SLO residents upset over gun violence against coyote

January 18, 2013

coyoteThe death of a coyote near Perfumo Canyon Road in San Luis Obispo has spurred an investigation by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. [KCOY]

An unseen person shot the coyote Tuesday morning that was part of a pack on a hillside behind Laguna Lake Mobile Estates. The coyote tumbled down the hill, upsetting the neighbors watching.

A Pacific Wildlife Care volunteer took the wounded coyote to the organization’s hospital in Morro Bay. However, workers at Pacific Wildlife Care euthanized the animal after discovering its wounds could not be healed.

Fish and Wildlife does not list coyotes as a protected species. Hunters can kill them at any time of year, and landowners can shoot them to protect their property.

Still, Fish and Wildlife is conducting a criminal investigation.

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So… there are no laws against shooting a coyote… this obviously was not in city limits… yet the government wants to conduct “criminal investigations” into this? Really? I would like to know what government official (NAME) stated that they are authorizing an investigation into this.

Time we name names of these rampant abusers of authority and our tax dollars. Hold some feet to the fire… treat them like… well, treat like they treat the productive members of society!

Roy, it happened in the city owned nature reserve, with hiking trails down range.

Ah, when I read the story, I did not notice the location. If it was in City limits, then there are appropriate laws for the City of SLO to enforce… still unsure why Fish and Wildlife (wasn’t that Fish and Game at one point?) are doing the investigation, then.

SLO PD should have been notified and proceed from there.

Looks to me that whoever wrote this piece read this and then tried to regurgitate what it read.

Another anonymous amateur media critic, how original.

Also you read the trib? Is that you Bob?

What a waste of time and money

i wish i had a coyote or two around the neighborhood; they’ve been run out by development. know i have to do the sqyirrel & rabbit patrol on my property

“gun violence” really, what is this people magazine.

LOL slojustice. “Gun violence” against a coyote?! What’s next? Some nosy neighbor reports to CCN about my own “shovel violence” against a rattler!

A disappointing headline, that’s for sure.

“God blessed them and said to them, Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it. RULE OVER the fish of the sea and the birds of the air and over EVERY LIVING CREATURE that moves on the ground.” (Genesis 1:28)

The person that shot this animal was just following God’s word.

Shouldn’t the shooter tried to capture it and train it like a dog then? That is the way I read those passages.


You read them wrong! To rule over them is just that, to do anything you want with them, like kill them and eat them as an example.

Look at the killing, sacrificing, etc., of animals within the scriptures, and it all deduces to “ruling over them” in any way at TRUE Christian wants.

Is the area where the shooting occured in the city limits?

Just another WASTE of the state funds , the wardens have nothing to do since the fishing season is CLOSED down on the ocean , another bunch of BS, and another story

Fishing season is not closed. Rockfish is closed until May to protect them during their spawning periods so that there will be fish in the future. There are many other fish you can catch legally right now, including rockfish from shore or if you choose to dive. Get your lies straight.

Say what you want about some state workers but the F&G wardens are overworked and understaffed. Each one has a huge territory to cover and it is extremely hard to get them to even return a call. I suspect that the only reason he is “investigating” this is due to political pressure. I have a feeling the only possible illegality involved here would be shooting to close to occupied residences which would be more under SLOPD or Sheriff’s Dept jurisdiction.

A criminal investigation for what again? Who in DFG makes the choice to waste our resources for this because someone was “upset.” If it was the landowner complaining about trespass, it would be a little easier to understand, but this story doesn’t read that way. I shoot vermin on my property all of the time. The wife traps vermin (mice) too. If someone gets upset over this, i say MYOFB! Probably the same people who swerve to miss a squirrel in the road and crash taking out a family.

Doesn’t Christine Mullholland live in that area and we already know when she gets upset over something she sees she gets hers friends to take care of it.

I agree. The flipside of this, is that if that coyote came down and killed one of their cats or dogs, then they would bitch to DFG that they need to get rid of the coyote’s. People that bitch over stuff like this have WAAAY to much time on their hands.

BTDT hits nail on head….

BeenThereDoneThat says:”People that bitch over stuff like this have WAAAY to much time on their hands.”

Thanks for that perfect example.

In addition to your observation of the Fish & Game, they have not the funding to enforce unpermitted stream diversions or stream contaminations unless you are a city and they will get paid for their time.