’s day.

Who is Tom? He’s has not been a corporation in good standing with the state of California for the last four years.

He has not been an Enrolled Agent in good standing for about the same amount of time. Yet . . . . he still prepares tax returns . . . as an Enrolled Agent in the state of California.

It saddens me that this guy gets to make even MORE money off the backs of taxpayers, while he feloniously files tax returns and feloniously represents SLO county residents to the Oceano Services Community District.

Having a suspended corporation is no big deal these days, failure to file various documents or pay various fees causes a corporation to be suspended. But it does allude to the character of a person. It tells me that Mr. Geaslen is not very meticulous and doesn’t bother with details, both of which are qualities a CSD manager must possess. We need to suspend the bum and put some in as manager who actually cares about doing things correctly.

Wouldn’t one think that once he landed his big fat contract with OCSD he would have cleaned up his messes?

Instead he fights with (and lies to) Rodewald attempting to avoid the required disclosure.

“These irrational and relentless attacks put my decision on continuation with the OCSD in doubt. The uncertainty alone questioned the need to file had I made the decision to terminate my contractual relationship.”

What? if you can’t stand the heat (BTW, what heat? Hot and steamy pornography, perhaps?) get out of the kitchen!

I think having a suspended corporation yet still making money off it IS a big deal. In fact, I equate it with committing fraud against the corporation’s customers/clients, the State AND the Feds.

I agree with your comment about it reflecting poorly on the character of the person fraudulently making money (and escaping taxes) by flying the flag of a corporation that is no longer valid.

But, for me, what indicates the biggest lack-of-character and ethics problem with Gleasan is seen in his quote:

“I did not file in time due to constant unwarranted outside attacks on the OCSD and me personall.,”

What a whining crybaby. He had plenty of time to submit claims for inflated expense-reimbursement claims, but not to avoid committing fraud on the County, Stay and Feds by operating a corporation he had allowed to lapse?

the Oceano Community Services District seems to have a penchant for hiring people with too much dirty laundry and paying them outrageous sums for doing absolutely nothing, including a long overdue audit. The board is about as intellectually suited to be on the board as a group of greedy Grinches. .They would do much better hiring a new graduate of city and regional planning from Cal Poly for half the money. At least he won’t be hiding his past misdeeds.

I’d be happy if they could manage to hire someone as a GM who actually is wearing big-boy pants.

He was just endorsed by Adam Hill….

And Jan Marx…..

Oh, lord, does that mean he has a floozy on the side, too?

“Oceano manager under fire for operating suspended corporation”

……..’under fire’ by whom?

The State?

The County of SLO?

The OCSD board?

Did CCN contact and speak to Mr. Gleaslen about the Form 700 and Titan Financial and such prior to posting?

Such a conversation would have been prudent and professional.

As to Mr. Gleaslen’s Form 700 explanation to the County, he is being forthright. Nothing revealed here other than the mans frustration.

Good question MrM…why isn’t the OCSD Board rethinking this guy? He may need his criminal defense attorney Board Pres. Guerrero to bail him out.

He’s made a mockery of the District, as if it could get worse than the last 15 years…he is the chief lemming…leading them right off a cliff. All the while, filling his self-serving pockets along the way.

Catch the last meeting…comedy among comedies…what Geaslen calls a “Mid Year Review” was simply a self promoting blather session.

It’s all about him. Had to laugh and agree when Edwards suggested Geaslen will be asking for a raise soon. He’s already given himself a raise, by taking off whenever he wants (10 days at Christmas), taking the cell phone reimbursement he said he wouldn’t, he’s really working part time for full time pay.

MrM, the trouble with being “forthright” is he can’t have it multiple ways…he either lied on the 700 or lied to the State but, worse than that, he lied to get his job.

I, and many others, saw the last meeting.

Best take your concerns to the OCSD board as they are the elected decision makers responsible for assessing Mr. Gleaslen’s performance. If they agree with you, they will act accordingly. If not, then they do not agree with you.

My point is the original CCN posting is wanting in facts.

MrM, you have to be kidding when you say “Best take your concerns to the OCSD board as they are the elected decision makers responsible for assessing Mr. Gleaslen’s performance.”

The board has meekly stood by and let him do what he wants, at the expense of the people of Oceano.

While Mr. Geaslen isn’t yet wearing his big-boy pants, I doubt the OCSD board is yet wearing its toddler pull-up pants.

They need to collectively grow a set and drop-kick him like the box of biosolids he is.

MrM” You asked “Did CCN contact and speak to Mr. Gleaslen” I would refer you to the end of the posted story, where it states he did not respond to requests for comment. I would say that CCN did their reporting.

Yes, they reported; abet poorly.

For example,

CCN mentions a complaint was filed with the FFPC, but failed to outline the basis of the complaint.

Are the issues of the complaint about the Form 700 issue reported here; or another issue?

If the complaint is about other issues than those reported, then why report the complaint as part of this story at all?

Who filed the complaint and why?

The CCN posting also suggests illegalities. But the question arises what laws have been violated; or even if the alleged wrong-doings rise to the level of illegality at all. CCN would have been better served if they had included a few comments from a competent lawyer regarding the posts content.

These are but a few questions, so in the end, as the CCN post lacks fact I have no choice but to take the story with a grain of salt.

I disagree with your accusation of poorly” reporting by CCN. Your attempt to slam CCN here is obvious and failed. CCN is not one to “suggest” illegalities, they report on such acts frequently and often when other “media” shy from it.

If you feel you can do better, might I suggest you provide an Opinion piece to CCN for consideration? They will share your photo, name, and story for all the internet world to see.

Then we readers will have no choice but to take your story with that same grain of salt.

MrM says: “I have no choice but to take the story with a grain of salt.”

As we do with every comment you write.

Also we can tell you are in the sewer biz, which one of the named sewer people are you?

Why are you hiding?

Why can’t you use your real name?

Your turn for some facts.


“Also we can tell you are in the sewer biz, which one of the named sewer people are you?

Why are you hiding?

Why can’t you use your real name?”

Fact 1: I am not in the sewer business. Never have been.

Fact 2: As I do not know who ‘named sewer people’ are I am a not able to answer.

Fact 3: I am not hiding.

Fact 4: My name is ‘MrM’; what is yours ‘kettle’?

It is ok if you take my comments with ‘a grain of salt’. You need not post your reasons as to why; though it would be enlightening to state your logic. Stating you do not agree without reason does not persuade.

CCN stated a complaint was filed with the FPPC. That is a fact, and it does not have to be confirmed by Geaslen.

Indeed, since it was filed against Geaslen, he is the LAST person you can expect to tell the truth about it.

CCN doesn’t have to provide the details of the complaint because their article doesn’t discuss the claims made in the complaint.

I would like to see the same questions answered.

Who wrote this story?

Until people throwing out accusations stop hiding under their pseudo names I put no stock in anything said here.

Who filed the complaint with the FPPC? Come out come out whoever you are.

Since Mr Geaslen didn’t want to answer questions for CCN, I doubt he will answer questions for the rest of us but CCN does provide this comment area for everyone. Perhaps Mr Gleslen will log on and tell us his side. I would like to know why he lied about the status of his Corporation right from the start?

I’d like to know who his clients were/are. Maybe his clients purposely sought out a corporation which had lapsed.

cathy says: “Until people throwing out accusations stop hiding under their pseudo names I put no stock in anything said here.”

So anonymous commenters demanding someone use there real name?

LOL Hypocrite.

Why isn’t Cathy and anyone else asking about Titan Lending Corp.? Talk about “hiding”.

What poor souls got screwed? Or was it “just the State”?

It is my real name. I am laughing out loud about your grammar and people actually blogging about whether a person is a Republican or not and insinuating it makes someone a bad person if they are.

For my taste there seems to be too much emphasis on personal bashing and statements that are not entirely supported with undeniable hard facts.

Diversity and tolerance of people’s political or religious views are sadly lacking as is respect for what others believe. I agree with the philosophy of the Republican party of less big government and spending. I wouldn’t denigrate someone who is a Democrat because they don’t agree with me.

There is a difference between “demanding the facts” and “demanding additional information to which you are not entitled” and “demanding additional information which the source has absolutely no responsibility to provide,” and then trying to cast dispersion of the credibility of the source because they won’t perform to your unreasonable demands.

Back off. If you want to know who filed it, go find it out yourself. If you want to know what the claims were, get off your kiester and find it out yourself.

CCN isn’t your personal research agent. If you are too inept to find it out yourself, then contract with a research agent to do it for you.

Thank you making my point.

Who is the research agent you contracted with to find out who his clients were/are? Since I am too inept to find out things myself I can use them.

Do your own work. Quit trying to make it everybody else’s responsibility.

Thank you for your helpful and considerate suggestions.

cathy says:” “I am laughing out loud about your grammar””

“For my taste there seems to be too much emphasis on personal bashing”

Picking on peoples use of English is very high school of you, this is the internet.

Also no one here is blogging, but if you are give us the link.

Usually those who try to cast dispersion on others by criticizing their internet grammar are unable to criticize them by using a more credible means.

In addition, those who play the internet-grammar-critique usually are shown to be hypocrites when their own internet spelling and grammar issues are highlighted by others.

I don’t think the screen name is the issue, one way or the other.

I think the issue is Cathy does not appear to be well read enough to realize that many publications public articles without the authors’ names and also publish articles with the authors’ names.

This isn’t some new-fangled practice CCN instituted.

This guy has now passed the corruption threshold; he is now qualified to run for a seat on the county Board of Supervisors.

Why stop with the Supervisors postition, might as well take Bidens.

How much would you like to bet that the guy is a Republican?

Geaslen is/was on the Republican Central Committee.

Good guess, Bob.

ok, now put him on the chain gang.

Look deeper into how he’s spending OCSD money, and he’ll be there (the cain gang) eventually. He was hired at over $125K annually and in turn has hired $100K in consultants to do the job he was hired to do. Any lower-cost manager could have done the same; outsourced the audits, accounting, infrastructure improvements, etc. and they wouldn’t have fired tenured staff that had a disability, keeping the pervert watching porn on the public’s computers on the payroll. Now passing it off to FBI agents “investigating” the case and billing our insurance company…see the premium rise x3.

Oceano residents need to wake up. Their elected’s are asleep and under the con-artist’s spell.

Personally, I’ve seen this movie so many times, from Cooney, to O’Riley, Walsh, Monte and now the Gease…the only thing from keeping Oceano from bankruptcy is the rate increase adopted in 2011.

the public needs to ask for accountability!!!!! The Board is the only ones who can give it.

Please, no. I don’t think any of us can stand the decibel rating of the resultant whining from Geaslen.