SLO Fresh Market closing

January 18, 2013

slo freshAfter more than 50 years in business, SLO Fresh Market on Laurel Lane is closing. [KSBY]

In about 45 days, the neighborhood market is slated to close its doors leaving 13 people, including one who has been employed there for 44 years, out of a job.

The market’s owner, Gwen Schmidt, told KSBY that the Laurel Lane shopping center was sold and the new owners will be renting her space out to another business. Because her rent has tripled, she was forced to move.

“My customers are my pride and joy I always say,” Schmidt told KSBY. “I have the best customers in the whole world they’re like family to us. I don’t think anyone realizes how important this store is to the neighborhood.”


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Devils advocate here. I was down on the raising of rent but then I read in the saturday SLO throw away, that there rent had been thirty cents a square foot and they raised it to ninty cents a square foot.

A lot of comercial space can average seventy cents to dollar fifty a square foot, so at ninty cents are they really that far out of the realm of fair??

Also said that prior owner paid utilities?? If all this is true they were getting a sweetheart of a deal for years and unforunately instead of being eased in to fair over time of years, like they should have by prior owner, now it is catch up all at once. So I don’t know, maybe old owner could have eased them into??

Last don’t come back that I am an Aurignac supporter. He was in doing business with Gearhart and I’m still not sure what his involvement there may or may not have been, other than I don’t trust him. I am just going off facts of this case and commenting.

If Aurignac cashes in will he pay back the banks and investors he bilked over the last decade? This is a guy who whines and sues a bank because he cannot repay it. But LLC’s shield all of his ilk so they get the profits and dodge the losses.

Obispan & BeenThereDoneThat: take it from someone who knows WAY more about Aurignac than he would like…he WILL cash in, no matter who he hurts in the process. He was involved with Gearhart up to his eyeballs and would cheat his own mother out of her last dime (and she is a wonderful woman). You are right not to trust him. What a shame that SLO Market is his latest victim.