Santa Maria Police shoot and kill another suspect

January 14, 2013

gunIn the latest in a string of officer involved shootings, Santa Maria Police shot and killed a man Sunday night at a home on East Sunset Avenue.

This is the fifth officer involved shooting in the north Santa Barbara County city in a little more than a year.

Shortly after 10 p.m., a 911 caller reported a man had stabbed her neighbor during a domestic dispute before he chased the victim into her home. The suspect then fled out the back door, hopped a fence and entered another yard.

After police confronted the armed suspect, he attempted to attack them and they responded by shooting him, police said.

Emergency personnel transported the injured woman, suffering from a stab wound to the chest, to a local hospital. She is in stable condition.

In Dec. 2011, officers attempting to take a man into custody shot and killed the suspect. During the incident, officers also shot and wounded two of their own even though the suspect never fired a shot.

A month later, a Santa Maria officer shot and killed his best friend, a fellow officer suspected of having a sexual relationship with a teenager.

In July, a man chased by authorities through the streets of Santa Maria died of multiple gunshot wounds after investigators say he confronted a police officer with a gun.

Less than a week later, on August 3, officers were in a high speed chase with a man who had been seen brandishing a weapon. Police placed a spike strip on the road which disabled the vehicle. The suspect then stepped out of the car with a gun in his hand and officers shot and killed him.



What did I tell ya. Here’s the latest from KSBY and it seems that the less than lethal stuff didn’t work.

“It happened just after 10 at a home on East Sunset Avenue. Police responded to a neighbor’s 911 call, after a woman and her 8 year-old granddaughter ran into the caller’s home. Police said the woman had been stabbed by Guzman, who was her husband. The caller said Guzman chased after the woman and child. When police arrived, they said Guzman confronted officers with a knife and hedge clipper. Officers were then forced to shoot Guzman after first trying to use a bean bag gun.

Police told KSBY officers have been to the home dozens of times over the past couple of years”


Good riddance to bad rubbish.


As I read the article and saw the news, I can say Iam glad the SMPD did in fact try non lethal methods to detain this person. To bad a life had to be taken and it seems the officers had justifiable cause.


Check this link to see a picture of the “victim” of the police shooting. It sure looks like a mug shot to me, so stand by for the developing story. I’m betting that there’s more history there.

Jack L

Charge a law enforcement officer holding a knife, you get shot. How hard is that to understand? Darwin never sleeps.

The Gimlet Eye

How do you know that he charged them? How do you know that he had a knife?


Well, he just stabbed his wife. It’s not much of a leap from that fact to figure out that he had a knife. Do you think he stabbed her with a pencil?

From KCOY news:

“When officers arrived on scene, they found Guzman with a knife and an unidentified weapon. They say he refused to drop the weapons and get on the ground after they told him to do so, so they say they were forced to open fire in self defense. Several gunshots hit Guzman before he was pronounced dead at the scene.”

The Gimlet Eye

You are missing the point. These are all allegations. Don’t you believe in due process?


The deceased had his chance for “due process” and gave that up when he failed to comply and threatened the officers.


I think the point Gimlet is trying to make is that you are taking the officers at their word. If you are placing bets, that’s not a very good one.

The Gimlet Eye

So, we are just supposed to take the word of the police and that’s it?


Taxpayer windfall.


No wonder the SMPD just keep killing people,when there are narrowed minded people like you thinking nothing is wrong with it. Why use non lethal force when you have a gun with bullets in it?



Exactly, why use something that may or MAY NOT stop the guy. Bullets have a pretty good track record for putting an end to the fight.

Put your life on the line out there everyday and see how you feel about your options when it comes to stopping some enraged, armed and out of control thug. Do you want to take the chance that the tazer, bean bags or rubber bullets will keep you safe and alive to go home to your family at night?

When you’ve faced the same situation, come back and report how you handled it.

The Gimlet Eye

Your celebration is premature. We do not know whether this shooting is justified or not. They have not even done an internal investigation yet.


Bet me. (:>)))


Harley my brother happens to be a peace officer and so I know how I feel about it. He does not want to take another person’s life because he has to live with that. Most officers never are involved in a shooting in their career and then there is SMPD.

Rich was happy when he was given other tools other than a gun to apprehend someone. “verbal Judo” also has amazing results when departments decide to do the training and us it correctly.

SMPD has a problem and it is more than just their record of shooting deaths this year.There are other communities with higher gang violence and population who have less shootings than SMPD. Them getting rid of the chief is a good start, but they need to keep going to clean up the mess.

You and I will never agree on how we feel about the police shooting and killing people. Atleast not as far as SMPD is concerned. This police force needs someone to come in and set them straight again. They have strayed and it will take some time to get back in line, but i know it can be done, I have seen this before.


Dog, I have had several relatives and friends that are or were cops. I myself was a Deputy in the 60’s so I do have some firsthand knowlege of my own. No one wants to shoot someone, but there’s not always time to use other means. I’m sure that the officer/officers that fired the shots wish it could have turned out otherwise, it’s never easy on them even though the shootings are ruled as justified (as I’m sure it was and will be).

I have info from a source close to the woman who was stabbed and found out that this wasn’t an isolated instance of spousal/domestic abuse. It has been going on for some time, and I’m sure that later reports in the news will confirm that.

Abusers, like pedophiles are nearly always incureable, so more than likely the police have released the woman from a life of abuse.


In my opinion, the police did us all a favor. They removed from the gene pool a person that was too stupid to know that you never take a knife to a gun fight and a coward who would attack and stab his wife..

The police didn’t have the time to check with his Doctor (or anyone else for that matter) to see if it was an adverse reaction to some drug (legal or illegal). No time to call for his medical history either. They have split seconds to react and do what has to be done.

The Gimlet Eye

I don’t know whether this shooting is justified or not, but when you say,

“The police didn’t have the time to check with his Doctor ,” you need to consider this deeply: when they get everybody chipped with RFID, then they WILL be able to check on it.

Be careful about praising the police so readily for shooting someone because they might do this to YOU TOO (even if you are innocent of any crime)! And with RFID, THAT MEANS YOU TOO, will be branded with the mark of the beast and absorbed into the great collectivist police state where there will be…..

>no privacy

>no Constitutional rights

>no ability to fight back

>no mercy

>all digitized money, i.e., a cashless society. They are already experimenting with this in Sweden and Greece, possibly other places. In Sweden it is not working very well; most people in Sweden still want and need cash, so there is hope if people strongly express their views via the markets. I do not believe that it will work for any modern society because there is a fundamental need for cash money.

So, if you give them any trouble, they will just TURN YOUR CHIP OFF. You will have NO MONEY, so you won’t be able to buy food or pay bills. They will be able to monitor you and track you down wherever you go. You will become a non-person, persona non grata, an instant pariah. No one will be able to help you. They could even give the chip the ability to terminate your life. They will have ABSOLUTE POWER over you.

This RFID technology already exists and is being used experimentally.

Say no to Real ID, RFID!


LOL, another case of over the top paranoia.


Talk about out of the game, what universe are you from.YOu better go put tin foil up on all your windows

The Gimlet Eye

I should ask you the same question. Your monker is very a propos.

Tin foil? Who the hell do you think you are kidding here? You talk as if you had a great big following behind you. Don’t you even look at the news once in a while? Wake up!

Rev 13:14 And it deceives those dwelling on the earth, because of the miracles which were given to it to do before the beast, saying to those dwelling on the earth that they should make an image to the beast who had the wound by a sword and lived.

Rev 13:15 And there was given to it to give a spirit to the image of the beast, so that the image of the beast might both speak, and might cause as many as would not worship the image of the beast to be killed.

Rev 13:16 And it causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark on their right hand, or in their foreheads,

Rev 13:17 even that not any might buy or sell except those having the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of its name.

Rev 13:18 Here is the wisdom. Let him having reason count the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man. And its number is six hundred and sixty-six.


I have no idea what possible connection there is between your bible thumping and the news story.

The Gimlet Eye

Having tunnel vision, you wouldn’t. Go back and read what I and others have written.


Why do you keep on with the Bible babble? It has nothing to do with the subject.


I think he’s subbing in for Ted Slanders right here. He isn’t quite as good at it so his trolling is even more whacky.



The Gimlet Eye

I wonder what the NYPD would have to say about your lack of survival instincts:

NYPD wants GPS tracking chips on pharmacy pill bottles


“Be careful about praising the police so readily for shooting someone because they might do this to YOU TOO”

I have to agree with you

And usually every investigation will clear or is designed to clear the police and not look deeper!

Myself, I don’t think it is the police department itself, I believe its the recent bunch of police personnel they have (hired since a decade ago)!


In the unlikely event that I ever found myself in the postion of having police with drawn guns telling me to stop and drop what ever I had in my hands, I’d damned sure do it. I’m not stupid enough to fail to comply, unlike the dead guy in this story.

I kinda like the idea of having a few “Dirty Harry’s” around. He never shot anyone that didn’t have it coming.

The Gimlet Eye

Good for you. I’m sure that I would do the same. But again, you are missing the point and the bigger picture.

Just because you allegedly would comply with an order from the police to drop your weapon, or whatever is in your hands, it does not follow that you have nothing to fear from a police state. That is a foolish assumption! And a police state is exactly what you are living in, and other people can see the beast for what it is, even if you can’t.

What about other scenarios for comparison? How about “sobriety checkpoints”? Do you think it is constitutional for police to stop your car without probable cause? Would it be reasonable for you to just accept this without protest? Why? What possible constitutionally sound reason could the police offer for stopping you without probable cause?

Do you think it would be right for police to make you strip and do a very public, roadside “body cavity” search on you? Think it can’t happen? It happened to two ladies, a mother and daughter, in Irving, Texas a few months ago, though the story didn’t break until just a few weeks ago. A female officer violated both of their orifices in the “search” for illegal drugs, MJ, etc (which turned up nothing). To add insult to injury, the officer entered their orifices in the wrong order and with the same pair of gloves, no less! The women are suing the department, and the offending “officer” has been suspended with pay. No word yet on what the Grand Jury is saying. As far as I am concerned, both those women were raped and the offending officer should be prosecuted and registered as sex offender. But that’s just my opinion.

What do YOU think? Are the police infallible? Are they always right? Should you just take everything they say at face value?


Does Santa Maria police force not have a NON LETHAL form of dealing with people?

Could they not used a tazer or bean bag guns. Come on the person had a knife not a gun, blow torch or tank coming at them.

Maybe they also need to take a ‘verbal judo’ training. Something sure needs to change in Santa Maria, it just isn’t safe down there, and I don’t mean the crimminal element, I mean the police mentally.

Shot first ask questions later.


Verbal Judo? I think “stop or I’ll shoot” is pretty self explanatory.


Good job for the officers…..glad they are OK, and outlaw isn’t.


Dangerous place yes!, but nice if Your looking for a Tia Juana Style vacation. Bursh up on Your Spanish before going ! The place that Santa Barbara County wants to forget !


Sounds just like another Mexico-Norte city, just like Escondido.


looks like Santa Maria is a dangerous place

Beware and go not


Been sayin’ that for quite awhile now. Score one more for the SMPD!

I know the work supervisor of the lady who was stabbed and she told her boss that the neighbor lady who let her in and called 911 had a gun and kept the attacker away until help arrived. Just hersay so far but the lady called in to work to tell them she wouldn’t be there and why.

Another good example of why we should be able to keep and bear arms.

Way to go SMPD for saving us the cost of a trial and his incarceration!


Harley you know nothing about the person who stabbed the lady and to basically say “thanks” to the SMPD for saving YOU the cost of a trial is pretty darn harse.

What IF a doctor had given him a RX that he reacted badly to, or had been in an accident and had a brain injury that caused this?

I think what the police did was TAKE A LIFE, period. No taking that back, no “re-do” clause. But according to you kudos, they saved money.

I wonder if that was your brother,son or friend would you say the same thing. You are awful small minded to make the statement you did


Like some here, I have reservations about the competence/training/attitude of some LEOs and would like to be sure any investigation is both thorough and neutral. That said, my gut feeling is that Harley is probably pretty close to right in his thoughts about this shooting.

The circumstances described have happened numerous times in numerous places and are almost stereotypical of the greatest danger most police ever face. (I have a cousin who is a cop in a distant state and reacted the same way in an essentially identical situation.) I am inclined to go with the official story here pending investigation. If the situation is described correctly, I don’t have any problem with the outcome.