SLO High student dies from collision injuries

January 31, 2013
Alex Maier

Alex Maier

San Luis Obispo High School student Alex Maier died Wednesday evening, two days after crashing his pickup truck on a Highway 101 off-ramp in San Luis Obispo. [KSBY]

Sierra Vista Medical Center pronounced Maier, 17, dead at 5:25 p.m. Wednesday evening.

On Monday, Maier’s Ford F-150 clipped another vehicle at the Santa Rosa Street off-ramp of Highway 101, causing it to spin out of control and flip over a guardrail. Emergency workers had to extract Maier from the vehicle before rushing him to the hospital.

Students at San Luis Obispo High showed their support for Maier while he was in the hospital by standing in a formation displaying the number 23, which the 17-year-old wore on his varsity soccer jersey. Maier was one of the leading goal scorers on the school’s soccer squad.

San Luis Obispo High School Principal Leslie O’Connor told KSBY that Maier brought joy to the campus.

“Alex would always walk pretty much right past us every morning and we would say hi,” O’Connor said. “It’s very somber.”

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So very sad. My heart goes out to his family and friends.

So very sad, such a great kid and a great family.

BTW – under the story the line reads “You may also enjoy:” Could that possibly be changed to “You may also want to read” instead? I don’t “enjoy” reading these heartbreaking, sad stories.

I enjoy reading the daily briefs, enjoy rereading some of the older stories and enjoy being able to search back on other stories. I really enjoy this site and enjoy the articles. Some articles are sad, others painful and other just plain aggravating. CCN, you do an awesome job!

I have to agree on the related post area title.

Changed until we can think of a better one.

A sad, very sad day indeed. Rest in Peace.