SLO councilman resigns on Facebook

January 23, 2013
Andrew Carter

Andrew Carter

In what has become the popular way to communicate with one’s constituents, San Luis Obispo City Councilman Andrew Carter announced plans to resign his council seat on his Facebook page shortly before 1 p.m. today.

“I have good new and bad news,” Carter said. “The good news is I have found full-time employment. The bad news is that I will be resigning my SLO City Council seat as a result.

“Today the city of Guadalupe is announcing that I have been selected as their new city administrator subject to my passing a background check, the negotiation of an employment contract and that contract being approved in open session by their council.

“That approval is anticipated to take place on Feb. 12, my birthday. I would begin work there on Feb. 20.

“Assuming approval does take place, I will be resigning my SLO council seat on Feb 20. My last council meeting here would be Feb. 19.

“I’m sad to be leaving public service in SLO. I’m excited to be starting public service in Guadalupe.

“Wish me luck!”


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I don’t blame him

Most down to earth people don’t do well being around a bunch of BS’ers

He quit on Facebook? Was he elected by Facebook? This action makes a bold statement about the dedication our public officials have directly to their constituents and a taste of what is to come. Will we one day vote our President using only Facebook? Will we bank using Facebook?

Nevermind. I really don’t wanna know…

Carter ANNOUNCED his quitting on Facebook. No big deal.

Why should we assume it more proper to announce to a newspaper or television or internet reporter? Using Facebook allows Mr. Carter to speak directly to his constituents rather than have his words filtered through reporters and editors.

And surely Facebook was not the only method Mr. Carter used to tell people he was quitting.

What is the process for his replacement in SLO? Special Election? Appointment? (If the latter, by whom?)

No recent work experience. Let go from last employer over 8 years ago. Local City Councilman. Claims that pensions should be eliminated and employees should pay for their own pension or that is 401 k plan. Let’s see, looser, looser, worthless bureaucrat and hypocrite – you are qualified to run a small agency. So Andy, you take a job with an agency that has a Calpers pension plan and the agency pays 100% of that cost. Let’s see, that wasn’t acceptable to have the City of SLO still pay for pensions for employee’s, but it is okay for the City of Guadalupe to pay for your pension? So, now your true colors come out. Well, good ridden Andy! Maybe you will recruit some of the top brass at SLO.

This may be good for SLO. Carter’s been the leader in giving away city property to WestPac and the Copelands. Let’s all shed crocodile tears over his departure.

I am a little confused. The city council job is an elected position and you take an oath of office. I was not aware that one could just quit an elected position because a better paid position comes up. City administrator is an appointed position and does not require an oath of office. Does the oath mean nothing? Did I miss something in civics class?

City Administrator does take an oath. Andrew will have to swear to defend, serve and protect Guadelupe, now.

Your point is well taken about leaving mid-office. Sibbach and Freitas just did it at the County level too.

And Sarah Palin quit her sworn office to make a killing preaching lies to a duped public. Pretty poor service from these folks but sort of good riddance to Andy.

You have set a good example for those who can.

You will be missed.

Better get out while the get’n is good. The City’s direction on the homeless issues are getting really ridiculous!