SLOCOG turns on Hill and picks Mecham for president

January 9, 2013
San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Adam Hill

Adam Hill

County Supervisor Adam Hill overwhelmingly lost his bid to become the next president of the San Luis Obispo Council of Governments on a day he did not attend the regional board meeting.

Supervisor Bruce Gibson nominated Hill for the presidency Wednesday, but later withdrew his nomination after the SLOCOG board supported Supervisor Frank Mecham instead. Of the 11 board members present, only Gibson and San Luis Obispo Mayor Jan Marx backed Hill.

Hill did not attend due to the flu despite being present at Tuesday’s Board of Supervisors meeting.

Four people spoke against Hill during public comment, including former Congresswoman Andrea Seastrand.

“Hill’s history of bullying does not make him an appropriate choice for SLOCOG president,” Seastrand said.

In the past two months, Hill sent out disparaging emails attacking state parks officials and a San Luis Obispo business owner. In a November 16 email, Hill accused state park officials of engaging in science denial, and threatened to fence off part of the Oceano Dunes State Vehicular Recreation Area. On December 18, he lashed out against Thoma Electric owner Bill Thoma for distributing a flyer that raised concerns about a proposed homeless shelter’s proximity to local businesses.

The SLOCOG board voted 9-2 in favor of Mecham, and then voted 9-2 to make Pismo Beach Mayor Shelly Higginbotham vice president.

Gibson nominated Marx for vice president, but withdrew that nomination as well when it lacked support. Marx initially seconded her own nomination, and she pled her case to become vice president of the regional body. The San Luis Obispo mayor argued her city often gets passed over in board leadership appointments.

In response to the public comments about Hill, Gibson said the speakers had political axes to grind. Outgoing chair Fred Strong warned speakers to address the board in a respectful manner. Higginbotham, however, said she had just completed an ethics class and that members of the board were the ones who needed to change their behavior.

Despite the lack of support from the SLOCOG board, Hill may still pursue the presidency of the Air Pollution Control District.


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Oh, how proto-fascists clan together !

All of you juvenile bullies RUN when confronted by a Second Amendment Democrat.

You teabaggers play ‘dress up’, and strut around like the pompous asses you imagine yourselves.

You treat democracy as a joke. Too many self identified liberals are weak sisters that don’t know how to fight.

In all of your premature celebrations, you will never see the real patriots coming to kick your tuchasses !


Wow, fascist, tea bagger, bully, not really patriots. Let’s see T:axed E:nough A:lready and making our politicians accountable for their actions. That does not sound as bad as you say. I desire smaller more effective government that takes their oath to protect and defend the Constitution seriously. You need to look in the mirror and see who you are looking at. My Dad said it best, he who smelt it dealt it.

“Dick Grayson” so Dick is close enough…

I agree with what slocog did. And to Fred Strong, hill and gibson will get the same respect they give their constituents. Please do not forget you work for us, the people

My god, has Bruce drunk Adam’s Ignoramus Potion?

Bruce nominated him, voted for him, then un-nominated him? What logic lies behind that? Anyone ask Bruce for an explanation for the un-nomination?

I think these kooks have been feeding off each other so long, they fail to separate one from another. Bruce is getting stupider/weirder/sloppier, and Adam is getting … well … I don’t know what Adam’s getting.

Weren’t Batman and Robin’s alter-egos named Bruce and Adam. Anybody got a joke for it?

No, Batman was Bruce Wayne, and Robin was someone differnt but not Adam anything.

Adam West played Batman, the alter ego of “Bruce Wayne”.

You’re saying when you pull the mask off, Adam and Bruce are one and the same???

You can fool all of the people…..etc.

Good choice.

Frank Mecham was a good mayor in Paso. He’s humble, well-informed, and not a bully. He’s polite and truly listens to all sides of an issue. Unlike Adam Hill or Bruce Gibson, he’s a gentleman.

Totally agree. Mecham will make a great president. He is honorable and honest unlike Gibson and Hill.

Looks like Hill and Gibson have finally received the recognition that they deserve by being voted down for important positions in the County. Now, where will their ex hippy companion Marx go? It will be interesting to see what kind of caper she gets herself into while supporting these two baffoons.

Bruce and Adam went up the hill,

To fetch a pail of earmarks,

Gibson fell down and broke his crown,

and Hill came tumbling after.

Let’s not forget that earmarks are liked by Los Osos citizens who want to pay less on the sewer.

Political axes to grind? Just shows how out of touch Gibson is with ethics and finally there’s a body that cares about public perception and professional behavior. Thank you for renewing my confidence in our elected officials, well, except those who can only support like thinkers. Gibson & Hill are going to whine at every vote they lose.

Exactly, just as in when it comes to whom to vote for, I often look at, not only what a person says, but I also look at who that person has supporting them, and Gibson with his very questionable ethics says alot, stay away from anyone Gibson supports, even if I didn’t know anything about Hill