Supervisor Bruce Gibson’s wife files for divorce

January 24, 2013

Bruce GibsonAfter more than 33 years of marriage, the wife of San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Bruce Gibson has filed for divorce against her philandering husband.

Grace Crittenden cited irreconcilable differences on the legal document she filed.

On Nov. 16, Gibson admitted that he was having an affair with his legislative assistant. At the time, Gibson said his assistant would no longer work in his office and claimed he was planning to file for divorce from Crittenden. According to the divorce petition, the couple has been separated since Nov. 11.

Last week, Gibson admitted he had brought his mistress back to work in his office as his subordinate. The county then posted an agreement between Gibson and Cherie Aispuro in which they claim they will not sue the county over their affair.

Crittenden, a local physician, is seeking spousal support, attorney’s fees and property rights.


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Marital betrayal is a pain that keeps on giving. For what it is worth, I hope Grace Crittenden finds some peace.

As for our supervisor, relationships built on dishonesty never turn out well. Someone gets restless and the process will begin all over again.

Slow down… take Your time…. read all the posts….. Their both still in the office, and were paying them.. Do You really think all these post will change things. Just look at the last election results… did We change anything ? CCN and the posts are interesting reading… but not much more.

Not true, photocall.

Yes, posts can and DO change things. Look at Chittygate in Paso. CCN’s reporting plus the local outcry of residents (including us on this chatboard) led to Lisa’s departure.

Plus during the Nov. 2012 election, Chitty diehard supporter Nick Gilman lost and Fred Strong barely held onto his seat. danika and other “whistleblowers” used this chatboard as a forum to get the word out that under Jim Phat Bald Guy App, Paso city government was NOT “darn near paradise.”

Yeah, icky Bruce is still in office and his adulterous babe Cherie still has a job but now more people know what they’re REALLY like. Adam Hill, too. The Fibune continues to prop up these two ethically-challenged supervisors but at least CCN investigates and publishes the truth. Right or Left, public servants are–like you said–paid by us so we deserve to know what’s really going on.

If the County is going to allow this Gibson/floozy same-office farce to continue, the least the County can do to protect itself from liability is install a hand-sanitizer dispenser right outside the entrance to Gibson’s office.

You are absolutely right. Where do two married people have their affair. Probably in their office with the doors closed. Was it on work time? Very likely. So, whoever visits Supervisor Gibson should look around at desks, chairs, and floor where the affair likely occurred, and not touch anything. Yuck!

And let us not forget the third amigo is also out, Jim Patterson. Change can and does happen, one election at a time. One down and two to go.

I am also still waiting to hear from the big supporters of Brucie Drucie. None of the supervsors, Shirley Bianchi, Dr. Steve Brody, Dr. Richard Kresjsa, Kurt Kupper, Lois Capps, Planned Parenthood of San Luis Obispo and Ventura County, John Ashbaugh, and many others supported this dirt bag. Where are your moral compasses now. Do you still want your names posted on his Campaign page. Come election time we will see where your moral compass and character is.. We will see if winning an election is more important than the moral fiber of your convictions and principles. Still waiting to hear!

Really, where do you get YOUR news. from, God himself? The CCN is first out with the big stories THEN (if it rewards them) the Fibune pumps out an already stale version.

Question: What do you want besides “interesting” reading anyway?

For those that are not educated in the simple use of logical deductions relative to biblical scripture, and continue to banter about Brother Ted hating the human race, women, animals, bugs, wine, sushi, silent movies, etc., then one must learn the simple basics of logic 101 to save yourselves of any further embarrassment.

I don’t have the time to educate all of you in this concept, so please, try and put logic to use when trying in vain to refute my religious posts regarding the stories here at CCN. God innately gave you logic, and I am sure that He didn’t want you to bypass it’s use. Get it?

It’s comical to read that the majority here completely pass over the fact of what I bring forth, in a religious vein relative to the story at hand, is directly from the bible within historical context, and therefore, is inspired by the Hebrew-Christian God for Christians to follow.

Now, when individuals don’t like these biblical facts, it is not me that is against certain principles, but, in fact, the bible is! In other words, how in the hell can Brother Ted be anti-Christian in any way when I bring forth chapter and verse of the Judeo-Christian Bible that shows that it is the cause of your claims against me! Get it? 2+2=4.

Therefore, the simple syllogism is that when you say that I am anti-christian, then you’re saying that the bible, in and of itself, is anti-christian, therefore, deducing it to it’s irreducable primary, God’s word is anti-christian to your way of thinking! Then, can you spell “o-x-y-m-o-r-o-n-i-c?” Sure you can.

If you don’t like certain biblical doctrine that for the most part, you’ve never heard of before, then take it up with God in prayer, and not Brother Ted. Don’t shoot the messenger, but instead, shoot down God’s biblical messages if you have the nerve.

Thank you Jesus for the following passage; “Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me. Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you.” (Matthew 5:11-12)

I agree with racket…tee hee hee heeeeee

LOL, Vying to beat out rackets sub-thread? You’re funny.

Sorry, the attention is all his today, you’ll have to be more creative.

I guess my unrelenting wit and charm didn’t go over very well…lol

I wish Dr.Crittenden all the best. She is definitely a bigger person than I could ever be in this situation. I

would go to the office where this home wrecker Cherie works and pour a bucket of molasses over her

head followed by a bunch of dirty duck feathers. Then I would just politely sit across from her laughing

my ass off!! take a picture of her stupid ass and post it on every telephone pole in SLO! oh and yes I

will have a smile on my face all the way to the slammer!!!!!!!

Obviously this Ted Slanders, which is obviously NOT his real name – because he is too scared to tell us who is really is, is just spouting off & trying to get everybody in an uproar. He’s a hater of the human race & especially women. IGNORE HIM – he’s pathetic.

” He’s a hater of the human race & especially women. IGNORE HIM – he’s pathetic.”

pathetic yes, but a hater of woman, not really. One of his x-girl friends tells me he is a big fornicator.

Yup, that’s the truth. BTW, his first name really is Ted.

That is a big surprise……….it’s a thought that I can’t even go there. (fornacator that is) He just spews hate from his mouth.

He thinks making fun of Christians is funny. Unfortunately, apparently so does CCN.

jenolees, and my dear Cindy,

We can all see that logic 101 is not in your inventory to use here at CNN, for that, I am so sorry.

Once again, biblical logic goes right over your heads, in that I am not a hater of women, but the Judeo-Christian bible is by the passages that I bring forth within context. I am the messenger delivering the message. Get it? Probably not.

Please, before you remove your foot to insert the other next time, just understand this most simple of logical deductions. In this manner, you’ll save yourself any further embarrassment to the alumni here at CCN.

We all thank you.

Blah, blah, blah, blah.

Cindy, like it or not, Ted’s biblical discussions are based on actual quotes from the Christian Bible.

However, Ted has not posted anything that I have not read or heard from other Christian “prophets” or preachers.

So I don’t think Ted is necessarily trying to make fun of Christianity, any more than Donald Wildmon, R.J. Rushdoony, Gary North, Gary DeMar, or John Stoos (and many others) have said.

Some of these Christian nutballs pimp the Bible for whatever they want to attain, including making our country a Christian theocracy, where a woman who marries and is without an intact hymen is executed, as are rebellious teenagers and homosexuals.

Here’s some quotes from a group of these preachers–Christian Restructionists–that will make your hair stand on end.

Perhaps that is why I am not so upset by Ted’s posts…because I know there are false Christian prophets out there who advocate–and work toward–such heinous goals that anything Ted has said pales by comparison.

I’m also sure Mr Gibson is glad he helped push through the private elevators in the new county building for his use and the secluded officies out of the view of the voters

I wonder if the private elevator has stirrups installed?

No, but it has 3 buttons:




Nice try, but the private elevator was put in at the request of Mike Ryan (paranoid) & Harry Ovitt (disabled) long before Gibson ran for office, during construction of the new building. You should have known that.

About the only post today that isn’t sucker-punching Gibson, is the observation by Rambunctious that it’s hard to focus on work when you’ve got something like this looming.

I agree with Rambunctious.

The rest of us are simply kicking a guy when he’s down, and that’s poor form regardless of how little we like the guy.

Seriously, Racket? How is HE down exactly? HE had the affair. HE hired his mistress. HE moved her to another position (yikes!) to deflect criticism and then HE moved her back to HIS office.

HE is getting exactly what HE wants.

Lost his wife, pissed off his kids, probably gonna lose his ranch, probably committed political suicide. In total, that seems like DOWN; though there’d be some solace in having a cozy relationship with a pretty assistant.

When you make your bed lie down in it. Good luck Bruce, you had better really side up with your buddies Hill and Ashbaugh because it looks like you might be on your way to being out of a job and homeless. Dee Torres where are you?

He didn’t lose his wife, he knows where she is, he cheated on her and she left him. He knew exactly what he was doing. Many seem to forget there are consequences to actions and Mr Gibson is just having to deal with them. His choice, his responsibility.


“His choice, his responsibility.”

Is that why your keyboard never rests?

Scarlet: He is getting what he deserves, not necessarily what he wants.

You know what Racket….you sound like Bruce Gibson in disguise….get over it….he is a SCUMBALL & a DISGRACE to SLO County!!!!

You’re killing me, Mary!

In my not-humble opinion he is, and always has been, the P.O.S. of the BOS. I have never swayed from that opinion. The only nice thing I know about him is that he’s not Adam Hill.

I am crushed that you would make that heinous accusation against me.

Blaaaaaaa hahah Racket,

Spoken like a man or what ? Poor Brucie got caught and embarrassed his poor wife and now Brucie is going to have to divvy up half the property he uses to it’s rightful other owner. OH BOO HOO hoo….

Time out! Back up the pity parade. a sucker punch is a snaky punch from behind used for the element of surprise to incite the ire of prospective opponent.

How are you able to characterize the comments as sucker punches when in fact BRUCE involved himself in the affair, BRUCE announced the affair, and BRUCE disgraced his family and obviously many of his constituents.

Any “punches” that Bruce has taken have been clearly TELEGRAPHED by none other than himself.

QUOTING RACKET: “The rest of us are simply kicking a guy when he’s down…”

Really? I think the problem is that Gibson has been UP way too often.

In addition, it is highly expensive–and embarassing–for taxpayers when when it appears that Gibson’s floozy is able to lead him around by the short hairs.

Does anyone know for certain if Ted is a real person?

He’s a bill Maher wann-be whose attempt at comedy by way of Biblical teaching is more of an annoyance than entertainment..

I think it is funnier than hell, and I think Ted has a real gift at faux biblical preaching.

@coltrane…that is a good question for the moderators. Ted’s posts are clearly anti-Christian, but I assume that the mods don’t feel that the comments need to be deleted even though they seem to be in violation to CCN comment guideline #2 “Promotion, fostering or perpetuation of discrimination on the basis of race, creed, color, age, religion, gender, marital status, status with regard to public assistance, national origin, physical or mental disability or sexual orientation.” Moreover, the Moderator’s Guide to Comments state in part “Please do not hijack comment threads” which he does on a consistent basis. Ultimately he might just be mainly violating this guideline most often “Please do not write comments when intoxicated.”

You can theorize whatever you want about Ted. Ted is a keyboard warrior, and as such, it is just best to ignore his/her posts.

How can a poster “hijack” posting threads when it is the other posters’ responses that lead the comment astray.

Here’s an idea. All posters here have to be at least 18. Someone who is at least 18 should mature enough to simply ignore posts from other posters who cause them so much agita.

I bet half the board ignores my posts, and I respect them for doing so.

I consider Ted to be a Theological Troll. Sometimes his comments are amusing; more often they are just tiresome. Rarely are they enlightening. Which makes him quite similar to some other posters here.

However, Mary, I was surprised to see your reaction to his troll earlier in the comments on this article. I would have thought that you would have used the “simply ignore” thinking there. Did that particular rant strike a nerve, somehow? I assume from previous posts that you are “at least 18.” I am less sure about Ted’s maturity.

I may disagree with Ted on the logic of his arguments, but, now that he’s been posting here for awhile, I don’t find what he says to be threatening to the degree that I become angry or even irritated, and I certainly don’t want him to be censored.

Ted’s a Figment of his own imagination.

L.O.L….. Only God knows…….. but Hes entertaining.

There’s nothing real about him

Going through a divorce is extremely taxing. When a person is in the middle of a divorce it is the number one thing on his or her mind. The job comes in 2nd. This is why I think we need to rethink our attitude towards philandering public servants. Clinton made it somehow acceptable but folks, it’s anything but acceptable. Having an affair on or off the job should be grounds for termination of your position. I don’t care if you were elected or not. Also how can Mr. Gibson do his job to the fullest when this divorce is hanging over his head and his girlfriend is in the next office? Not good for the good people of the north coast if you ask me.

I admit to all who read this that I sleep with my boss. ; )

QUOTING RAMBUNCTIOUS: “Going through a divorce is extremely taxing. When a person is in the middle of a divorce it is the number one thing on his or her mind. ”

LOL, fat chance in Bruce Gibson’s case. As long as his floozy is leading him around by the short hairs, the only thing on his mind will be his floozy.

I would like to see Dr. Crittendon get EVERYTHING, so that Gibson and Cherie will have to work the rest of their lives to support themselves.

The downside of that is that we get to pay them.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want them working for us. Being greeters at Walmart would be fine.