Arroyo Grande man arrested for burglary

February 6, 2013
Sepehr Moarefy

Sepehr Moarefy

An Arroyo Grande man who had been arrested for shooting a man in San Luis Obispo in 2011 is now in jail for attempted robbery.

Sepehr Moarefy, 22, of Arroyo Grande and Jeffrey Marqell Hawkins, 28, of Long Beach attempted to rob a man on a street in Berkeley on Jan. 31 when a passing police officer spotted the altercation and arrested the alleged robbers.

Officers arrested Moarefy on suspicion of robbery, making criminal threats, committing a felony while on bail and using a firearm during a felony, among other violations. He remain in the Santa Rita Jail with bail set at $165,000

In 2011, San Luis Obispo Police officers arrested Moarefy on attempted murder charges for allegedly shooting at a man riding in a car on Madonna Road.

The victim and two of his friends were driving on the frontage section of Madonna Road when they passed a car driven by Moarefy. He allegedly stepped out of his car and fired a round into the red compact car hitting the victim.




  1. Robert1 says:

    If the worthless gun laws on the books were enforced we would not need stupid law makers attempting to pile more on the legal gun owners.

  2. paragon says:

    Um, where is he an immigrant from? Read the article, it says he is from Arroyo Grande.

  3. r0y says:

    So is the 2011 attempted murder case still pending? If so, this guy is quite stupid!

  4. tomsquawk says:

    another fine citizen

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